Book Cover Update, Big City News, and a Short Story

To those of you who
have been sitting on the edge of your seats with me over the cover art debacle,
please sit back and breathe a sigh with me. I received an e-mail that the cover
photo for HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES that we loved so much, has now been made
available for Extended Licensing. The company refunded a portion of the credits
I spent purchasing the back cover photo—which I purchased three times before
finally getting the correct resolution. Ahhh, live and learn.

Needless to say, I’m relieved and
thrilled, and will move forward with my book marketing plans. Although I’m a few
weeks behind schedule, I have in place all of the suggestions my fellow
scribe, J Monkeys set forth in her last week’s blog, indie-publishing part two.
Thank you very much, J Monkeys. I’ll be sure to listen to all of her good

Which leads me to the
second part of my post. At the National RWA conference,  I learned several new things to add to J’s list. I took a workshop on how to do a blog tour, how to get book reviews, and
how to approach social media and not lose my mind. I learned about revision,
how to mend a broken scene, and what it’s like to write a best-selling YA
romance. It will likely take me weeks to organize and enact some of this new
information and figure out what works for me, but I can’t help but be excited
about the upcoming process. I was encouraged that I am far from alone in my

If I had to boil down
the best advice I received at the conference, it has to come down to the
following words: Author Sophie Gunn said, “Be ambitious, prolific, and
persistent.” Similarly, Diana Gabaldon shared her
three rules to being a successful writer. She said, “First–read everything you
can. Second–write what you love. And third–never stop.”

Before answering the following question or leaving a comment, skip on over to my short story page and read a 2600 word short, based on my novel ON THIN ICE, coming in December of 2011. TUESDAY’S CHILD IS FULL OF GRACE is a precursor to Penny’s story, and will give you a glimpse of her trials in dealing with the world of figure skating and the heartbreaking reality of her mother’s cancer.

Now tell me, What
is the best writing advice you’ve ever gotten?


4 thoughts on “Book Cover Update, Big City News, and a Short Story”

  1. Show don’t tell is still the best advice I’ve gotten! I find bits of tell all the time in my work and have to change it around.

  2. Me, too, J!
    Showing is by far the most challenging part of writing a dynamic story. We all struggle with it. My editor catches me on it all the time and says that I have to train my brain to think differently. Rather than describing or narrating, I have to feel the scene–be in the character’s experience. A clue for me is when I use words like: feel, felt, looked, saw, noticed, or any form of the verb ‘to be’. My other big downfall is using passive voice. If ‘had’ is bad, ‘had been’ has got to be worse. LOL

  3. Alas, Katy–they are never really done. I know published authors who would still love to take a red pen to their printed books. Eventually, we have to admit we are merely human and let it go.

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