Being a Social Magnet

Thanks so much Scribes for having me guest blog today.  It’s so much fun to get a chance to speak to your audience and talk about the newest in my Market or Die series, “How to use the Power of your Brand.”

However, there’s one thing I DIDN’T write about in my book because I saved this little nugget just for the Scribes and their fans.  What is it?  Social Magnetism.

There’s a lot of talk in the marketing world about brands who are dubbed, “social magnets.” What this means, by definition, is that followers or readers gravitate to your brand, the way metal is attracted to a magnet.

You’re smart. You know what I’m talking about; the way people will go out of their way to be associated with your brand.  So, how do you know if you’re a social magnet?  Let’s see if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

1.)    Does the general public wear your brand’s logo on their clothing?

2.)    Does the general public put a bumper sticker on their car with your brand on it?

3.)    Does the general public wear hats or carry bags with your brand name on it?

No?  Well, welcome to the club.  Becoming a social magnet in the mind of the general public usually costs millions of advertising dollars, think Nike, Coca-Cola or GE.  However, there’s ways, as authors, you and I can become social magnets in our own little place in writing world and it’s actually easier than you think.

Acquire new readers – work vigilantly and band together with other writers to increases awareness about your brand and your work.  Sometimes having others promote you is more credible that you promoting yourself, and a ton easier, too.

Make existing readers aware that it’s time to buy again – I’m not talking about a Facebook posting that says, “buy my book.” I’m talking about treating your readers like they’re part of your inner circle and letting them know about a new release ahead of time.  Anyone who reads the MOD blog at is treated like they’re part of an inside club, whom I’ve dubbed the MOD trubies, and because they visit my blog on a regular basis they receive information from me first.

Be kind. Pay it forward and spread the wealth.  People are attracted to those who help them and they will help you in return!

Jennifer Fusco is the Creative and Brand Manager for the General Electric Company, North America and the author of the bestselling series, MARKET OR DIE, marketing books for writers.


17 thoughts on “Being a Social Magnet”

    1. The cool thing is Casey. They acquire you. When you put yourself out there as a published author, indie or traditional, you will obtain “superfans”. They’re people who you usually don’t know and they LIKE what you’re doing so, you bring them into your inner circle, friend them on facebook, send them an email or direct message…and begin a friendship. Brand advocacy happens naturally…its not like a help wanted ad. Make sense?

  1. Hey Jennifer, Welcome! You know I have a ton of questions and can’t wait to get your book. I’m having it delivered by carrier pidgeon as we speak. I’m also printing this page right now because I love, love, love how simple you put in to terms all the meandering thoughts and ideas in my head that I can’t seem to organize. There is just so much to learn!

    Thanks again for coming over and helping us out like this. I hear you about networking with other authors and living by the “pay it forward” ideal. It’s a blessing to me to be a part of such a civic minded group. I can see where that would attract people.

    I’ve also been hearing a lot about aquiring readers. But this is no easy task. Doing the research to find your particular target audience is pretty daunting, not to mention a vast time suck. Any more advice about how to narrow the search? Are there people out there that do this service for you? It would definitely be worth budgeting for.

    Thanks again for sharing all of your expertise.

    1. Acquiring readers…isn’t that the toughest, PJ. Ugh. There are two plans of attack I would recommend for you…one for a smaller budget, then one slightly more costly. I’ve been seeing really good results with Facebook advertising. Facebook ads let you narrowly scope your target audience so that you only advertise to those who your book speaks to…so you can choose female, 18-22, readers, who like Sara Dessen….and FB will find those for you and give you an approximation of how many Facebookers fall into that category. You can keep narrowing down until you find your perfect audience. Then, set your budget with facebook. It will run your ad to only those people you are targeting and your credit card only gets charged per click. If you want to spend only $100 a week. Put that into facebook and your ad will disappear once your budget has been met.

      Secondly, for an indie writer, I’d recommend a publicist. Basic packages with well known publicists begin at about $3000. Research your publicist and choose one that has proven success. Does that help?

      1. Yikes! Three grand…I’d better start selling some more books, LOL.

        The facebook ad idea will go at the top of my budget list.


  2. Yay, Jennifer Fusco is here! Welcome!!!! And I LOVE what you said…all of it! My questions are the same that PJ and Casey just asked, so I won’t repeat them. But I wanted to post and give you a warm welcome and thank you!

  3. Thank you Scribes for having Jennifer Fusco as a guest blogger today. I just had the pleasure of reading Jennifer’s newest release, Market or Die: How to Use the Power of Your Brand and Jennifer has done it again. Another book full of golden nuggest. Jennifer is truly a marketing guru whose easy going writing style delivers a book full of great information told to us in simple terms we can all understand. Brava!!!

  4. Jennifer, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. As always, you are full of amazing suggestions. I love the tip about Facebook advertising; think that is a great and budget-friendly idea. I know that Google + is out there, although I’ve not checked it out. Do you think as writers we need to establish our presence on both FB and Google+?

    1. It can’t hurt. Or at least get set up and familiar with both tools. Building networks prior to being published are great because you have proof to show an agent that you’re serious and you have a plan. However, to land an agent the writing has to be the prime focus of your work. All this marketing jazz…comes secondary to the craft.

  5. Thanks for blogging for the Scribes today, Jennifer. Everything you put out here is golden. I almost can’t believe how lucky we all are to have hooked up with you. I’m eagerly reading the new MOD tonight!

  6. Jen, your mod blog is great, but what is even greater, b/c you are so incredibly busy with all you do, is your personal communication to me. I always think twice before I send you an email, but you always answer promptly when I do. Thank you. In addition, your marketing skills are well-honed.

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