Back With a Bang

So my trip to Europe is behind me and I have to say, I’m happy to be home on US soil. As beautiful and amazing as the sights were, as delicious as the food was, and as nice as the cruise ship-wait-on-you-hand-and-foot-life-style was, there is truly no place like home. Unfortunately, thanks to jet lag, I only got a day to enjoy it before I crashed my car into a tree on the way home from my first day back at work. Obviously, I was still on Italy time and dozing, waking up at the instant the tree jumped out in front of me. I recall a squeal escaping my lips, a horrendous crunching of metal, and literally bouncing off the tree to end up with my car in the middle of the road, the airbag deployed and filling the car with noxious fumes.

Miraculously, I walked away with only seatbelt abrasions, a few bruises, and a twisted knee—all healing in record time—but not a great way to celebrate my return. My car did not fare as well as I did as you can see. Thanks to air bags, seat belts, and crumple zones, I’m alive and feeling extremely lucky to be here. As far as near death experiences go, this is as close as I’d like to come, and I fully intend to send Volkswagen a thank you note. I’ll also be sending one to the Granville, MA police and fire department who were all awesome and took excellent care of me at the scene.

Being somewhat of a Pollyanna (I’m sure it’s no accident I was named Paula), I seem to have built in shock absorbers and routinely make lemonade out of any lemons I’m handed in life. This is likely due to extensive experience with lemons growing up (figuratively speaking). At any rate, as I said, I’m grateful to be alive and well, grateful that my careless mistake didn’t cause anyone else injury, and especially grateful to be home, ready and able to jump back into work with a new appreciation for the preciousness of life. Let’s not forget that I’m also grateful for Gap Insurance.

 If nothing else, this experience will make one more story for me to add to one of my books. Can I write this off as research?

What real life catastrophe have you added to one of your stories?


13 thoughts on “Back With a Bang”

  1. Yikes! I am glad you’re okay. I used to feel semi bad about driving a gas guzzling Liberty but my car has proved twice that it is a tank. I tell my car I love it quite often.

  2. Thanks guys. I am healing remarkably fast thanks to all of my naturopathic know-how. Frequent icing, a super-duper heal-all herbal salve, arnica and a bit of Reiki and I’m well on the mend! I said a fond fairwell and a big thank-you to my baby when I left her at the junk yard. I name my cars. Her’s was Black Beauty.
    I’ll surely be getting one just like her. Maybe a graphite blue named Midnight this time.

  3. Wow! Back with a bang is right! I can remember falling asleep driving home from college late one night. I woke up just as I ran a red light. Thankfully, I didn’t hit anyone or thing, but it scared me enough to never drive when I am tired again.

    Myth Busters did a show once on what was more dangerous. Driving under the influence of alchohol or driving drowsy. Guess what won? Drowsy.

    God’s angels were upon you Paula! I will praise Him.

  4. I agree Katy…on the dangers of driving drowsy and the angels. I drive an hour to and from work four days a week and almost always make a stop at the half way point to pick up a drink or a snack for the ride. I didn’t do it that night. Obviously should have.

    My angels have their work cut out watching over me. Not that I’m complaining, but they could have woken me up a few seconds sooner…just sayin’. God has a way of letting me learn things the hard way. Thankfully, he’s not done with me yet.

  5. I often think that my Uncle Harry (a father figure in my formative years, he died when I was 10) is up in heaven enjoying his extended vacation there to look out for me. Once when I was driving home from Long Island, I was speeding in the left lane when a spot opened up next to me behind a pick up truck. I was thinking about moving into the spot to disguise my speeding (I often hope that speeding behind someone going at the same clip will save me from a ticket). I hadn’t moved yet, for no reason, when the wheelbarrow in the back of the pick up truck bounced out and hit the pavement of Rte 95 at 65 miles an hour, right where my windshield would have been if I’d moved. Thanks Uncle!

  6. Nobody much thinks of “sturdy” with “Volkswagen,” but I do now. Especially after seeing that photo of your car. Black Beauty died saving you. I’m glad she did. Save you, that is.

  7. Viv, It’s both eerie and awesome how things like that happen. We all have those stories and it just makes you wonder what’s happening in the world beyond what we can see.

    Thanks Rhonda. I know! VW rules in my book. Who’d have thought ‘bugs’ were so durable? Although they do say that cockroaches will be here long after we’re gone. Weird, I know.

  8. I’m so grateful we are not one Scribe short today. A big Thank You to the universe for your great good fortune in not being more severely injured. I’m counting my own blessings today.

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