Indie Marketing – The Book Trailer

Hi!  J here, talking about my new favorite topic, Book Marketing.  Who knew back in 2003 when I started thinking about The Cordovan Vault that I’d need to become a marketing expert.  If I’d known, maybe I could have studied, or something.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research into Book Trailers, that “new” must-have for all serious book launches.  By research, I mean trolling around on YouTube, laughing at the bad ones (and there are a LOT of bad ones) and ooohing and ahhhing over the good ones.  Here are a couple of examples of good ones:

Stephen King’s new book: Under The Dome

Kady Cross’s new book: Girl in the Steel Corset

J Monkeys’ new book: The Cordovan Vault

Rick Riordan’s new book: The Throne of Fire

See how I snuck mine in there?  What did you think?  I think it’s good, certainly better than a lot of others I saw out there.  There’s a terrible trailer out there for a book by a GREAT author.  And I loved the book, it was a REALLY good book, but the trailer is awful!

But, truth be told, my trailer doesn’t quite live up to my expectations.  😦  This is one of the things with being Indie Published.  Everything rests on my shoulders.  I am both Chef and Bus Boy in my little enterprise.   That can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  When it comes to choosing the title of the book and cover art, I think it’s a good thing since, for me, the title of these books is important to the story.

Dixie & Taco with Grandmother

When it comes to the artwork for my Dixie and Taco series, I couldn’t have found a better artist, and he’s doing an incredible job for a bargain price.  Isn’t that a great picture?!  Hand drawn and colored.  You should see the art in Dixie and Taco go to the Zoo (launches August 9th!  Stay Tuned.)  One page is so wonderful, I made a poster out of it for my kids’ bedroom.  And giveaways…more on that topic at a later date.


But, being Indie Published also means that everything I can’t do myself comes out of my shallow, stay-at-home-mom-who-works-harder-than-ever-before-in-her-life-for-no-paycheck pockets.   Everything, from buying print copies of the books to have for sale, to buying promotional materials, paying a cover artist, illustrator, translator (Dixie & Taco will soon be available in English/Spanish, English/Russian, English/Turkish and English/Somalian) and trailer videographer.  So far, I’ve done it all on the cheap, finding great resources online and in my community.  But sometimes, you get what you pay for.

My videographer did exactly what I asked him to do for a very reasonable price, and in fact he did it twice since I changed my mind about what I wanted after he sent me the first video.  And he did a second one at no additional fee.  Any shortcoming in the final product is certainly mine.

At any rate, today secret is: If you decide to Indie Publish, be aware that there are a lot of costs to doing so.  I’m happy with my decision to go Indie.  It was the right decision for me this year.  But it is a lot of work and if you want to make a career out of writing and publishing, you need to think about it as a business, not just a craft.



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