Go Go Gadget

Happy Thursday, Scribe fans.  Susannah here. 

The winner of the 7/7 contest is Joy Shaw!  Joy, your Starbucks card was mailed out earlier this week.  Enjoy!   Hope you find some heads-up pennies in the parking lot.

Today I’m talking about gadgets.

Not that kind.

Last week my family took a quick trip to Florida to see the last launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.   We drove, Griswold style, in a rental car (unfortunately, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster in metallic pea with woody accents was unavailable at the time), straight through from New England with just a few stops.   Here is a picture of most of the electronic gadgets we “needed” for this trip:


Included are:  

  • 2 cell phones
  • extra camera (not sure why we needed this, since the cell phones have cameras)
  • battery charger for camera
  • husband’s ToughBook computer (basically indestructible — I think I heard this computer has stopped a bullet)
  • separate DVD drive for ToughBook, which does not have an internal drive.  “Necessary” so we could watch movies.
  • cigarette lighter charger
  • splitter for cigarette lighter charger, so we could charge 2 things at once
  • huge tangle of cords for wall charging of each device
  • ear buds for son’s iPod
  • sports bag for holding all of the above

Taken with us, but not included in this picture:

  • son’s iPod Touch (possibly permanently fused to his hand.  Could not pry it out of his fingers this morning before I took this photo)
  • the waterproof digital camera used to take this photo
  • not one, but two tripods for the camera(s).   Not electronic, but “needed” for the electronics.

Stuff I wanted to take, but had to draw the line somewhere:

  • my Nook.  This one was hard to leave behind, but I felt like it was just one more thing to keep track of.  I took Jess Andersen’s Bear Claw Conspiracy in paperback form instead.
  • my laptop.  I knew, realistically, that I would not get any writing done on this trip, so Dell-ilah stayed at home.

Stuff we would have taken, but could not find:

  • son’s cell phone.  He’s under orders to locate it immediately 🙂

You know what?  We used every one of the items we took, except for the second tripod.  Everything.   I’m not going to start a debate on whether this is good or bad, whether the pervasive nature of electronic technology is eroding society, or making it better.  I just know I like these toys. 

Tell us what electronic items you can’t live without.


14 thoughts on “Go Go Gadget”

    1. Will was in absolute heaven when I revealed to him on the Florida trip that my Android phone also works as a Wi-fi hotspot, enabling full use of his iPod Touch. The thing is pretty cool, I have to admit. I sorta, kinda want one. Don’t know how much I would use it though, since my phone does everything I need it to, at this point anyway.

  1. Other than MY BELOVED IPAD 🙂 I constantly use a very low-tech gadget, which is a single sheet newspaper cutter from Levenger. I use it for clipping out articles (and, okay coupons) from newspapers and magazines, but it also seems to have 101 other uses.

  2. My cell phone, Ipad, Kindle, and laptop computer. Then again I think back to all the trips my late husband and I took our two sons to Florida. No cell phone, no Ipad, no Kindle, and one summer while we were down there portable computers were just coming into their own. How excited I became knowing I could take a 15 pound computer everywhere. I am now wondering how did we ever get along without any of that stuff? I do know it would take us two sometimes three days driving down from CT to FL, stopping on the way, enjoying the pool at a motel, and then hitching up the bikes to the oversized Buick stationwagon at three in the morning. I’m going to a doctor’s appt today and will be bringing either the Ipad or Kindle, and of course my cell. My late husband loved his gadgets and would have be ecstatic over such things as an Ipad and Kindle. He would have drooled over the Iphones as well. In 2002 when he passed away cells were just becoming a bit more tekkie than they are now. His retirement would have had him helping me to figure out all these “gadgets.”

    1. I’ve been something of a Luddite when it comes to gadgetry. One of my 2011 New Years Resolutions was to get more up to speed on technology and web stuff. I’m still behind where I’d like to be, but I’m learning, and I’m miles ahead of where I was a year or two ago. Since you are a veteran of Florida car trips, I have four words for you, Collette: South of the Border! Pedro says hello!

  3. Congrats Joy on your lucky win!!!!

    Susannah, welcome back!!!

    As for gadgets, how did I ever survive without my laptop? 😉 Or my android phone, which is big enough to read on. But as much as I love these things, I try really hard to not revolve my life around them. It is a struggle, though, to remember simplifying is best.

    1. I know. The temptation to check the phone for e-mails and Facebook updates is almost overwhelming at times. Sometimes I just shut it off and tell myself I can’t turn it back on until I’ve accomplished some task — such as working on my current novel!

  4. I love Lenny, my lenovo laptop, and I love my Kindle. I’m not sure how I got by without my cell phone for 35 years. But my favorite piece of technology is still a piece of paper and a pen. I find that whenever I have time to kill, I write. Sometimes just for entertainment. I’ve written on plenty of napkins and paper towels, but this past weekend when I wasn’t hawking books at a craft fair, I wrote 2000 words old school – pen and paper.

    Of course, I had to type them into my Word doc later…

  5. Dare I say, a dual-alarm clock-radio? No joke, it’s the best thing I ever got as a gift and it has lasted for over 25 years. Next to that, the iPod touch Peter got as a freebie with my first Macbook (yes! I liked the iPod better!). After breaking my wrist and seeing all those lovely iPads at Nationals (hi, Toni!), I bought an iPad last week. I loved it until it dumped part of my manuscript. Now I think it’s mildly psychotic. Love it, but with caution.

  6. Your image gave me a bunch of good giggles. Ah, memories … a trip to Spain included my camera, an SLR Nikon D200, it’s big. No tripod, I learned to hold my breath while clicking. I took a mere 2500 pics. My cell for emergency only, the wires and converters for recharging the cell and camera batteries. Honest, I left all the other techie stuff home. Usually my list is just like yours, except thank goodness, my kids are grown, out and have their own list to contend with.

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