Stormy Weather…

It’s Sunday morning as I write this post. Irene has finally hit Connecticut and the post I intended to write will have to wait for another day. But for those of you who are wondering Agent Scott Eagan will be guest blogging soon. So check back with us frequently!

After reading Katy’s Lee’s post I was inspired to write this one.Everybody has a storm story, something memorable that happened to them during one of Mother Nature’s wonders. I don’t really have one today because Irene didn’t live up to all the hype for me. I never get panicky about things and I thought Irene was going to be nothing more than a bad storm, but after watching the news and getting phone calls from my town and being told that the entrance ramps to I84 was going to be closed I got worried. So I did all the things that one would do to prepare for a hurricane and I waited. I’m not sure what I expected, but images of the movie Twister kept floating around in my head and I worked myself into thinking that a cow would fly past my window but none of that happened. It did rain really hard and yes the wind was wild and some trees fell and some people lost power and some basements got flooded. But that was it and in the big scheme of things was it all really that bad?  Watching the news sort of may me feel like the East Coast was going to be swallowed up. I never thought I would live to see  parts of New York City evacuate or the trains stop running. I expected true carnage because of it even though internally I knew that I lived in inland Connecticut. Historically, we never get it that bad here.  Last night when I was signing on to my computer I saw a hurricane relief fund established  even before the storm hit us. And I thought, really? Will it really be that bad?

Does anybody remember that Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and a few other states five years ago today? I remember when it hit. I was in college and was riveted to the television as I learned how truly destructive nature can be. Five years later and New Orleans has still not rebuilt. There are still people displaced, businesses that have never come back. Whole neighborhoods were destroyed and people waited on rooftops to be rescued and if they survived they were rewarded with FEMA trailers.  I still can’t get over how the government let those people down. The good thing about this storm was seeing that now the government won’t let that happen again.

I guess the point of all of this is to take time to think about others. Yes, it is mighty annoying to have a tree crash through your garage or be without power for multiple days but think back to those people who were hit five years ago. Don’t your problems just seem like and inconveniences now?

Now it’s time for storm stories! I once drove from Queens to Connecticut on all back roads when an Ice Storm shut down I84 684 and the Thruway.. What about you? How did you fare this storm? Or any other? Have a great storm story?


7 thoughts on “Stormy Weather…”

  1. We lost power for several hours yesterday, but the generator did it’s thing and all was fine there. However, despite having a pump, we have about three feet of water in the basement. It was literally pouring in yesterday through the stone foundation faster than we could pump it out. Unfortunately, that means the water heater is shorted out so no hot shower this morning, and there is always possibility of damage to the furnace with that much water. It’s gone down about six inches over night, so I know we won’t be floating away, but it is awful scary when you see the water rising above the third step. Time to bite the bullet and get a bigger pump I think! Also time for a new roof…and a paint job…and…well…gotta’ love these old farm houses.

    1. I am reminded of that Johnny Cash song: How high’s the water, mama? Five feet high and risin’ . . . Glad you’re OK and it isn’t quite time to build an ark!

  2. We’re all safe and sound. Luckily we have power. Other than a bunch of sticks and a few tree branches we did okay. We also put away everything we could to minimize damage and pickup today.

  3. Like you, I did all I could to prepare. I got bottled water and pulled in all my lawn furniture from the deck and from the front porch. My tomato plants are now in my living room and they are doing so well that I’m going to leave them there. I was pretty lucky here as I never lost power. It flickered once or twice, but it never went down. A few tree limbs are down and one tree is laying across half of the street up the road a bit, but other than that, all is well. I guess Irene didn’t end up packing the punch she could have, thankfully. I’m sorry to hear some people died from live wires though. Sad. Power will be out in some places for a few days, and maybe that will be a time for families to gather together and talk, read, or play cards or board games the way we did before we all became dependent on our electroics. Today, I’m enjoying the beautiful weather and hope all who do not have power will get it soon. Thankfully, everyone I know is safe and none the worse for the storm.

  4. We also had minimal damage. The power flicked off, then right back on. No issues with flooding or tree damage in our area, so I consider us very lucky. Our giant (destined for the county fair) sunflowers took a hit, despite the fact that Mr. Suze shored them up, but they’re not a total loss. And Captain America and Mr. Zimmerman, our two giant pumpkins, are in good shape and actually benefiting from all the water. At least something good is coming out of all this!

  5. We thought for sure we would be spending the day pumping out water from the basement, but the only thing I was pumping out was a high word count. I totaled the day out at 3500 words! Take that Irene. 🙂

    I found it quite enjoyable to sit by my window and watch the trees swaying about. Didn’t think it would end up to much more than a nuisance this far inland. But know many are still struggling, and I pray for them.

  6. Glad you are okay after the storm. Luckily I didn’t lose power and I had prepared. Some people around here, a few miles away, are still without power and I have seen more people on the news with great losses still almost a week later. In terms of storms I can remember a snow storm about 4 years ago when I was working in an area of CT about an hour and twenty minutes drive away from my home but it took me 5 hours to get back on New Year’s Eve. I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t make it. I am glad this storm is over and I’m glad that it wasn’t worse than what it was.


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