Living in a Haunted House

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On to Spooky Week here at the Scribes. Please welcome our guest–a woman who spent ten years of her life living with ghosts and lived to tell the tale. Welcome Andrea!

 My name is Andrea Perron.
Author Andrea Perron

I am the eldest daughter of Roger & Carolyn Perron. I have four sisters: Nancy, Christine, Cynthia and April. My birthdate: October 10, 1958…the only one of five siblings to be born in Rhode Island. I was just two months old when my parents bought our first home in Willimantic, Connecticut, where all my sisters came into the world. A burgeoning family required more space so we bought a larger home in Cumberland, R.I. when I was six.

Living in a suburb of Providence proved disquieting. After six years my mother decided her girls required a place in the country in which to grow and thrive. In June of 1970 she found a glorious farm, then she and my father moved mountains to buy what was known as the old Arnold Estate; two-hundred acres of land with a big barn and a farmhouse; plenty of space to spread out and explore Nature.

Haunted Farmhouse

It was the perfect place to raise a family, according to the owner, though he failed to disclose a crucial element of the experience he endured as an occupant. The day we moved in, he told my father: “…leave the lights on at night.” A rather cryptic message.

For almost a decade our family lived among the dead. There we came to understand that we are not alone and there is something beyond mortal existence. In HOUSE OF DARKNESS HOUSE OF LIGHT, the story is told. Here is only a glimpse of what you’ll find in its pages.

During those final desperate moments of her life, was she frightened by her own intentions or steadfast in her resolve? How could a woman of such advanced age climb a rickety ladder to the hayloft of the barn and reach over to a beam from which to suspend a rope? Had life become so intolerable to the beleaguered soul, a drastic measure appeared to be her only option for retreat? Perhaps she was ill and had suffered too long in her own wrinkled skin. What measure of pain prompts the notion to deliberately end a precious life? Had she carried her woes up the ladder or had she made peace with the concept, as well as with her Creator? Did she believe the decision was her own privileged one to make or did she suspect she risked punishment from a God who reserves such judgments as His own, unforgiving of those who take matters into mortal hands?

 One thing is known for certain; far more than a century ago,
Mrs. John Arnold claimed her own life at the age of ninety-three and was discovered, cold and gray, stiff as the wood on which she was found dangling from the rafters of an ancient barn. Now, suspended in the ether just as surely as she was hanging from the unraveling end of a makeshift noose, her immortality lives on as the stuff of legend and folklore; a mystery from the ages…for the ages. She may have considered it her only escape and yet, truth be told, there was no escape for her spirit. Whether as an act of eternal damnation for an ill-conceived exit from mortal existence, or as the consequence of a premature departure, she lingers still, remaining in the place where she once lived out her life…then died.

This woman is not alone. There are others…many others…who share her fate; what some may describe as a fate worse than death. Perhaps she is the one who tucked the girls in at night, the one who loved them well and tenderly kissed their foreheads and smelled of flowers and fruit. It was a presence of comfort and caring; one who never meant to frighten or disturb youngsters in their own beds. Instead, she was a light in the darkness of night; someone to watch over them. It was this presence which tempered their fear. In the framework of an inexplicable existence for a family dwelling in a house alive with death, it was a welcome presence, a protective influence in an otherwise scary place. She was not the only one.

Johnny Arnold, presumably a relative, made the same dire decision to take his own life in the eaves of the house where he remains. As gentle a soul as the elderly woman, he made his presence known to all. He was an omnipresent spirit from the day they arrived at the farm, there to greet them in the shadow of a doorway, one cast as a figment from another dimension. Leaning back into his perpetual pose, watching, no doubt wondering about a sudden changing of the guard, he too would soon become a familiar part of the landscape. And then there was Bathsheba…a God-forsaken soul.

Consider this a proper introduction to but a few of the many who dwell among the living in a house revealing just as many secrets. It took time for the mortals involved; decades to realize, ultimately, they were glad to meet them. What they learned was well worth it, though it cannot be simply stated as in the final analysis because this subject will be subject to analysis for the rest of their natural born lives. The lone fear remaining among them is a potential for an unwelcome postmortem return to the house they abandoned so long ago as each will eventually, inevitably enter the realm of supernatural life at the threshold of death’s door: a fear of being drawn home again, there to resolve the questions left unanswered during mortal existence; drawing each of them back to their place in the country, as it had done in life…perhaps with purpose and reason.

Andrea Perron

“Nothing in the entire universe ever perishes, believe me, but things vary, and adopt a
new form. The phrase ‘being born’ is used for beginning to be something different from
what one was before, while ‘dying’ means ceasing to be the same. Though this thing may
pass into that, and that into this, yet the sums of things remain unchanged.” Ovid

What do you think readers? Are you a believer yet?

Andrea Perron can be found in the following locations:

The Direct link for the book “House of Darkness House of Light”

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24 thoughts on “Living in a Haunted House”

  1. Hii Andrea. Thank you for your post. Like Susannah, I am interested in some of your personal experiences in the house. I have had some “encounters” but do not normally discuss them for fear someone will think I’m whack! I never move because of it, though. The house I’m living in now had an issue. The husband of the woman who sold me the house had died here. Shortly after I moved in, the light on the bedside table would turn on and off by itself. I told the spirit that his wife moved and to go haunt her there. It stopped so I guess he left. I have had other experiences so I am a true believer.

    1. Hello Gerri ~ Many people have had encounters they cannot explain and cannot comprehend, events which alter their consciousness. It is an amazing thing to encounter a spirit. Their presence has a tendency to profoundly effect mortals who see what many say do not exist. Since the tender age of twelve I have known that there is something beyond mortal existence, though I don’t pretend to understand what it is or from where it generates. Though skeptics may be annoying at times, I welcome their input because they are the driving force behind further exploration of the supernatural — they prod those who work to prove what they already know.

  2. Hi Susannah ~ I’d be happy to share some of my personal experiences. I was never afraid of the spirits. I was afraid of what was happening to my mother. In hindsight, there were episodes which haunted me long after our departure from the farm. One in particular was an encounter which both stunned and enlightened me. Having come home from college for my birthday in October of 1976, I was especially cold and tired from the trip. Standing in front of the roaring fireplace, my body would not warm up. As I stood there shivering my father announced that someone had come to welcome me home. The right side of my body was as rigid as a slab of ice. I knew precisely where to look based upon the sensation. Turning only my head, I suddenly found myself staring into my own blue eyes, as if gazing upon my reflection in a mirror. The woman was worn and haggard but her eyes were kind; sympathetic. They were MY eyes. She was dressed in garb associated with the 1700s and as she smiled, the moment of recognition was staggering. If our eyes are indeed the window to the soul then I am a very old soul. After all these many years, my lone remaining fear has been an unwelcome return to our place in the country after death. I do not want to spend eternity haunting the halls of this cold, massive structure but choose instead to move on in spirit. There was always something familial about the ghosts with whom I shared space and time but I consider going back there after my inevitable demise to be a fate worse than death. In life I declare my intention to move on after death. Perhaps by telling their tale, I will be free to do so; liberation on a cosmic level.

  3. Hi Gerri, I’ve had similar personal experiences over the years and have always believed in other planes of existence. There is so much we don’t know about the world we can see, let alone the one we can’t. A couple of hundred years ago, people would have called us crazy if we talked about microspopic germa that make us sick or talked about the possibilities of Quantum physics. Andrea has an excellent post on her website about Science vs. Spirituality. She really takes a scientific and intellectual approach to the whole discussion on other worldly entities. She’s a facinating lady. I can’t wait to read her book.

    Andrea should be along sometime today to respond to comments.

    1. And there she is! Appearing on cue. Thanks Andrea. What a chilling experience. I like the idea of announcing your intention in the here and now for your after life journey. Intention is a powerful force and I’m certain it will have the desired effect for you. I’m not fond of the idea of staying behind disturbing people after I’m gone from this plane. I’d much rather go on to see what’s next!

      1. Great post! Thus, declaring your intention as well. We are mistress and master of our destiny. Our fate is ours to claim. Yes, I believe I have done something I was somehow supposed to do by telling our story, “their” story, and suspect we were drawn to the farmhouse for this purpose. Of course, I’ll never know for certain until I leave this life behind but my perception of it is strong. My father once asked me how I intended to use my degree in English and philosophy. Here it is, my dear man. Read it and weep. Read it and laugh out loud. Revisit your past through my words and thoughts and know that I’ve put my education to good use! He won’t read it…still too close to home, bless his heart. My mother was the bravest soul.

  4. I know these things happen. I am a true believer due to many experiences.
    Some are helpful spirits, others not.
    I love that you put this post out at this time of year.
    We all need to remember that we aren’t helpless.
    Our intention for good carries power.

    Thank you for the terrific post!

    1. Hello Sandy ~ I have discovered that women are infinitely more susceptible and receptive to the spirit world. Men are far more fearful of the concept. Interesting that they crave immortality (and often behave as if they are immortal, taking risks most sane women would never consider ) and yet so often fail to recognize the presence of the ancestors who surround and protect them from themselves! Just an observation. I quite agree with your assessment: our intention for good carries power. It certainly does but the battle between good and evil wages on. It is up to the courageous among us to acknowledge it and counter it with kindness. Therein lies the victory against evil.

  5. Wow! I cannot imagine living in a house haunted by spirits. But they sounded like friendly spirits, as opposed to some of the evil ones I’ve watched on the t.v. program “The Haunting”. So, in reality, your book is an autobiography of sorts?

    1. Hi Patti ~ I often refer to the book as “a collective memoir” because it encompasses the stories of my entire family. Each contributed their recollections and I chronicled every major manifestation according to the details provided by the parent or sister who had the encounter. Of course, many instances occurred with multiple witnesses and those manifestations are compiled as well. In three volumes I cover ten years spent dwelling among the spirits. The cast of characters is extensive but the house has the lead. It is a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse! Most of the spirits were benign in nature but make no mistake, there was evil in our house and my mother bore the brunt of the relentless assault. She was unwelcome in her own home and endured many painful episodes, some literally painful. The siege began within the first few months and by the end of our tenure, in June 0f 1980, she begged for release from a place which had once called her home. She will never return to its threshold and lives a quiet, reclusive life in Georgia. What once captured her heart had become a place to escape from and she feared it would not let her go. Ultimately, we moved many miles away but never far enough to escape the memory of events impaled in our minds forever.

  6. A recurring theme: FEAR. It is the fear of the unknown which keeps us from living fully; that dark little thought that slips in through the cracks of our collective consciousness. It inhibits our personal growth and keeps us from expressing ourselves. When the fear of death is banished, so are the many symptoms of the dis-ease. If “House of Darkness House of Light” serves a purpose, let it be to comfort those who have loved and lost and fear there is nothing further. Spirit is eternal and death is not the end.

    1. Good evening, Gail ~ I went to the website. What a magnificent structure! Oh my, how I would love to visit it. Perhaps the next time I’m in New England a field trip can be arranged. The “summer homes” of Newport, R.I. give me the same golden glow. There is something about a huge old house that sets my heart on fire. Actually, I love great architecture. The finishing touches make each building special, from the ceiling of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to Thoreau’s cabin in the woods. Has anyone ever done an investigation of the house? Do you know the history of the place? I’ll read more deeply into the site to see what I can learn about it. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  7. Thank you so much for being here, Andrea. Your story is fascinating. I’ll be sure to pick up the book. If you are ever in the Berkshires and need a place to stay, my old farmhouse is open to you any time…sans ghostly activity. Although the New Boston Inn at the bottom of the hill is reported to be haunted.


  8. Thank you, PJ, for linking to this from our YA group. I met Andrea recently at a booksigning in Mapleville and she is as genuine and personable in the flesh as she is here. Hi, Andrea. Glad to see you getting the word out about your experiences, and the lessons you’ve learned from it. I’m enjoying Book 1 and look forward to the subsequent volumes.

    1. Hi Jeanine! Fancy meeting you here! I certainly enjoyed meeting you as well and my father was quite taken with you, too. I’ll let him know I found you again. Please give my best to Annette. It was such a pleasure spending the day with the scribes and friends. Anyone who wishes to contact me, be assured that I answer all my own mail and look forward to the marvelous interactions and new friendships which tend to bud when people have things in common, including a love of the written word. Thanks to PJ for her warm welcome and for the generous offer she extended. I love the Berkshires! Happy day to all. Yours in spirit ~ Andrea

  9. Hi I was just wondering if there’s any way I could get the address for the house so I may find who owns it so I could do a paranormal investigation for my self. Not saying I don’t believe u, but just love to have my own experience..Thank You.

  10. Hi there just was wondering if there’s any way u could give me the address to the barn house so I may have my own experience.

  11. My family also is haunted since my grandmother’s like a chain of bad luck.near death experience, lost jobs, relationships, etc we are all lucky to be alive to talk about it and write about it.but just don’t let it take space in your head.believe in god the creator he’s your answer to the light not darkness.yes there certain places with high energy that we can’t explain.but that’s the world we live in.god gave US the will to choose.

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