Titles, Teasers, and Cover Art

It’s time for the big reveal! My next book, ON THIN ICE, is coming out next month—five weeks to be exact. It hardly seems possible that it was only two months ago that I released HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES. Back to back book launches are one of the many benefits of Indie-publishing. As long as I can meet my production schedule for cover art, editing, setting up promotional plans, and producing quality material, I can add to my cyber bookshelf as frequently as I’d like. Of course, that’s a BIG if!

 Especially when I find out two weeks before sending the book off for final editing that the title, ON THIN ICE, has just been used by someone else…in fact several someone else’s. It turns out that this title has been used numerous times in recent years in several genres. So I scrambled, sweated, and panicked for a few days before deciding, “Yup, I’m gonna’ keep it.” No matter what other titles I tried, none fit quite as perfectly as my chosen title. ON THIN ICE seemed the ideal metaphor for a young figure skater dealing with an eating disorder and confronting some devastating life issues like her mother’s cancer and a teenage pregnancy—issues I dealt with myself in the year between sixteen and seventeen.

So rather than focus on the negative aspects of a title overuse syndrome, I decided that there was an upside to my predicament. For one thing, every time someone looks for one of those other books, mine will show up too. Tag team PR. As my fellow scribe, Casey Wyatt pointed out, if you type in the name of her book, Ascension, a ton of others come up as well. Common titles like, THE EDGE, SAVING GRACE, REMEMBER ME, or dare I say, BREAKING DAWN, have all been used more than once. I’m happy with my title and I’m sticking to it!

The next order of business was nailing my husband down…er…keeping my husband to his deadline with cover art. This is what he came up with. Although, the girl on the cover doesn’t exactly match my character Penny’s description, and the mountain peaks in the background are not likely to resemble any you might find in Connecticut, I felt that the facial expression, the metaphoric mountains my character faces, and the general “feel” of the cover were right for the genre and the book. It grabbed hubby, grabbed me, and shows up fairly well in a thumbnail size, which is where most people will see it. So again I say, I like it, and I’m sticking to it! Oh, the joys of DIY Indie-publishing.

With all that I’ve learned about this process so far, there were a few things I decided to hire out to save time. One is the final copy edit. I must have re-uploaded HIFH four times due to typos and errors that my editor and I both missed. I will also have the book formatted for me. It’s not rocket science, but it is a frustrating and time consuming chore, and for less than fifty dollars, I can have it professionally done—well worth every penny.

As for a teaser, click on over to my website and read an excerpt of ON THIN ICE (the scene where Penny and Carter meet), and check out a few songs on my YouTube playlist. You’ll need to scroll down the Extras page to get to it, but feel free to check out the excerpt of HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES while your there.

The book cover hasn’t been uploaded yet, so if you have any comments, recommendations or suggestions, now’s the time to spill. Let me have it, people!


24 thoughts on “Titles, Teasers, and Cover Art”

    1. Glad you like it, Jo. I’d be happy to answer any questions. There are so many wonderful resources these days for self pubbers. Check out WG2E blog. Thety have a wealth of knowlege. Also the new one that some of our Indie Romance Ink gals are doing called Total Transparency self publishing. They are just getting started, but are putting out some great information.

    1. Thanks, Christine. I’m a bit of a rebel at heart and more than a little stubborn at times, so there’s no surprise there, LOL. I’ve learned to trust my gut, and my intuition is my guide. I’m also not afraid to fall on my face in the interest of learning valuable lessons. Age and experiences have made that less necessary, but we never stop growing, do we?

    1. Thanks, Gerri. I’m happy with it too. The biggest problem I have is in font choices. There are way too many and none of them is ever quite the right one, LOL.

    1. Cool indeed! I’m very excited and I so appreciate the support. Each book is such a labor of love. I think the best writing comes to us from our own experiences and although reliving the emotions associated with all that teen drama and family tragedy was challenging, it was also very healing. It was nice giving Penny a couple of heroes she could depend on in the end.

  1. The cover looks really nice. I hope Heaven is for Heroes, On Thin Ice and Savage Cinderella all do smashing! Good work, kiddo.

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