I Love Life in 21st Century America

Welcome to Blog Tour de Force!  You should have gotten here from Paul Rice’s blog and the next up is Sharon Gerlach’s blog.  Everybody who comments on my blog today gets a free digital copy of my first novel, The Cordovan Vault.  And for every copy I give away to a commenter, a copy goes to a soldier, too.

When it comes time for the family round-table discussion of what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, the most common answer at my table will be ‘electricity’.  We’ve had two big, long power outages here in Connecticut this fall.  First Hurricane Irene in September and now Winter Storm Alfred.  I didn’t have trouble with Irene, but Alfred cost me four and a half days without electricity.  That’s the longest I’ve been without power in my life.  Eight days after the storm, 300,000 electricity customers in CT are still without power.  And it’s been cold.  Like in the 20’s at night.

It turns out that I’m nowhere near ready for Armageddon.  That whole Mayan 2012 thing had better not come true, because I don’t like living in the Dark Ages.  Primitive conditions suck.

Since this is supposed to be a post about gratitude, let me say that I’m incredibly grateful to have the lights back on at my house.  I’m grateful to have heat and food in my cold fridge again.  My kids are thrilled to have a working TV.  But beyond all of those things, I’m newly grateful for the good fortune to have been born in the United States of America in the 21st century where I get to take all these things for granted.

Of course I realize there are lots of people right here in the US of A who don’t have these creature comforts, but at least they have options.  Food banks, shelters, government assistance programs, inadequate as they may seem to some, are far better here than in many parts of the world.  Africa comes to mind.  I can’t imagine having no water, no food, no shelter, and no hope of finding them.  And I really can’t imagine having starving children with no way to help them, widespread Aids, rogue militia or genocide to top it all off.  (This holiday season, consider shopping at Heifer International.  Your gift could mean the world to the recipient.)

What about “life” in a world where women are treated as property, without any rights of their own?  Unable to vote, work, drive a car, be educated, or even walk in public without being draped head-to-toe in a life constricting burka.  And of course, there are plenty of other places with terrible living conditions.

So after living through my little four-day disaster, I’m pretty dang grateful that my life is as cushy as it is.  I’m also incredibly grateful to the millions of Americans who’ve fought and died to be sure that I get to enjoy that cushiness, the freedoms and life that I’ve taken for granted for 30 years.  From the farmers who fought in the Continental Army right on down to the men and women who will be coming home soon from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Thank you.  Seriously, thank you.

I’d also like to offer my thanks to all the others who’ve fought to better my life.  The Suffragettes who got me the right to vote, the Civil Rights Workers who fought to make my kids’ lives equal, the Social Reformers who improved factory conditions, the Scientists who developed modern medicine.  And today, I’d like to offer a special thanks to Mr. Edison and Mr. Tesla.  Thank you for electricity.

So what are you grateful for these days?  Don’t forget to include your email address in your comment so that I can send you a magical code for a free copy of The Cordovan Vault.  And comment generously, for every copy of the book I give a way, a copy goes to a soldier, too.  Thanks for hanging out with me and the next stop on the tour will be Sharon Gerlach’s blog.

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231 thoughts on “I Love Life in 21st Century America”

  1. The troops really deserve this! And I am honored to leave comment so a soldier can receive a book of their own to read!


    1. Thanks! I’m so excited to be participating…Anything we can do to make life a smidge easier for the troops is a great thing! Thanks.

  2. hi J! i have learned to be grateful for so many things the past couple of years. i have suffered a lot of losses but i am still here – alive and healthy. my Aunt told me that it takes little to live simply and she is right. so i am thankful for little things, big things, people from all walks of life – rich or poor, etc. i am thankful as well to all the brave men and women who help make our world a safer and a better place to live in.
    thanks to you as well for your contribution and for being a part of this tour. c”,)


    1. I think you are on to something there…being grateful is a much better outlook than being sad about the things we don’t have. And thank you for commenting!

    1. Thanks! I’m so happy to be part of this tour. I hope my book can give a soldier a few minutes of peace. Thanks for commenting!

    1. As am I. I’ll likely never really understand the sacrifice they make, but I’m hopeful that this will bring a few minutes of peace to someone who needs it. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Since reading is my very favorite pastime, I’m hopeful that my book can bring a few minutes of peace to somebody who really needs it.

    1. Yes, good health! I didn’t even think of that! Yes, I’m VERY grateful for my health…and that of my family. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

    2. Hi Krissie – I’ve tried sending the code for the free download to that email address, of course fixing the @ etc and it keeps bouncing back. Is there another email address I could use? Thanks, J

  3. Hi J,
    I’m grateful for many things, as you already mentioned above, but mostly for the brave men and women who wake up each and every morning at the front … on enemy lines … men and women who are willing to pay the ultimate price so that we could have the freedom we enjoy and often take for granted in the USA. I’m happy to comment so that they would get a free book, in fact, I would ask that you donate my copy to a service person as well. Thank you for honoring our troops.

    1. Thanks Gerri – I’ll pass the word on to the coordinators and see if there is a way to send additional copies. Thanks for your generosity! 🙂

    1. Yeah – health is a biggie! I hadn’t even considered that when I wrote the blog…if you send me your email address, I’ll forward a code for a free copy of my book. Thanks for participating!

  4. This is such a wonderful program! I’m so impressed with what you are doing for our service men and women.
    I relate to your storm stories: we had a lot of storm damage this year due to tornado outbreaks, and I’m glad my family is ok and the damage to our property is almost completely remedied.
    Although I do not have a specific soldier in mind, I would love it if you could donate a book to a soldier from your request list. Also, I’m looking forward to reading your book myself! Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!
    vickikeire (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Egads! I’ve never been through a tornado. They look scary! I’m glad you and yours are all ok…Your code will be on the way shortly – hope you like the book. And I’ll be sure one gets to somebody in the military too. Thanks!

  5. I’m grateful that my family is all in the same country again and everyone is doing well.
    Thank you for taking part in this tour and most of all thanks to all the members in our troops.

    andreagrendahl AT gmail DOT com

    1. I agree – it’s nice to have family close. Maybe not too close, but I was sure grateful for my mother-in-law. We crashed at her place and I came down with Bronchitis…she took charge of the kids and left me at the doctors. Hopefully, I’ll make as great a MIL someday! Thanks, J

  6. As a 24 year Vetran it is my honor to serve and I would be proud to do it all agian. Thank you for your support every little bit goes a long way. ryan.mills68(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Thanks so much for your post! I’m so glad you have power back–Ct seems to have been hit SO hard with weather emergencies in the last 8 weeks.

    What am i thankful for? That I have a nice status quo–fairly good health, wonderful pets, a great house, a husband who has some medical issues, but they’re not progressing. I’m thankful that I have the Internet, great books, good conversation, and the freedom to live my life as I see fit, within reason.

    I’m also so thankful for all of those who have served, and their families, who often struggle just as much.

    Thank you for posting this and reminding us just what we do have. I’d love to read your book. You can find me at DiNozzoGibbs@gmail.com

    1. Hi! Love your email address! Long time NCIS fan myself…I hope your husband takes a turn for the better and that you enjoy my book. Code coming at you soon. J

  8. Thank you for participating in this awesome cause 🙂

    I’m grateful for the fact that my parents will be visiting in a few days. Being from England and now living in America means I don’t get to see them but maybe once a year. I’m also grateful for my boys (though they do tend to drive me so far up the walls at times I find myself coming down the otherside)

    Again thank you for participating and I would be honored to receive a copy of The Cordovan Vault


    1. That’s got to be tough. I love that my parents and inlaws are about an hour away…close enough for frequent visits, but not so close that we have the pop-in…or over visiting… I hear you about boys – my two are crashing their trains into each other even as I type…sigh. Too soon they’ll be grown and won’t need me. Have fun with your family and your code is on the way. J

  9. I’m grateful for my family and that our car is fixed. 🙂 Hard to live in rural America with no way to get to town. Anyway, I am grateful for so many things, one of which includes the people who choose to serve our country. Thank you for supporting the troops.

    reikibirth at gmail dot com

    1. I hate it when the things you count on stop working…it’s sooooo aggravating! But I’m happy that you are moving again…Thanks for participating…J

  10. Thank you for being a part of this!! I’m grateful for all of my family and friends that are serving so that I can sit here and home blog-hopping to send them free books 🙂

    brittanyrose40 AT yahoo DOT com

    1. Thanks! I’d be happy to send you a free digital copy of my book if you send me your email address…either way – I’ll get one to the troops on your behalf…Thanks for participating…J

  11. I am very thankful to have a roof over my head, food and clean water in my belly, people who love me, and men and women who put their lives on the line for mine!

    nook_heartnsole at yahoo dot com

    1. Absolutely! I’d be happy to send you a free digital copy of my book if you’d send me your email address. Either way, I’ll get a copy out to the troops on your behalf. Thanks for participating! J

  12. I think you have a perfect answer of what to be grateful for, for electricity is definitely the engine of the 20th and 21st century! I wasn’t aware that there were still people without electricity still in Connecticut.

    Thank you for participating in this great tour, I look forward to reading your book!
    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

    1. I think everybody is finally back on line, but we absolutely had some folks out for almost 2 weeks! Yikes! Thanks for participating – your code is on the way…J

  13. Thankyou for participating on this tour. As it is snowing here, i have to say i’m thankful for electricity to keep us warm, and everything else we use it for. Thanks for giving away copies of your novel.

    1. I hope you and yours are bundled up! We’ve been back in the 60’s this week…I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book. Just send me your email address…Either way, I’ll get one to the troops on your behalf. Thanks, again! J

  14. First thank you, thank you for being a part of this wonderful tour. It is so nice to see that our troops are being given the credit they so certainly deserve.

    As the wife of a currently serving soldier, I am so very thankful for so many things. First of all my family, without who I wouldn’t get through this deployment. I’m thankful for all the men and women that serve this great country with such pride. I’m thankful for the many men and women that have given us computers and software that allow my husband and I to stay in contact as much as his time allows. Without that contact, I would be completely insane. Let me just say Skype is a God Send. Without Skype I wouldn’t be able to see my husband for six months to a year. Skype lets me not only hear that he is okay but also lets me see for myself that he is.


    My loving husband Jon,

    provert247 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Betty, Thank you for your sacrifice…as much as your husband’s! I can’t imagine getting through a week without my husband, let alone months to a year! Thank you, so very much. I’ll be sending the free code to both emails in a couple of minutes. You tell your hubby to feel free and pass that free coupon code around to as many of his buddies as might enjoy a bit of an escape! The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned! 🙂 J

  15. You’re right, we have so much and Heifer International is such a great cause. We support them every year. It’s nice to find someone else who does. We’ve never been able to give more than chickens and goats, but at least it helps.

    Thank you for being a part of this wonderful tour. I know how much this means to the men and women serving in our military.


    1. We decided last year to give Heifer Int’l gifts to all the adults on our Christmas list and I honestly think a few of the folks were more pleased to receive those gift card notes than a gift. We gave my inlaws a goat, my mom some chickens, my dad some bunnies. Friends got bee hives etc. I think we’ll be doing that again, or something similar this year…Thanks for participating today…your coupon code is on its way! J

  16. Great idea, J!

    As for being thankful. I am thankful that I live in a place where I can freely worship God, and I am thankful for the troops who lay down their lives for me to keep that freedom.

  17. Thanks for participating in the tour and donating books.

    I’m thankful for the things you mention and that I still have a job (at least through Aug. 2012).


    1. Thank you ! And I’ll put positive thoughts out there for your job to continue…or for you to get a better one when it ends! 🙂 J

  18. I’m thankful to the authors donating their books and time to this wonderful cause. I am so thankful to the men and women serving our country. Thanks so much for the opportunity to hop along picking up free books for me and for our brave soldiers.
    Lauriej170 at gmail dot com

  19. What an awesome thing you are doing for our troops! My husband was in the Navy and my mother-in-law and daughter were in the Air Force, so supporting our troops is a very personal thing for me:) Thanks so much for free book!
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  20. I am thankful for my mom, who did it all, all by herself, and my kids ( my 3 dogs and 6 cats) who love me unconditionally every single day and teach me the meaning of loyalty, my best friends, who are like the siblings I never had, and my god children!!! And very thankful for every soldier who sacrifices for me to have those things!! Thanks!!

    1. My mom did it on her own too….I don’t know how she did it! I’m a wreck by the time my hubby gets home from work. Thanks for participating! J

  21. I used to send care packages via ‘Books for Soldiers’, and this is an awesome way to continue that effort!

    I’m thankful for a warm home that I share with loving family and friends.

    1. WOW – that is a great program. I’d be happy to send you a free digital copy of my book if you’d like. Either way, a copy will go out to a service man/woman on your behalf. Thanks for participating! J

  22. I am grateful that my dad is home safe from his tour in Iraq. THANK YOU ALL TROOPE (past,present,and future) FOR YOUR SURVICE!!!!!!!

    1. Miranda, thank your Dad for me for his service. My family appreciates his, and your, sacrifice. I’d be happy to send you a free e-book if you send me your email address. Either way, a copy of the book will go to the troops on you behalf for commenting. Thanks, J

    1. Thanks for participating Quinn. The coupon code will be on its way shortly. You might like my book…main character’s name is Quinn. J

  23. Thanks to you for taking part in this Blog Tour de Troops. And thanks to them as well.
    I am grateful for being able to say those things.

    jandhj2 (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

    1. I know I take my freedom of speech for granted…never not had it. Hard to imagine living in a place where speaking your mind could lead to tough repercussions! Thanks for participating today. J

  24. Thank you for supporting our troops. I’ve sent quite a few books overseas for troops myself what a great way to show support

    1. Thank you for participating…I know reading is my very favorite escape from the challenges of my day…and my challenges are usually nothing like what our men and women in uniform likely see each day…J

    1. And thank you for participating! This is such a small thing for me to do to thank our service men and women for all that they do…J

  25. I am most grateful for health for both myself and my family. Thank you for supporting our troops through this blog tour.

    1. Thank you as well. I’m in relatively good health and take it for granted. Thanks for the reminder…and thanks for participating today. J

  26. I’m grateful for so many things this great country has to offer, and I’m always grateful for our troops serving to keep this country great! They sacrifice so much and ask for so little in return.

    1. Thanks Joe! I’ll follow up with the organizers and see how I can do that. Another commenter asked the same thing. Thanks for commenting today. J

  27. I am thankful for many things but it all comes back to the fact that I live in America and I wouldn’t have a lot of these things if I lived elsewhere. Thank you to all our troops past and present for all they have done.

    pefrw (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. Thanks for commenting Don. If you’d like a free e-book, I’d be happy to send one to you, just send me your email address. Either way, a copy will go to the troops on your behalf. Thanks, J

  28. I’m thankful for friends and family who helped me get through this summer with the support to keep me going. And I’m thankful that there are men and women who are out there ensuring our safety and freedom.


    1. Nancy – I hope the winter brings better things for you, and I couldn’t agree more about our service men and women. Thanks for commenting today! J

  29. I am grateful for being alive since have been disabled for almost 2- years to be able to spend time with my grandchild and great grandchildren. Here is my little story

    hi i am a War orphan from the Vietnam Era and i want to thank you so much for the support everyone is giving the soliders. Because when i was growing up we did not recieve any support and i pray that does never ever happen again because it was the hardest time for my mom left in a new city with no family and a house full of kids. I want you to know She Loved my Father so much she never Re-married or even dated.. He is one of the first sent over in 1962 never heard from again his whole group. So to this day know one but the govenment really know what happend All i want is to know what happened to all those men with my father and for every man and women to come back home safe.. Thanks Joannie jscddmj [at] aol [dot] com

    1. Joannie – thanks for sharing your story. I was just a child when the Vietnam War ended, but I’ve seen the movies and I hope that we never treat our soldiers that way again. Whether we believe in the politics that send the military to a place or not, it’s our duty to be grateful for their sacrifices when they get back. Thanks again, J

  30. Thank you for participating so the soldiers can have a book to read in their down time as little as that is.

    Your post about going without reminded me of my friend who as a marine over in Iraq kept telling me to send socks, powder, and deodorant because taking showers was a luxury where he was at. So we headed to Sam’s and bought many packages of socks for him and his buddies- light to ship too.


    1. Thanks for participating Sophia! And it just makes me sad, that our service men and women have to do without such basics. Hopefully, they will all be home soon, for a good long while. J

  31. I am grateful for time spent with my mom before she passed. I am grateful for having friends who came out of the woodwork to support me after her passing. I am grateful for the women in my life, including you, who by their mere presence show me again and again that I am not alone. Thank you for participating in this wonderful cause, and for giving back to the troops. Namaste, ~T


  32. Thank you for your support of our troops!

    I am thankful for the men and women of our military forces who ensure the freedoms I enjoy.

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

  33. I have actually been thinking about the long-term effects of practicing acts of gratitude, so your post is most timely. I came across a website via Maria Popova at Brain Pickings.org about a new site called Happy Rambles which encourages people to keep gratitude diaries. It is actually a very beneficial thing to do. I even wrote a post about it. Any, I enjoyed your perspective an thank you for contributing to this tour for the troops.

    Best wishes,

    D. M. Kenyon
    author at lotus blossom book dot com

    1. Thanks, I’ll check that out! I prefer to be positive and generally a glass-half-empty kind of gal, but I think it might be a good thing to spend a bit more time being grateful for what I do have…I’m not sure if that’s your email address there…clarify if you can and I’ll send out the coupon code for my free book. Either way, a copy will go to the troops on your behalf. Thanks, J

  34. I am thankful for good health and also for electricity and everything that’s related to it, like heat and e-mails, phones, Skype… They make it possible for me to talk to family and friends who live on other cities / countries. Otherwise I would only see some of them maybe once or twice a year.

    hellenlovesbooks at gmail dot com

  35. I’ve also had to deal with a week-long power outage recently. It was pretty cool (both figuratively and literally), and I got to reread a childhood favorite series of mine (Deltora Quest for those interested). Hope the soldiers enjoy the books they’re getting en mass :D! (and here’s hoping I used that word correctly :P)


  36. Thank you for supporting our troops this way (and I have to say that I’m going to enjoy it too). My father, husband and brother-in-law have all served or are currently serving and anything that supports our troops is near and dear to my heart.
    Thanks again,

    1. Thanks for participating! Hopefully, someone in our Armed Services who needs a little escape will find it in my book. Thanks, J

    1. Thanks Susan! I’d be happy to send you free digital copy of my book if you send me your email address. Either way, a copy will go to a soldier on your behalf. Thanks for participating! J

  37. I’m thankful for my children though with them being teenagers there are days I wonder why, LOL. Thank you for participating in this tour as it is a very good cause and I’m happy to see so many authors coming together to do something special for our troops. shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

  38. Hi, Thanks for being part of this event! I am thankful for so many things, and I know much would not be possible without the freedoms life in this country affords.
    nebby AT zoominternet DOT net

    1. Thanks for commenting! This is such a small thing for me to do, I hope someone who needs a few minutes of escape can find it in my story. Thanks, J

  39. Your book looks like a fantastic read. As for what I’m grateful for… every day that I can spend with my family – and the freedom to do so.
    Thank you for generosity and doing this for our troops!

  40. How incredible, J. Donating books to our troops is an honorable gift I applaud you for. I am very grateful to have my home. A place many across the world and even in the United States do not have. Here in Michigan, the homeless population has grown due to the unemployment rate, making it very difficult for social workers to lend our American federal aid to these suffering people. Some are women. Some are children. Our homeless shelters don’t always have room for them. So they are stuck on the street fending for themselve in tents, sleeping bags, or nothing at all. At thanksgiving I will surely say a pray for them.

    I tip my hat to you, J. May your blessing bestow many smiles to our troops. 🙂

    ~Joy Shaw~


    1. Joy, thanks for commenting! I’ve been reading a bit of your memoir lately and I just have to tell you that your incredibly horrific story is so beautifully told! Thank you for everything you are doing to increase awareness of the horrors in our own society. J

  41. Thanks J for doing this. I’ve already got my copy of the Cordavan Vault and loved it. I would like to donate some books to the troops. Tell me how to get in touch with the organization. I think Heaven Is For Heroes is the perfect book to give them.

    Thankful today for my health and home. Blessings!

    1. Thanks! You should follow up with Amber Scott at the Indie Book Collective…they are the organizers of this tour. And for commenting, a copy will go to the troops on your behalf. Thanks, J

  42. Thank you J. And I thank my mom for explaining how blessed I am to be an American and how she kissed the ground of gold here when she got off the ship from Russia in 1923. I have been on the mission field in Bangladesh and Africa and know 3rd world country life. How blessed we all are even when our conveniences get lost for awhile.

  43. Thank you so much for participating in this event and honoring our veterans on their day and giving to our troops the joy of a good book. I am also excited that by my participation I will be helping send a copy, as well as get to read it:) You are appreciated.


    1. Hi! My email with the coupon code bounced back undeliverable. Let me know if you have another email address you would like me to use. Thanks, J

  44. Hello! Thanks for the free read – I’m excited to read your book. Also, thanks for supporting our troops!!

    allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  45. This is a great blog tour. I’m happy to comment. I’m thankful that I’ve the freedom to be with my family and friends, thanks to the soldiers who guard our safety and freedom. And thank you for the giveaway.

  46. I am thankful for my husband…he was also in the Navy…is a great husband who goes beyond to make sure kids and I live the “cushy life”. He is a Fire Cptn and helps others constantly. I am thankful for my 3 kids..even the one who is a freshman in highschool…going well but I am the pessimist in this group….and the other 2 who make me nuts but I love. I am extremely thankful to all the military..with out them ..cushy life would not exisit. I only hope they can come home soon and enjoy it themselves.
    Thanks for doing this!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lindsey. I couldn’t agree more. I’d be happy to send you a copy of my book, just leave your email address. Either way, a copy will go to a soldier on your behalf. Thanks again, J

  47. I am thankful for so many things – but yesterday my daughter moved back to the same state as I live in and although I had to work all day (and most of the night) today, I am so thankful that now I will be able to spend time with her again without driving 13 hours!
    Thanks for being a part of this great giveaway. Sorry I am replying so late, I have only been home from work for a little while – LONG DAY! I am excited that a soldier will get this book too!
    Thanks again.

  48. My grandfather was in the Navy, so my love goes deep for the military. Thanks for your participation in the event!
    This year I unexpectedly lost my dad, then lost papaw, meanwhile I was in a wreck. These events seemed over whelming at the time, and I still feel that way at times… however I’ve managed to realize how wonderful my supportive network of family and friends are. Without them these losses would’ve been tragic.


  49. Until this year I had never had to live through more than a few hours without electricity, so I didn’t fully appreciate how dependant we American’s are on the current running through the wires that snake around the walls & ceilings of our houses. Luckily for my family, even the 2 days we were without power was’t real hard because the power outage only covered a few miles & I was able to drive to the next town to take a shower at the YMCA & there were lots of restaurants open, so we didn’t have to eat room temp food out of cans. Still, there isn’t much you can do when the sun goes down if you are without power, so we got lots of sleep, since there was no internet or TV to keep us up late.

    Thanks for all you are doing to help make the off duty hours of our troops more enjoyable.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

    1. yup – my little ones are up with the sun anyway…but they did get to sleep a bit earlier. And I found myself wasting less time in the afternoon, since we had to get stuff done before the sun went down. Your coupon code is on the way – Thanks for participating! J

  50. I am thankful for you and people like you, who think of others and actually do something beneficial.
    May many blessings come your way!

    1. Thanks Francine! I’d be happy to send you an e-book if you’d like. Just send me your email address. Either way, a copy will go to the troops on your behalf. Thanks, Jen

  51. You make me smile and even laugh out loud…I too love indoor plumbing to much to live in dark ages…I think my refridge is pretty good as well…oh yeah this computer….oh and my phone…and well HV/AC….and …. Thank you for the twitter follow and I look for many more great posts!!!

  52. My father was born on veterens day and I lost him 13 years ago so this day has always held twice the meaning for me. I want to thank the troops for their dedication including my cousin Danny and dear friend Yves and also tell my father I love him and miss him dearly. I wish he were here to see his new grandson. This little boy brings me joy like I’ve never known. 2vr.iver@gmail.com

  53. There’s so much to be thankful in this beautiful world of ours. Here’s just some of mine the phone ( my family all live in Nebraska and Illinois ). My neighbors who surround me in love because of being separated from my family. My books that when I need to leave this world for a little bring me to different worlds and I get to meet different people.
    My dog and cat who like to snuggle with me while I visit these worlds. My husband who I think about all day and night and spoils me rotten.

    And my Son-in-law, Jeff, my Uncle and my vet who have fought in different parts of this world so I can have all the things I wake up grateful for every day!
    And thank you for all your hard work for this memorial!

  54. I’m grateful for so many things but overall when I climb into bed at night I’m grateful for my husband, my health, our cats and our home. As much as I love my laptop, books, TV, music etc, the arms of a loved one and a safe place will always come top of the list.

    And that’s why I’m so grateful to the troops because they are so far away from those things so if a little music, reading, sweet treat can help brighten the day for just one second, then I’m grateful for that too.

    Thanks for a great post.

  55. I agree with you electricity is a convienence I can’t imagine living without. Thanks for supporting our troops this way. I am sure a soldier would love a good book to escape to while they are away from their families protecting out freedom.
    Thanks again
    Linda Meza


  56. I’m thankful that there’s another Tour de Troops!! Can’t wait to see if there’s more comments than Memorial Day! What a great way to give our troops a little escape in a book while they are away from home and at war. Thanks IndieBookCollective!! Thanks for the free book – can’t wait to read your story!

    I would like the troop book to go to my cousin Zachary Neer serving in the United States Army in Afghanistan.

    missyebookmail (AT) mediacombb (DOT) net

  57. Thanks to those who serve, their families – and to everyone participating in this tour. What a wonderful way to support the troops!

    beritlemons AT gmail DOT com

  58. Hi,

    Thanks for being part of the tour.

    To all of the women & men of the military, thank you for everything you do, the sacrifices you make, and for keeping our country safe! To the families of those in the military, thank you for the sacrifices you make each and every day.


  59. thanks for doing this. As an army veteran of multiple deployments, I can assure you that reading provides sanity and a chance to explore worlds outside the dust/rain/dirt of the present un-fun. With the advent of eBook readers it has become even easier to read, try new authors and to feel less cut off from the world.

    sincerely – Holly (prosekniticATyahooDOTde)

    1. Thank you for your service! Your book code is on the way. Feel free to share it with all of your current and former military friends. J

  60. My dad was a WWII vet and landed at Omaha Beach on D-day. He didn’t live quite long enough to go on one of the Honor Tours and he didn’t talk about the war but he looked very dashing in the pictures. : ) I’m thankful he made it home from the war or I wouldn’t be here. I’m also thankful that most of the interstates and bridges that were damaged during the Missouri flooding this spring/summer are just about fixed and sorry for all the people that didn’t get any government aid while their homes were being ruined.
    Thanks for the book and thanks for supporting our troops
    OmahaUrbanec AT aol Dot com

  61. Thank you so much for supporting our troops and for participating in this blog tour. I’m thankful I have my family around me.

    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot com

  62. I’m grateful for family, friends and good health. I’m also grateful for heat, a roof over my head, a warm bed and a job.
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    -Jessica B

  63. Hi,
    I’m thankful to these brave men & woman who make up our Armed Service to keep us where we can have Religious Freedom not be under dictator rule. I ‘m thankful for all the authors who participated in the blog. What a way to honor the service people.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  64. This is such a great idea. Glad it is being repeated for Veterans Day. The thing I am most grateful for is that I was born in this country, healthy and into a financially stable family. We have no control over what situation we were born into & some people have such hardships to overcome. I am not any more deserving than others, just incredibly lucky to have all the opportunities that I have been given. Thanks to all our service people and their families for their sacrifices. And thanks to the IBC for allowing us to get free books & making this forum for us to express our gratitude to the troops.
    ackleybj {at} verizon {dot} net

  65. Hi,

    Sorry to bother you, but I didn’t receive my coupon code for your book “The Cordovan Vault”. Thank you again for being part of the tour, it was fabulous!


    1. Hi! Sorry for the delay. I hadn’t gotten the code out to folks who responded after the 12th…but it’s out now. You should have it in your email bin. Thanks again, J

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