Creating Spaces

Hello, Katy Lee here. As I write this, I am relaxing in my rocking chair looking out on a warm, sunny day. The windows are open, and the chirps of birds are filtering in on a soft breeze. It is in this glider, and in my home, where I write anything and everything. From my blog posts to my stories to my lesson plans for all the children I teach in my life.

You would think I didn’t have an office. But the truth is I do. A very beautiful one, for that matter, with French doors, wrap around wall desk, and all the office equipment one would need to be a professional.

But yet, as I rock back and forth with just me and my laptop, I realize that all that office stuff didn’t inspire me like I thought it would. That, in fact, believing I needed a certain setting before I could “get started” on writing was just another excuse not to write.

I believed I needed a place of escape in order to get the creative juices flowing. A place walled off with wood surfaces and resource books at my fingertips. A place that would inspire me to write my best stuff.

But the truth is I was only stalling. Swank offices do not make you a literary success….nor do summer cottages on the beach….unfortunately.

There are no prerequisites other than finding a comfortable place in your home. A place where you are content to sit for long periods of time. And notice I said the word sit.

It doesn’t have to be a huge space, just a place that is your own. And don’t clutter it with things you think you will need. Hold off. Wait and see if you do. Sometimes clutter can be more of a distraction, especially if the sight of dust on those cluttery things causes you to get out of your chair to clean them.

The Unlocked Secret: Keep things simple. Even as simple as a rocking chair facing a window.  You could spend days, and lots of money, creating a place to create, or you could spend that time creating a world where everyone gets to escape to.

So tell me about your favorite places to write. Do you need all the frills or are you content to sit in a comfy chair with nothing but you and your laptop?


11 thoughts on “Creating Spaces”

  1. I always think I should be writing at a desk instead of in a recliner. I was even thinking about buying one, but sitting at desk won’t make me any more productive or my writing any better. I’m a no frills kind of girl.

  2. I would say the only frill I have was a gift from my husband for Mother’s Day this year. It is an Airdesk. A 12 inch glass surface big enough for only my laptop. (so I can’t clutter it up with junk) It sits on a pole and swerves out when I want to get up and swerves back over my lap when I want to type again. So cool! But it keeps the laptap off my lap, which will give it a longer life, and it keeps my back straight so I avoid those nasty neck cramps.

  3. Since Fall 2009, I have co-opted the dining room table. I used to zip my laptop into its case, carry it to the bedroom and put it away. I stopped doing that when I made a full time comittment to writing. Now, the laptop is on all day, with no excuses not to write. The only time I don’t sit at the dining room table is when I’m working my full time job (where I have another laptop in an armoire tucked in the corner of the bedroom). I suppose I could move my writing laptop there, but I can’t mix the two spaces. I need that mental separation from the full time gig! I did break down when it was a gazillion degrees two weeks ago and buy a cooling fan.

  4. No matter how gorgeous my new studio/office is, i seem to write best, now don’t holler at me paleeese, in my comfie bed. I know, i know, save the bedroom for sleeping and whatever, but using my trusty unfussy place/space must be in my dna. My mom was a bookkeeper and did all her work in her bed. If i was using my old Royal i would not be so privileged, but my lightweight computer with its great keyboard is perfect. i can listen to my classical sounds of piano and violin to my hearts content on my TV and type away. Sort of like doing school homework, right? Some things never change. Oh, I do use my desk on occasion, if not for anything else, to remind myself i am being professional with my writing. Katy, what a great post. I may order that air-desk. Where did it come from?

  5. I Googled the air desk — looks really cool! I may have to put that on my wish list. I have a teeny-tiny desk area built into a hallway, but it’s not very user-friendly. Like Casey I usually work at my seldom-used-for-eating dining room table. (We nearly always eat in the kitchen) I do have to fight, constantly, to keep myself from junking up my workspace, because I get more done when clutter is not, uh, cluttering up my head 🙂

  6. Hi Katy, I do most of my writing nestled in the corner of my loveseat, but with my netbook, (my small laptop) I can write pretty much where ever. I once wrote my daily word quota while sitting on the floor of the Denver airport. I was waiting for my connecting flight to Orlando for RWA National in Orlando. But no matter where I am, writing is much more cozy with a cup of Starbucks Peppermint hot chocolate. Mmmm.

  7. Katy, great post. I think the most important thing is to just put yourself into writing mode. Usually I’m at my desk in my office for the simple reason that there is no t.v. to distract me. However, I’ve sat in my car, with the laptop balanced precariously during my son’s baseball practice and pounded out several pages in that time frame. It was just a matter of saying (and believing) I’m going to write now and doing it.

    Enjoy the rocking chair and thanks for the tip on the airdesk. Must go check that out now.

    1. I’ll do my editing at my kids’ swim practices. I get a lot done, and many people wanting to know what I’m working on. That’s when I whip out the business card and tell them I’m a writer. 🙂

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