Nice Day For A White Wedding

Hello, friends, Susannah here. 

Have you checked the television listings lately?  Do you know how many wedding shows there are?  Neither do I, but here’s a partial list:  Say Yes to the Dress. Wedding Cake ChallengeAnd my personal favorite, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.  This last is a show about Travelers (Gypsy) culture in Ireland, and it is absolutely fascinating.   And the movies: Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Wedding Date, The Wedding Singer.  That list could go on and on and on.

This past weekend I attended my brother’s wedding.  Now this wedding broke with tradition in a lot of ways.  The couple did not have a large budget, so the nuptials and reception were a very small outdoor affair — just family and a few friends attended.  The bride’s family, for many reasons, was not able to assist her with the preparations, so my mother, my sisters, and I stepped in to help.  Mom hemmed the bride’s lovely, simple gown.  Among the rest of us we prepared a dinner, attached balloons to the tent that our menfolk set up, arranged tables and chairs for the guests, and created a head table for the bride and groom.   

When I found out there were no flowers, not even a bouquet for the bride, I thought, Not on my watch!  Unacceptable!  So I grabbed one sister and a pair of scissors and we denuded Mom’s flower garden.  Some white phlox and Shasta daisies arranged in Mason jars tied with ribbons in various shades of blue, and we had some lovely table decorations.  A dozen roses with baby’s breath from the supermarket were transformed into an arm bouquet by placing the stems in a wet paper towel inside a plastic sandwich bag, then covering the mess with a wrap of white ribbon.   I think it came out pretty well, and the bride was delighted.  After the ceremony, instead of a first dance, the newlyweds sang a first song to each other via Karaoke machine.  You know something?  That’s what they wanted, and it worked.  Sorry you missed my three sisters and me singing our theme song, Tammy Wynette’s Stand By Your Man, with our new sister-in-law.  Really.  Ya shoulda been there.  (And no, don’t ask.  None of us can remember when or why that song became our standard.  It just is.  Here’s a hipper version, if you need it.)

Why are we fascinated by weddings?  Same reason we read romance novels.  I think it’s because a wedding is so full of love, hope, and promise — the first day of a Happily Ever After that we get to relive with every new bride and groom.  

Tell us your favorite wedding anecdote — if you don’t have one of your own, then appropriate somebody else’s.   We Scribes love Love!


15 thoughts on “Nice Day For A White Wedding”

  1. Susannah, i check out your links. Brilliant. Feels good laughing first thing in the morning. 6:15am here. Your sister’s wedding sounds perfect. A friend had a wedding just like your sister’s, in Vermont in summer. When i arrived the first activity for me was to collect flowers from the road side. Lots of queen anne lace, yellow susy’s, purple wildflowers, and what ever else i could find. wrapped them up with ribbons for the bridge, put them in vases for the tables. I did the black & white photography. The locals brought the food. The music was some friends on guitar. Best of the best. Great post.

    1. Gail, it really was a joy to see such a simple wedding. The bride and groom were a little nervous, but other than that it was pretty much stress-free. We passed a lot of wildflowers on the side of the road too, and I considered stopping for some more. A horse and buggy driven by an Amish man even clip-clopped by. Very picturesque!

  2. Beautiful flowers!! You can come decorate for me anytime! We had a great time at my wedding. So much so that a larger majority of the guests were a tad bit tipsy (there was no drinking and driving!). Not my husband or me though, we were too busy talking to everyone. After attending two funerals in less than week, I appreciate this post reminding me of other more joyous family gathering. Thanks!

    1. Mr. Suze and I had a “lock and load” style wedding. We got married and held the reception at a hotel on the St. Lawrence River, and most of the guests stayed at that hotel, or at another place a couple of blocks away. Just as the JP pronounced us man and wife, a humongous laker (that’s a Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway freight ship) passed by and gave a really loud blast of its horn. We all burst out laughing.

  3. I have only been to three weddings but my uncle’s wedding is the one that stands out in my mind. My aunt invited EVERYBODY. My uncle was only expecting 100 guests but 250 showed up at the reception. So many that the caterer demanded an extra five grand to accommodate the arrivials. There weren’t enough tables or food, our party had to be moved to a bigger room. My uncle was very upset but my aunt was sooo happy that so many people showed up to celebrate her day.

    1. Yikes! I’ll bet everybody had a great time, even with the kerfuffle. Or is it kerfluffle? It’s not the food that people remember, it’s the friends and family who were there.

  4. When I was 25, I went to 14 weddings in 12 months. I bought one dress and wore it to all of them. Labor Day weekend that year, I went to two weddings, One Saturday night and one Sunday early afternoon. Talk about hair of the dog that bit you!

    I also went to a hurricane wedding that year. It was an afternoon wedding and a hurricane was blowing through. We lost power and ate by rainy candlelight. We had a GREAT time. The venue had an evening wedding planned and had cooked all the food for the day wedding, but everything for the evening wedding was either raw or melting. The kitchen was freaking out and served us something that they didn’t want to waste, I can’t remember what, but it must have been ice cream or something. It was quite an adventure.

  5. I went to a wedding in Long Island once that had a fancy long dessert table. A Venetian table, or something like that. I love sweets and that was heaven! Every dessert you can imagine was there.

    I had an afternoon wedding with a buffet reception. At first I was opposed to a buffet, but when the caterer reminded me that the lady in the big white dress doesn’t have to wait in line at the buffet, I was all for it! Our food was good, but we broke from traditional white cake. We only served one dessert, the wedding cake and it was a yummy gooey chocolate thing! The caterer sent us off with a box of fruit and a box of cake, which we had for breakfast the next morning. No on every anniversary, we have fruit and chocolate cake for dinner.

    1. You can never go wrong with chocolate! We also had a buffet at our wedding — the Seafood and Cattle Baron Buffet. We even had a roast pig with an apple in its mouth! A couple of my women friends told me later that they were embarrassed because their significant others heaped their plates about a foot high with crab legs and other yummies.

  6. Love the last link with the Blues Brothers. Perfect start to my writing day! I may have to repost. 🙂

    As for weddings..I LOVE them! I’ve been to all kinds and will travel anywhere to attend one. In fact, we have built many vacations around weddings. Key West, San Antonio, Charleston (NOW THERE WAS A WEDDING!) Beautiful mansion overlooking the harbor! I could really get used to that.

    Something I thought was cool, was at the last wedding I attended, they had Cold Stone come and set up a “make-your-Own” sundae table. It was like they brought the whole store into the wedding. And if there is anything I love more than weddings, it is ice cream,

  7. Two years ago, my engaged daughter realized (on Sept. 30) that Halloween fell on a Saturday. She announced that she and her fiance were getting married on Halloween, a month away, and dressing up as Robin Hood and Main Marian (the disney version not the Errol Flynn/Olivia deHaviland version) I know. And not only that, she wanted everyone else to dress up too.
    “Dear God,” was all I could manage to say. My husband worried that I had developed some kind of nervous tick because all I was doing was shaking my head.
    After trying for two weeks to talk her out of it my husband (her step-father) said, “The girl’s got a vision, let’s just go with it.” So we did.
    Yep. A backyard wedding. In October. In less than a month.
    No stress there.
    My biggest concern was the weather. Luckily it turned out fine (thank you God) although it was a bit breezy. No. It was a lot breezy. Remember that scene in Mary Poppins when Mrs. Banks would run to hold the vase and yell “Posts everyone!” because Admiral Boon would blast his cannon? That was me every time the wind whipped up. I’d yell and the guests sitting closest to the tent poles would hold on to them for dear life.
    Yes, we all dressed up. From the guests to the Justice of the Peace who wore a monk’s robe. He even did a handfasting ceremony to accompany their vows.
    The wedding I thought would be cheesy because it was thrown together still has people talking. And in a good way:) Family and friends liked that it was small and less formal.
    The wedding I thought I’d have to spend hundreds of dollars on the food turned out to be a great pot luck, with the guests insisting on making favorite foods of the bride and groom. Roasted chicken (eaten with our hands of course) stuffing and even beef stew in a cast iron kettle. (Not eaten with our hands but in these cool faux wooden bowls with wooden spoons)
    Personally I think everyone had a great time and still talk about it because they were all participants. Weddings are intriguing when you’re a bystander. But when you feel like you’re part of the whole thing, it’s much more special.
    It was everything the bride envisioned too. She was ecstatic with the way everything went. And that’s the way the happiest day of your life should be, right?

    1. This is a great story — something the bride and groom and all the guests will remember forever. Wish I’d been there. Sounds like it was an amazing event!

  8. I had the pleasure of attending Susannah’s wedding. The entire weekend was a blast! The ceremony was particularly romantic on the outdoor deck of the hotel, Boldt Castle on Heart Island looming across the river, Ode to Joy floating in the air, and two handsome lovers taking their vows of marriage. And I must say of all the weddings I have been to, which is upwards of 50, the food at Susannah’s was outstanding!

    I believe I must be partial to “shore” weddings because another of my favorites was at a state park in Maine. My cousin got married at the edge of the rocky beach. I couldn’t hear a word the couple said but the ocean breeze, the kayaks in the water, and the melodic crashing waves created an enchanting ceremony.

    I agree that the love and hope of a wedding, even for those of us who have been there-done that, is what attracts us. Plus any excuse to dance and eat is going to get me every time! Great topic :))

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