Welcome To My World

Hello, everyone!  Suze here.  Today is a very exciting day.  I’m introducing my world . . . to the World!  Yup, if you click here, or on the Scribes’ Short Stories tab above, you will find Thursday’s Child: Annabelle and the Dumpster Diva.  It’s the Scribes’ second free story, and it’s mine!  All mine!  Well, not anymore.  Because now it’s yours too.

So let me tell you a bit about this world.  All my tales, present and future, take place in or near a little fictional village called Bonaparte Bay, New York. Ever been to a resort town?  One that bustles in the summer but closes up tight in the winter?  One with a lot of wonderful, tacky little shops selling tee shirts, and fudge, and snowglobes or shotglasses with the name of the village written on in italic script?  One near the water?  Then you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Bonaparte Bay looks like.  My village is located on the beautiful St. Lawrence River, right on the Canadian border, in an area called the Thousand Islands.  Bonaparte Bay isn’t real, but it could be.

As for my characters, you’ll meet a couple in this story.  One is pretty colorful, and I hope you like her as much as I do.  She’d like to be the heroine of a full length novel, but I don’t think she’s ready for that.  She’ll have to be content with a short story for now.

Without further ado, I welcome you to Bonaparte Bay, a great place for a vacation.  The members of the Chamber of Commerce would appreciate it if you’d come and spend some money.  Take a boat tour on the  Lady Liberty.  Dine on Chicken Marengo at the Bonaparte House restaurant. Get a commemorative tattoo at Tat-L-Tails.  Stay a nice long while.  Unless, that is, you’re spooked by the idea of a murder.  Or two.  Or maybe three . . .

14 thoughts on “Welcome To My World”

    1. Thanks, Kristan! I’m so glad you liked it. The short story form is actually quite a bit harder to write than I expected it to be. Who knew?

    1. It is a beautiful location. There are actually something like 1,700 islands, many of which have summer homes — from tiny cottages to huge Victorian mansions. There are two castles. The one in the picture is the most famous, and is being restored, having never been lived in. There is another farther north (Singer Castle, built by the owner of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, I think) that is also available for tours. Thanks for stopping by, Julia.

  1. Well if your room is the first turret on the right which one is your favorite character’s or has she not been able to get there yet. You might be able to convince her to dive in the bay. Thanks for sharing.

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