The Family Jewels

Happy Thursday, all.  Suze here.

Jewels.  Who doesn’t love ’em?  Shiny, sparkly, lustrous gifts of the earth and sea.  Wars have been fought over them.  Native peoples have been vanquished for them.  Ships have been wrecked, scattering them over the ocean floor.  And ever since we’ve had recorded history (and probably before), jewels have been given as symbols of promise and love.  The late screen goddess Liz Taylor knew this, perhaps better than anyone.  Her husbands (with the probable exception of her blue collar rehab-romance guy, Larry Fortensky) lavished her with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and pearls.  Here’s Liz wearing the historic, often lost La Peregrina pearl — which Liz claims to have misplaced and found in her dog’s mouth!  LaPeregrina provided some of the inspiration for my Bonaparte Bay romantic mystery.

If you’re a history geek like me, or even if you’re not, click here for the story of La Peregrina.

What about recent events?  If you weren’t touched when Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mother’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring, go find another blog.  There’s nothing for you here.

So, Suze, you might be asking.  What’s the point?  Well, I’ve been thinking about historical romances, especially the Regencies, which I love.  And I wondered what it is about them that keeps me coming back.  I think it’s because (1) I am the aforementioned history geek; and (2) the heroes usually have titles (Dukes, Earls, Baronets), and this means the heroine gets a title too.  I think most of us, secretly or not so secretly, dream of being born noble, or marrying into the nobility.  A manly, devoted hero in (or out of!) breeches. Great wealth.  No housework or cooking to do, ever. Fabulous clothes and hairdos.  And a box full of inherited baubles to play with.  What’s not to love?

Who are your favorite Regency authors?  If you don’t read Regencies,  tell us about the gem you’d buy yourself if money were no object.  Give us the cut and carat weight, and describe the setting.  We’re dreaming here today!


20 thoughts on “The Family Jewels”

  1. I like jewels well enough, but for me…I’d marry nobility just to get a butler, housekeeper, cook and fleet of maids. And I seriously need footmen to run errands and scullery maids to get me out of dish duty! Julia Quinn is my favorite Regency writer these days…and while I enjoy the regencies, I really love medievals. All the cleaning staff your castle could want, with an actual knight and shining armor to boot!.

    1. I’m with you. Servants are definitely the way to go. Part of the reason I’m working on my genealogy is I’m hoping to regain my rightful place among the royals of the world. Prince William should have waited. Harry’s cute too, and would be a lot of fun, but he’s probably untrustworthy.

  2. I’m not really into gems or jewlery (they are lovely to look at, but I don’t have the desire to own a stash). If I had the money to buy a big sparkly jewels, I’d spend it traveling to some far off locale or on a cool gadget. And I totally agree with J – bring on the wait staff!! That sounds like a dream come true.

      1. Even with all the money in the world, I wouldn’t want the jewels. They’re just “stuff”. Another thing to worry about. To me – money can buy you time and the opportunity to do things you might not otherwise have a chance to. I’ll take an experience over an object any day.

  3. I see I’m in good company, except for you Jane, my baubal loving friend. I am not a jewelry girl at all. Other than my wedding band, I rarely wear anything…jewelry wise that is.

    I was hooked on historicals for a while and read everything I could in the genre before I found Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, which ruined me for anyone elses writing. But I’m with Casey. Take me out of the castle and put me on the road with Jaime Fraser and let me have an adventure or two and I’d be in my element. ‘Wrapped in the arms of a Highlander’ under the stars sounds like heaven to me…oooh, and it sounds like the title of a historical. Maybe I’ll write that someday.

    Having said that I don’t need jewels or castles to make me happy, I wouldn’t say no to a footman or two.

    1. Oh, I don’t really have any! And I’m fine with that. Truthfully I’d be too worried about insurance and the like to really enjoy them. (When I was researching this post I came across a story about Liz Taylor and the Taylor-Burton diamond, 69+ carats. Her insurer required that when she wore it in public she be surrounded by guards with machine guns) But I wouldn’t turn them down either. Would they make me happier? No. But they’d be fun!

      1. I’d take ’em and wear ’em happily if somebody gave me some jewels, don’t get wrong. I just wouldn’t want to spend my money on them unless I had the fleet of servants first and didn’t know how else to spend my cash. I’d buy the gems on my worldwide exotic vacations. Have you seen some of the stones at Diamonds International in St. Thomas? WOW! There is a style of blue diamond that I’d love to wear! 🙂

  4. I like jewels too …. although ruby is my birthstone, I much rather have diamonds. As Liz well knew, diamonds go with everything! I just read “Touch of a Thief” by Mia Marlowe which is actually about a jewel thief … with an interesting twist.

  5. I love historicals, ever since I picked up my first Jude Deveraux. I’m considering writing one right now, just not sure how to go about the research. I would only want to attempt it if I knew I would get it right.

    As for jewels, there are some people who just look “right” wearing them. I’m not one of them. I feel like I’m playing dress-up. 🙂

    1. Those people probably are playing dress-up too! And jewels would look stunning on you too, Duchess. Sapphires and diamonds, I think, would suit you best.

  6. Fun. Give me jewels, give me footmen, give me kings, servants, and chefs too. I want it all. Any reason not to dream?

    1. None at all! Dream on! And if we don’t have all those things in real life, we can always write about them and live vicariously through our character creations.

  7. I read more Regencies than anything, Don’t there just seem to be more of them out there? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Elizabeth Hoyt. I have read everything she has written and preordered her next book months ago. I also really enjoy Mary Balogh. Sabrina Jefferies. Loriane Heath. Christina Dodd does them really well too and of course Ms. Julia Quinn.

    1. More authors for my TBR list! Susannah’s jewel picks for you, Countess? Rubies. Topaz if you feel like slumming.

    1. My birthstone is aquamarine, which I quite like. It ain’t one of the Big 4 (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire), but it’ll do! My mom’s birthstone is peridot too. As a kid, I thought it was ugly. Now I like it.

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