I’m Telling it From My Mountain

Merry Christmas! Katy Lee here, and yes, I am telling it from my mountain—Jesus Christ is born! It’s Christmas day, and I know many of you have special plans with your loved ones. Perhaps you are traveling or maybe you are having a quiet day at home, but wherever you are, I pray your day will be filled with peaceful blessings and beautiful memories, and I thank you for stopping by the Scribes to spend a moment with us too. You have blessed us in doing so.

Now, no matter how many times I tell myself every year that I am going to focus on the real reason of the season, I still have to face a mountain of things to do—and I don’t mean the mountain of laundry that is growing in my laundry room. Some things I have to let go of during this week and that is one of them, especially with the clock ticking down to midnight and the many other things taking precedent. Now, I won’t go through that list because I know you all have a similar one of your own, and maybe your mountain is even higher than mine, but when December 25th strikes everything stops. That mountain is left where it is standing whether I like it or not.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s in this moment where I have to drop the things that didn’t get done because I have a guest, and my guest deserves my undivided attention. Christmas is my yearly reminder that God, my Creator, couldn’t spend another moment without me. He loved me so much that he came to the earth to be with me, and let me tell you, He is the perfect guest and the perfect host. He is the perfect gift. He is my Emmanuel—God with us. And He is yours too.

The Unlocked Secret: It’s Christmas. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get everything done. Go ahead and drop those incomplete lists right where they are. It’s okay if they make a mountain. Let it be your mountain to go tell the story on.


8 thoughts on “I’m Telling it From My Mountain”

  1. The mountain will surely be there tomorrow. Thankfully, God will also be there to help us tackle it. I agree Katy. Today is a day to spend with our Creator. Rejoicing, reflecting, and renewing our relationship. May the joy and peace of the season bring you many blessings, Sister!

    Shouting out to all my Scribes sisters and friendly readers, Merry Christmas to all and a safe, healthy, and productive New Year!

  2. Hi Katy, very nice article. You’re not the onlky one with a mountain of laundry. 🙂 Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with God’s grce and love.

  3. Missed yesterday, too busy celebrating the real reason for the season with the family in New Jersey. I have noticed that anything you don’t do, waits until you can do.

    Katy, blessed lady, your turn ended up on Jesus’ birthday. I hope your day was filled with many blessings.

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