You’ve Got a Friend in Me…

Happy Friday everyone! Casey Wyatt here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. And for those of you participating in Black Friday, good shopping!

All week, the Scribes have been sharing their thoughts on Thanksgiving.  I’ll let you in on a secret, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love a day that is focused on family and food, but not obsessed with gift giving. Can’t beat that combination.

One thing I love about Thanksgiving is the holiday movie season. My family loves movies. In fact, my husband and I met while employed at a movie theater.

Many studios love to release their big holiday films the day before Thanksgiving. And in 1999, Pixar released Toy Story 2. We were all huge fans of Woody, Buzz and the gang and because we wanted to beat the crowds, hubby and I decided to take the kids Thanksgiving morning.

Seriously, going to the movies on a major holiday is not big on people’s to do list. Trust me, as a former theater employee who used to work holidays, I speak the truth.

I called my mother and told her about my plan. We’d go to the very first show and get to her house in time for dinner. And then I waited for her reaction. I mean, who puts Toy Story 2 ahead of Thanksgiving?Well, instead of balking, she was ecstatic. She and her best friend (also my kids’ Godmother) would meet us there. I don’t know why I was surprised. My mom is a card-toting member of the Woody fan club and there was no way she wanted to fight the crowds either.

That morning we arrived at the theater and the six of us camped out in prime seats: center aisle – not too far down and not too far up. As expected, there was barely anyone in the theater with us.  The kids were happy. They had popcorn, drinks, and candy my mother had snuck in for them. My youngest, only four at the time, was so light-weight my husband had to hold his seat down, otherwise, the poor kid would’ve been trapped like a human accordion.

The lights went out and we were all giddy with excitement. This was an “event” –  all of us watching the movie together. Right then and there, I was so grateful to have such a wonderful family. My mom is the coolest person in the world. She’s never lost her child-like sense of wonder and I should have known, out of everyone I knew, she’d be up for something different.

The movie was an incredible story (Pixar has the best  writers in the world) and we all loved it. I don’t really remember the rest of the day. I know we had turkey and all the fixings. My brother probably laughed at us for going to a movie that morning.

But deviating off the traditional holiday path, got us all thinking. What if….?

So we made plans for Thanksgiving 2000. We would all travel to Walt Disney World on Thanksgiving morning.

And did we all go? You bet we did. But that is a post for another day!

What non-traditional ways have you spent the holidays? Have you ever wanted to ditch the normal routine and try something completely different? Enquiring Scribes want to know.

19 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend in Me…”

  1. Timely post, my dear Casey. I had one of the most unconventional Thanksgivings to date. Being too sick to travel I was home alone for the holiday as my family travelled a few days earlier and I was supposed to join them after work. Not so.

    Instead, I spent my holiday with Thanksgiving food delivery serviced by a friend and a family member, watched movies, worked on my WIP, snoozed and snacked on chocolate all day. Its going down as one of the most memorable Thanksgivings ever because it taught me what I should be most thankful for…good health.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that!! Sounds like you made the best of a bummer of a situation! And you are so right, to steal a quote from “The Princess Bride” – you haven’t got anything, if you don’t have your health.

  2. The first year I moved to California I found myself alone at Thanksgiving. Oh, I had friends, but Southern California is hugely transient, so most of them were going out of the area to have Thanksgiving with friends.

    Two other friends found themselves in the same boat. We were young, single, and all lived in Studio apartments, where we had mini-kitchens and no dining rooms. So we packed a picnic basket of gourmet goodies. There was no stuffing, turkey, or mashed potatoes on the menu — I remember caviar, shrimp, exotic cheeses and charcuterie featuring heavily. We threw in a couple of bottles of champagne (there is a possibility that marijuana may also have been involved) and went to Venice Beach and set up a feast.

    It turned out that a lot of VB’s well known odd-ball characters are also not the traditional Thanksgiving sort, so there were still plenty of street performers and artists, and the muscle beach crazies don’t take days off. We got pleasantly buzzed on champagne and walked around gawking like tourists.

    I spoke to one of those friends recently and he told me that our gourmet picnic at Venice Beach is still one of his favorite holiday memories.

  3. I’m in sunny Pasedena, California right now visiting my sister. 75 degrees and loving it! Yesterday we cooked and baked the whole spread. Everything was homemade down to the cream of mushroom soup for the green bean casserole. Not to mention turkey stock for the stuffing. I’ll be here until Tuesday so we have days of shopping and other fun activities planned. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, Casey!

  4. Growing up, movies on Thanksgiving became a tradition. After everything was eaten and cleaned up, we all would pile in the car and go see a movie. I loved that! Now with two families to celebrate with, that tradition had ended. I miss it though. Perhaps, now that the kids are getting older, we can bring it back.

  5. I always thought movies on Thanksgiving was a tradition for many. It is not one of my Thanksgiving traditions, however. My wish is to one day go to NY for the Macy’s parade (it’s on my bucket list). Like Toni, I lived in California for a while and although they do have Thanksgiving feasts, they are more laid back and do things a little differently. Have you ever cooked a turkey on the grill?

  6. I want to go to Disney world for Halloween sometime. I’ve heard they do a super fun version of the Headless Horseman…

    1. That would be awesome. I’m not sure if they still do it, but for a while one of the Disney Magic Kingdoms was switching the Haunted House to a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I would love to see that!

      And Disney was fun for Thanksgiving too. We actually got to see the Main Street Electrical Parade which, up until that time, had been at Euro Disney. I had never seen it before and it was amazing.

  7. I loved the Toy Story movies too. I’ll bet your boys remember that day. Nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit!

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