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The Scribes would like to welcome guest blogger, Jael Wye!  Thanks for being with us today, Jael.  I’m guessing from your title, that you are going to talk about the world of Sci Fi.  Take it away…

It’s tough being a science fiction author these days.  The golden age of slimy aliens and tinfoil brassiere-clad spacebabes is long gone, at least in literary form.  Over the last decades, the undeniably kick-ass visuals in scifi movies and videogames have lured the scifi fanboys and girls away from their books.  (Kids these days, I tell ya.) 

So right now the popular audience for novels set in outer space is pretty small.  Imagine, then, the miniscule sliver of interest there is in romance novels set in outer space.

At first glance, the two genres seem completely incompatible.  Romance is focused on relationships, while scifi is focused on concepts.  Romance fans might not cotton to the notion of a hero with a light saber instead of fangs or knee-breeches, while scifi fans might fear getting girl cooties.  However, there are, in fact, several good examples of the fusion of scifi and romance out there, like the novels of Linnea Sinclair, Jane Castle (Jane Ann Krentz), and Sara Creasy.

Still, there’s no getting around the fact that writing romances set in space is not for the faint of heart or the empty of pocket.  I do it because I love it, and I think (hope) there are a few others out there among the seven billion people on this planet (or others) who will also love it if given the chance.

That’s not to say I’m eager to sacrifice a potential paycheck on the altar of my art.  No, I have faith that the future holds endless possibilities for drawing some decent royalties.  Right now scifi is going through a down period of popular interest, but, like Spock in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, it will eventually resurrect itself and continue to boldly go etc. etc. 

So, I write what I love, and I wait for the golden moment to become the JK Rowling of scifi/romance novels.  Meanwhile, I buck myself up with the knowledge that people will get bored with the freakin’ earls and vampires eventually, right?

Here’s my question of the day—what is your favorite scifi romance?  I vote for Mulder/Scully, though Han Solo/Princess Leia was also pretty hot.




Thanks Jael!



19 thoughts on “I Heart Sci Fi”

  1. Hi Jael, I’m not typically a sci-fi reader, but I do like romances set in interesting worlds. I’ve read Linnea Sinclair and she is fabulous. I didn’t read so much for the sci-fi piece but for her excellent character development and the depth of the plot. My thinking is that if you write really well, the genre just doesn’t matter. There is always an audience for great writing of a great story. Keep following your heart. Thanks for being here.

  2. I love Sci-Fi. I read it all the time. There is not a lot of Sci-Fi in romance, but I’ve always loved Jane’s Warlord by Angela Knight.

    In the Sci-Fi genre, there is romance. For example – Simon Green’s Deathstalker series – there’s a great love story between Owen and Hazel. And Kage Baker’s Company novels, cyborg Mendoza’s love of a monk Nicholas, spans across time. Both are excellent series!

  3. Sci-fi romance fan here. 🙂 I am an author of Sci-fi and paranormal romance. One of my books Secrets of Kalkia is a Sci-fi romance involving time travel. On other authors, Linnea Sinclair is one of my favorites. (Gabriel’s Ghost and Shades of Dark) Both books are great. I wishes you best of luck, Jael. Keep writing what you love!

  4. Hi Jael,
    Thank you for sharing with us. I don’t really read a lot of Sci-Fi fan, but have seen the Star Wars movies. I would have to cast my vote for Han and Leia. Regardless of what genre you write, the amount of work, blood, sweat and tears you put into it is the same. Don’t we all dream of becoming the next JK Rowling? Keep on writing and best wishes.

  5. I love Sci-Fi and wish there was more of it and less of the vamps!
    I think I’d have to cast my vote for Sarrah Connor and Kyle Reese. That takes my breath away!
    Best wishes!

  6. Just wait — tinfoil bras will come back into fashion! I don’t read sci-fi, but I do like the movies and tv shows as long as they don’t get too technical with the science. As for romance, Mulder and Scully never quite worked for me as a couple (though I loved the show). Han Solo = intergalactic hottie + space princess Leia — winning!. You know Captain Kirk had a secret thing going with Uhura. Klaatu and Helen Benson — she had a boyfriend but there were definitely some interspecies sparks there in the original movie. What about Ripley? Was she ever in love, or was she just fine without a significant other? I don’t remember. Even Lou Costello got a love interest (Queen Allura) in Abbott & Costello Go to Mars (they actually go to Venus ?!?). No matter the setting or the circumstances, every story is better with a romantic element. Jael, stick to what you love. If you love it, somebody else does too. This was a really fun post!

  7. I’ll read anything if there’s a romance in it. 😉 But I honestly have never tried a sci fi….will have to check them out. And I think you’ve got the right attitude. Keep writing what you love.

  8. Thanks for having me on today, and thanks for the feedback, all! This is fun.
    A few things–
    –I believe Ripley had a little sum sum going with Hicks in Aliens
    –Deathstalker is tons of fun
    –Mal and Inara from Firefly–Mal? (fans self). Inara? (meh).
    –Jake and Neytiri from Avatar are yummy, if you can get past the eight-foot-tall-and-blue thing. And now that I think of it, James Cameron has got to be one of the primo scifi romance writers of the age. Somebody ought to nominate him for a RITA. Guess I’d better get on that.

  9. Thanks for guest blogging with us! I don’t read or watch anything sci fi but I love a good romance novel no matter what the subgenre.

  10. I’m going to give away my age here. I grew up in the original Star Trek TV days. I was totally in love with young Spok. He didn’t have a love interest because he was waiting for me to grow up!!!!! Unfortunately, I outgrew my crush on aliens too (altho I often thought the man I did fall for had roots on another planet).

  11. Susannah, I don’t know if Ripley ever had a sweetie, but in the extended version of the second movie, it’s revealed she did have a daughter. So sad that the powers that be think SF is dead. I personally still love it, particularly anything that takes place on other worlds. 🙂

    One author you failed to mention is Catherine Asaro. She is not *technically* referred to as SF Romance author, but she does have lots of romantic elements.

  12. I grew up on sci-fi, and I also write time travel historical romance. So naturally I incorporated scientific theory, such as quantam physics, space-time folds etc., into the book. I definitely don’t think the genre is dead, I just think people are categorizing it a bit differently (such as Steampunk). I love Anne McCaffrey, and F’lar and Lessa have to be my favorite couple. For TV, Pete and Myka from Warehouse 13 and Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG-1.

  13. Hi great post. I am a big SFR fan! But my favorite couple has to go back to Damia and Afra of Anne McCaffrey’s Damia. I’m a sucker for the unlikely couple.

  14. Awesome topic! In books, I gotta go with Kal-Paten and Sass from Linnea Sinclair’s Games of Command.
    In movies, I have to agree w Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor
    On TV, I am addicted to Stargate SG-1 on netflix, so I have to give a shout out for the show even though my fave character never gets the girl, except for in the last episode and that’s in an alternate timeline. Dr. Daniel Jackson, he can shoot, speak almost any language, including ancient, and was the moral compass of the team.
    Favorite couple? Too many too name*g*

    Karin Shah
    STARJACKED Samhain Publishing available now!
    BLOOD AND KISSES Soul Mate Publishing 10/12/11

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