Hi all, Casey here.

Life is full of changes. One minute you’re changing diapers and the next… Oh wait…

No, we’re still here. Like any new venture, we’ve decided to go with a new look and use a format that is easier to read. We hope you like it!

So where was I? Diapers.

Yes, that very tall young man, (no, I’m not a shrimp, he’s almost 6′ 4″) is my oldest son. He graduated from high school in June. It’s taken a while for that to settle in (for me, not him).

And it got me to thinking about my own high school graduation and how much I have grown and changed. I knew I wanted to go to college. And I did. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (I guess I’ve always been ambitious, why not get two degrees for the price of one?). Both of which I immediately put to use (NOT!) working in the corporate world – the last place I ever thought I’d end up. But I had college loans to pay off and I needed a job.

Writing, which I had always enjoyed, became an escape from my job as a coporate drone. Then the kids came along. Full stop into motherhood I went. No regrets there, but serious writing and my own pursuits took a back seat for a while. A long while.

I finally admitted I wasn’t happy unless I was writing and I went from a  dabbler to a professional. In any case, once I stepped onto the writer’s path and devoted myself to actually completing a book and sharing it, that was a big change for me.

I couldn’t hide who I was anymore – a writer. And darn proud of it!!

No more shame and no fear of saying – I can’t do (_____ fill in the blank) because I’m writing (meaning – I’m working here, do not disturb me.)

We all fear change, whether it’s scary or exhilarating, it’s still the unknown. Taken down to the craft level, I’ve met other writers who were scared to change anything in their manuscript, either because the words were too precious – they’d worked so hard to get them on that page or because, if they took something out, what would they replace it with?

Writers, in the early phase of the journey, are either totally resistant to change or change everything based on other people’s feedback.  Neither extreme is good.

Writing is all about change, but they have to be the right changes for your book. And how do you know when they are the right changes? That, grasshopper, comes with experience and confidence. And you probably will never be 100% satisified, but you have to move on at some point.

And the entire publishing industry is changing with the advent of e-readers and digital content. The old rules are out the door and no one is sure what the new world will look like. If you fear change, then maybe writing isn’t for you.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you can guess what I’m about to say.

Don’t be afraid of change. Make those cuts when needed. Try new things. Take the plunge and enjoy the ride.

How do you cope with change? And what advice do you have on how to deal with change?