Conversations with a Medium

Hi!  For Spooky Week, I decided to bring you a conversation with an honest-to-God Medium, Tracy Timbro. 

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

So Tracy, what’s it like being a medium?  I don’t do the medium thing full-time.  I’m just a regular lady with a regular job, but with this ability to sense spirits around my friends, family, and coworkers.  I can also go into supposed “haunted” locations and sense spirits.  I have met with people who recently lost loved ones and have made connections as well. 

How do you sense spirits?  I feel a buzzing sensation–very much like static electricity or a magnetic pull–it is absolutely undeniable when I get this feeling.  I will either “hear” the voice of the spirit in my mind or get a mental image of the spirit the way they looked in life.  I may see letters above them that relate to their name. 

Why do you think the Spirits contact you?  They show me images that don’t mean anything to me, but are meaningful to the person with which they are trying to communicate.  I will sometimes feel an emotion connected to them, for example, humor, sadness, friendliness, and especially the love they still feel for the living person near me.  Every spirit communicates differently according to their personality.  I have found many times that spirits send you signs (feathers, coins, butterflies, etc.) 

What does it take to be a medium?  I believe that every single one of us can be a medium.  Everyone has received spirit communication of some sort.  The hardest part is allowing intuition to take over and quieting the rational side of the mind (which is very hard to do!)  The spirit world is at a much higher frequency or vibrational level.  For a spirit to communicate, they must lower their vibrational energy and the medium must elevate their vibrational level.  They meet somewhere in the middle and that is where communication takes place.  I know 100% that there is life after death and our loved ones who pass away still communicate with us and still love us. 

Do you get freaked out when spirits contact you?  I don’t find it scary at all.  I have felt much love and thankfulness from spirits when I communicate.  It may sound a bit weird, but I mentally thank them and bless them after communicating and they return the blessing with a pulsation of energy…yes, I know, it sounds weird.  This is all very weird, I know.  There has been only two times that I felt evil/dark spirits.  The first time was at a New Age sort of gift shop that has since closed.  I felt a choking sensation and felt as if I were going to pass out.  I just walked out of the place, knowing it was not an “enlightened” place as most spiritual shops are.  The second time was at Foxwoods Casino.  My husband and I were driving up to the casino, passing the empty fields just before the casino.  I heard drumming sounds and felt a hand grip my neck and squeeze.  I felt I was being choked and couldn’t breathe.  That scared me.  I refused to go to that casino and will never go back.  There is angry Native American energy there.  (Mohegan is just fine, though!)

Is the barrier between the living and the dead really thinner on Halloween? Is there a time of the year when spirits seem to be more active than other times?  I’m really not sure if the barrier is thinner on Halloween.  I think maybe the awareness of the paranormal is heightened at this time.  Being aware of the subtleties of the spirit world is the key to connecting with those who have passed.  Anyone at any time can ask a loved one who has passed to give a sign–any sign–that they are still near to them.  Then all that is needed is to be aware.  I guarantee if you are patient, you will get a sign.  It may be a song perfectly timed on the radio, a feather in your path, many sightings of coins, a bird unexpectantly close to you, butterflies, dreams that seem very real, or lights flickering.  You will instinctively know the sign is for you.  That is all it takes!  The time of year when spirits seem to be more active is when people gather:  weddings, holidays, and celebrations.
Is there anything people can do to disconnect with malevolent spirits who are bothering them? I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this question.  I have never encountered this problem myself.  I can only offer my opinion.  I do believe that some forms of malevolent energy may, in fact, be created by the living.  For example, a very depressed, sad or angry person puts forth negative energy.  All energy created is very real (positive or negative) and greatly effects people.  When you walk into a room after people have argued, you can sense the heaviness in the room.  Consequently, when a loving, positive energy is created, you feel at ease and peaceful.  Some hauntings may be residual:  a sort of rewinding and playing out of an event that happened in the past.  The energy is imprinted into the surroundings.  Sometimes this can be exacerbated by the layout of the environment:  quartz or lime deposits in the ground or electromagnetic fields created by power lines/wiring.  Other hauntings may be intelligent and caused by a soul that refuses or is unaware that it has “passed on.”  I do believe you can take charge by making your demands known to a spirit haunting a location.  Prayer and imaging white light around onself are also very powerful in protecting oneself against negativity–even in daily situations.  In extreme situations of demonic and very dark presences, I would seek the help of a clergy member or paranormal expert.
Do you do spirit readings or anything like that for people? Can people contact you if they are interested?  I have met with people on a casual basis and done “readings.”  Most of my spirit contact has been incidental with people I work with, family, and friends.  It is my dream to reach out to more people.  I am amazed and truly fulfilled each time I make contact with a loved one in spirit!  It’s best to reach me by email:
 Is there anything that you’d want to people to know about the spirit world?  Yes.  The spirit world is our true home.  Life on earth is a learning experience to further advance our souls in the direction of love.  I like to compare life on earth to a student going off to college, and our loved ones in the spirit world are like our parents back home.  Like the college student, we will work tremendously, get tired and exasperated pulling all-nighters, fall in and out of love several times, party gloriously sometimes, learn a million lessons (some lessons staying with us, and others forgotten), lose our faith a couple of times, and then get our faith back.  All the while, our parents are back home, like our loved ones in spirit, worrying about us, praying for us, supporting us, trying hard to guide us in the right direction, and attempting to communicate with us with phone calls, packages, and emails!  I think many people would find comfort in knowing this is not our “true” home and that a greater existence awaits us. 
Thank you so much Tracy – what great information!

27 thoughts on “Conversations with a Medium”

  1. Thanks for visiting the Scribes today, Tracy! First, it’s good to know that Mohegan Sun is OK to visit 🙂 Seriously, I have many questions, but I’ll try to restrain myself and only ask a couple. First question is: When did you first know you could sense departed loved ones and receive their messages?

    1. Hi, Susannah! Thank you for your questions. I first sensed spirits as a child through my dreams. As a child, I would have vivid dreams about dead relatives (some that died before I was born). I would relay info to my parents which would freak them out a bit. Starting at the age of 4 or so, I remember having past life dreams of being a soldier in battle. These dreams would wake me in terror as I felt the pain of being shot. They would reoccur over and over through my adolescence. As a young adult, I would have dreams about my coworkers’ or neighbors’ dead relatives giving me messages to relay to them. This progressed to me sensing spirits when “awake” during the daytime. It scared me a bit because I didn’t understand what was happening to me with the sensation I felt. I began to read every book I could that dealt with life after death.

    1. Absolutely unequivocally YES! Every single person can do this. Take a quiet moment to go inward and concentrate on a loved one who has passed. You can have an inward conversation with a loved one in spirit. I would keep it calm and send forth loving thoughts. I would not ask anxiously or demanding, as this directs a lower vibrational energy. To put it simply, a medium must increase vibrational frequency and a spirit must lower its vibrational energy in order to communicate. The more loving, calm, and positive your thoughts, the better chance you have at “linking up.” ASK THEM TO SHOW YOU A SIGN. Be patient and you will have something shown to you. PAY ATTENTION to everything around you. Don’t discount anything. If you notice something that strikes you somehow, it is probably your sign. They may come in a dream. They may come forth with a message directed at you through the speech of another person or small child, they may put something in your path, or you may hear a song, etc. My father’s message from his mother was a crane standing on his deck. I recently had feathers everywhere: outside my car and even on the pew I sat on in church.

  2. Third: Many cultures believe that deceased ancestors connect living people with the divine. Do you think it’s possible for our loved ones who have passed to intercede for us with the Highest Power? Or is it all part of the same continuum and we can connect at any point?

    1. Okay, this gets a bit complicated. We have loved ones in spirit–relatives and friends who have passed on. They still communicate and show love to us. We also have spirit guides who are chosen before we enter earth life. By guiding us on earth, they, too, learn and grow from this effort. They nudge you along and you may sense their guidance when you have “nagging” thoughts in your mind that won’t go away or if you feel strongly inclined to go one way and not the other. I believe that their intercedence helps guide you toward truth and love, however I do not believe that they can interfere with your personal communication with God. We can connect with guides, too. I have sensed people’s guides. I am usually aware that it is a guide because I will see something out of the ordinary….like….why is there is a Native American in full headdress standing behind that guy?

  3. FOXWOODS! I felt scared/ anxious/ creeped out when we drove up there this summer. I dismissed it, thinking I was nuts. I’m glad to find out I’m not.

  4. OK, my question is this…Susannah, what on earth are you doing up and on the computer so early on a Saturday am? You don’t even have the excuse of babies…:)

  5. I have seen what Tracy can do and have witnessed the reactions of people who have had loved ones come through. She can take a total non-believer and reduce them to tears because of a comment that a loved one told Tracy to say to them that only they would understand and that Tracy would never ever know. It is great to know that there is something after death…….I know we have all experienced our loved one’s and angel’s helping hands at one time or another. It is hard to wrap your brain around, but in the end we will all know the love that awaits us!

  6. My pastor explains life as a line. He actually taped a line around the whole sanctuary to give us a visual. Then took a marker and made a dot on the tape to show us this life on earth is but a dot in the line. It gave a perspective of what we should live for, so when I say I live for the line, that is what I mean.

    Thank you for being here today, Tracy. Thank you for your honesty. I can’t say I’ve ever communicated with spirits, other than the Holy Spirit, but I understand what you are saying about being intune. Every now and then I get a flash of a scene. For example, when my daughter was eight months old and learning to crawl I got a flash of her choking. About an hour later she did choke, but because I had almost been prepared for it, I very calmly picked her up and turned her over on my arm to whack her back and bring up the object.

  7. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you for sharing some of your experiences with us. I really like the photo. Have you seen such a manifestation and if so, would you tell us about it? Like you, I believe we all have this ability, however, I think some are more open to it than others.

    1. Mostly I see spirits in my “mind’s eye,” which means I get a strong mental picture of them. The things I have seen with my actual physical eyes are sparks of colored lights (signs of spirit presence) and quick flashes of what seems to be a person/animal/vehicle that quickly disappear. Only once do I remember seeing, as did my son, an apparition of a tall man with a white shirt and dark pants that seemed to warp off quickly. I have caught orbs on pictures. I also have pictures given to me with ectoplasm visible, which appears to be a smokey haze in the form of spirit faces. I am amazed by these pictures. Spirit energy can be captured on camera.

  8. That explains a lot about Foxwoods. I’m another one who got the creeps there at my first and last trip – even yelled at one of the friends I’d gone with. Those who know me would be shocked by that outburst, as my friends there certainly were. But I’ve felt fine at Mohegan, except when I passed through the smoking section and got enough of the slots noise.

    My husband goes to conventions in Vegas, so I sometimes go with him. IMO, casinos often give off waves of manic energy, sometimes even desperate hunger. Or maybe it’s because I’m generally headed for the buffet? Still, IMO, Mohegan has nice energy, so does the Wynn (dang – it should, right?) and I’m okay at Caesar’s but happy not to linger there. I couldn’t WAIT to get the heck out of the Rio.

    Thank you for stopping by the blog, Tracy. I missed your talk at CTRWA because I was traveling (not to Vegas, though.)

    1. That’s interesting that you say that, Rhonda. Now that I think about it the last time I was there I got into a huge fight with my brother…never thought about it being the evil there.

  9. That’s so interesting about Foxwoods. I had to walk out of there once because of all the negative energy. My husband thought I was nuts. Being a holistic health care provided, I am very much on tune with subtle energies so O understand the concept of altering your vibrations frequency. I haven’t used that to try to connect with spirits. I will try this. Thanks.

  10. Hi Tracy, First I loved your talk at CTRWA-found it fascinating and explained a few things. I had a friend in high school whom I seemed to have an unusual connection with. And there have been times since I lost him where I would be thinking of him and a song would come on that meant something to him, but wasn’t one you’d expect to hear now. I’ve also received messages from both my grandfather and grandmother after they passed. It’s nice to know I’m not nuts.

    I haven’t felt anything at Foxwoods and since I live close by, I’m counting that as a good thing! Although, after reading your comments to my husband his interest is now piqued.

    I remember you talking about meditating to help raise your vibrational level in order to connect. Do you just sit quietly, thinking about the person? Do you need to take any special precautions (so as not to open yourself to the wrong spirit)? Do you use any special stones? How would you connect with your spirit guide (like if I wanted to connect with mine)?

    Thanks, I really enjoyed your visit here with the Scribes.

    1. Confession time: I opened myself up to dangerous energy by using a Ouija board when I was younger. I had a terrifying experience with one in college (and never used one again, and never will, nor will I ever have one in my house), and it literally took me years to get to a point where I felt safe again. I was quite intuitive and sensitive and was pretty good at reading the Tarot, but I had to close most of that part of myself off. I still have flashes of intuition, and I do believe in signs and omens and that I receive them fairly regularly. I would love to talk to you sometime, Tracy, about how I can open myself up again safely.

      1. Ohhh, yes, Ouija boards attrack lower energies. As far as “opening up safely,” I think that by being a positive person and putting forth as much positive thoughts as you can and not allowing yourself to be overtaken by negative situations and events, negative people, and negative activities, you will naturally attract higher energy. I guess it is as simple as what you give out you get back threefold.

    2. Hi, Gail. It seems you are already a very intuitive person. If you are interested in connecting with your guides, you could get a meditation CD. I know Sylvia Browne has one that specifically connects with spirit guides (it’s included with a book). There are angel cards (Doreen Virtue has several) which I found to be a wonderful positive instrument in receiving messages. Of course, you could meditate in any way you found comfortable, on your own or using a guided meditation. Meditation is helpful in so many ways for the body and soul! And yes, I do have some crystals–just some I’ve collected and bought that I keep around my home. If you hold a crystal in your hand, you will start to feel a vibration. They are very instrumental in changing energy patterns. Don’t forget that radios used quartz crystals at one time to receive frequencies. Ask your guides to give you signs as well. On a lighthearted note, here is a test you can try with your spirit guides: ask them to find you a parking space at a very busy place. Before you arrive at a crowded destination, mentally ask them to open up a parking space for you. IT WORKS!

      1. Tracy, thank you for the suggestions – will look into those. On a fun note, a long time ago my husband jokingly asked the “Goddess Squat” for help in locating a parking space. It worked (we were at the Taste of Seattle) and the place was packed. I freaking chant her name when I go to the base clinic because they are always full, and I usually get a space. Thanks again.

  11. Hi Mom! What do you think of TV series based on a medium’s ability to help solve crimes? Do you feel they have any validity? Also, do you believe that spirits can tell us of events to come or had an experience like that?

    1. I should clarify that a psychic and a medium are not the same. A psychic can pick up impressions. They can sense things about a person by picking up the person’s aura of energy or perhaps by studing a photo or holding an object belonging to a person. They may not necessarily communicate with a spirit who has passed. They can provide valuable information in solving crimes. If a psychic can communicate with spirits, they are a medium (or psychic medium). I suppose a medium could make contact with a spirit involved in a crime and perhaps obtain some details about their death. In my experiences with spirit, they will convey how they died to me, but seem much more ernest about conveying their love for the living person. As far as spirits foretelling the future, yes I’ve heard about that happening. My mom had her father come to her in a dream urging her to get out of her house. When she awoke, her furnace was malfunctioning and leaking carbon monoxide. I truly believe he was watching over her.

  12. I can also confirm the validity of Tracy’s statements. I have been around her many times when she has experienced a spirit trying to make contact with her. I know how feverishly she works to record any tidbit of information she receives. Sometimes she’ll have a valid name and clear information to relay, other times she’ll drive herself nuts trying to figure out what they meant. She takes this very seriously.

    One thing I’d like to know though. How has developing this ability over the years affected your belief in organized religion? Knowing that there is something after our life on earth is a powerful piece of information, something not everyone may take your word for. I know this is a touchy subject, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    Love you Mom!

  13. Hi Tracy, Sometimes I get a numbing feeling in my lip and/or get redness in my neck, and then I think of a loved one who has passed. Do you think this is their way of trying to communicate with me? I know this sounds weird.

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