Will the Real Mrs. Jeter Please Stand Up? Interview with Avery Flynn

How’s your first week of 2012 going, Scribe friends?  We’ve got a special treat for you today.  Please welcome AVERY FLYNN, author of UP A DRY CREEK and the just-released A DRY CREEK BED. 

A Dry Creek Bed

First, let’s get this Derek Jeter thing out of the way.  Who is the real Mrs. Jeter — you or Kristan Higgins?  Can you prove it?

First, thanks so much for having me! The scribes are my morning tea tradition so it’s really exciting to be a part of it. Yeah! OK, now on to me and my sweetie pie, Derek.

Well, I hate to break Kristan’s heart, but yeah it’s pretty much Avery and Derek forever. We’ve had to keep our marriage a secret for years, hiring actresses to act as a cover. Recently, I finally relented to Derek’s begging that we come out in the open. Do I have proof? Of course. Here’s one of my favorite shots (see attached).

What a stunning couple!!!

P.S. Don’t tell my husband. He’s a good Catholic boy and the bigamy would send him straight to the confessional.

How do you battle the Doubt Monster–the nagging feeling that your prose is terrible, your plot is silly, your characters are insipid, and no one would read your drivel, let alone buy it?  What are your secrets for conquering Doubty, or have you ground him to dust under your stilettos?

The Doubt Monster blows, he’s sort of like the mother from Everybody Loves Raymond sitting on your shoulder criticizing your chicken parm. However, I try to look at Doubty as a motivator pushing me to get my butt back in the chair, stop deleting every other word, to work on craft and – most importantly – suck it up and write.

Have you thought about writing something that is completely different for you?  Perhaps writing in a new genre or just taking a story someplace that you haven’t done before?

All the time! I have a story rolling around the old noggin right now that has a paranormal twist and no sex. Ha! Just kidding. My stories will always have sex, I’m kind of obnoxious that way.

What is the most surprising thing that has happened in your writing career?

Getting published. No really. Every time I hit send on a submission my heart is in my throat, I worry it was all a fluke and they’re going to say, “Thanks, but this sucks.” It’s the author version of stage fright, but the upside is that the acceptance is always that much sweeter.

A DRY CREEK BED is your latest release. Can you tell us a little bit about it, as well as the first book in the series, UP A DRY CREEK?

Sure! The Dry Creek series is a steamy romantic suspense series set in fictional Dry Creek, Nebraska.

In A DRY CREEK BED, readers discover Beth Martinez still mourning the deaths of the grandparents who raised her after her parents died in a car accident. Beth has seen her share of tragedy, including having the dream of starting her own family ripped away from her. Though quietly in love with Hank for years, she knows they’ll never be together. Hank, now the Sheriff of Dry Creek County and divorced from his first wife who lied to him about her desire to have children, wants a family, something Beth can never have and can’t give him. Despite their mutual desire for each other and Hank’s determination to pursue her, she manages to keep him at a distance.

All Beth has left of her family is the home built by her grandfather. So when a mysterious developer makes an offer on the property, she refuses. Soon she’s receiving threats and can no longer hide what’s happening from Hank. Forced together by circumstances, it becomes harder and harder for them to rein in their passion. Suddenly, the stakes go higher. Coercion turns into murder and it’s up to Beth and Hank to uncover who wants the land and why—before they both end up dead.

In UP A DRY CREEK, Claire Layton expects the usual busy Saturday night at Harvest Bistro to be killer on her stiletto shod feet. She never imagines there’d be an actual murderer on the loose at her restaurant in rural Dry Creek, Nebraska. But when she discovers a customer dead in a dumpster, the killer demands she find the victim’s phone and flash drive or face fatal consequences.

Jake Warrick, a cocky and mind-numbingly hot private investigator, becomes Claire’s unlikely ally in the search. Jake just wants to solve the case and get out of this hick town, but the diminutive and curvaceous Claire turns his plan upside down as they uncover a more complex crime than they ever imagined. The two bicker and banter like Tracy and Hepburn caught in a whirlwind of intense sexual attraction as they try to find the killer before it’s too late.

I just finished UP A DRY CREEK and loved it!  What’s next for you? Can you give us a hint about your next novel? The Scribes love secrets!

I’m hard at work on High and Dry Creek (are you noticing a pattern here?), which is Sam Layton’s story. And let me tell you, he’s really met his match in Josie Winarsky, a tall, platinum blonde, tattooed painter who is hell bent on finding a long-buried treasure. With Sam at her side and a Las Vegas loan shark’s muscle hot on her trail, the treasure she finds turns out to be much more valuable than emeralds and rubies.

They say that every author has a partially completed, quite-possibly-terrible half a story shoved in a drawer somewhere.  What is yours?  What is it about?  What makes it terrible?  Would you ever consider picking it up and finishing it?

Well now I feel like a freak because I don’t. UP A DRY CREEK was the first book I sat down to write and I was lucky enough to have it published. Now are there a lot of crazy pants ideas rolling around in my head. Oh yeah. I’m still working out the details for a story about a superhero who had a brain transplant and is battling steampunk pirates.

I would totally buy that one!  Be sure to let us know when it’s ready.  Do you have a word or grammar-related pet peeve?

Yes! Those (&%^&*&^%$% people who are so in love with alliteration they misspell words. I’m looking at you Karl’s Krazy Kars.

What is your junk food of choice?

Oreo cookies – I can eat an entire bag myself in an evening and have done so many, many times, which is why I don’t let them in my house.

What’s the most dangerous or risky thing that you’ve done?

Getting out of bed. 🙂 OK, I’ll be serious for a moment. I have to say falling in love. I grew up the child of several divorces. My dad died when I was in first grade. To say I didn’t have strong male role models or healthy examples of relationships in my formative years is putting it mildly. So, when I met my dashing fellow it was not a pretty transition to admitting I was in love. There was a lot of ugly crying freak outs on the phone with my friends. Right around this time I got fired from my first post-college job and I had to move across the country for a new one. The day I moved, I left behind a letter to my honey letting him know that even though we weren’t going to be together any more that he had changed my life for the better. I’d barely crossed the state line before I got the call from him declaring his love. We’ve been together for 15 years and married for 12. We have three crazy kids, two ancient dogs and an entire lifetime still to spend together. Have to say falling in love was a risk that paid off big time.

Awww!  I love that story!  So romantic!  What is your guilty pleasure? {Remember: this is a PG-rated blog! }

Watching TMZ – yes, I am deeply ashamed about this. Also, pretending to sleep on Saturday mornings while my three kids reenact Star Wars battle scenes in the living room.

Avery Flynn

Thanks for being here today, Avery.  Scribe Peeps, you can follow Avery here:

Avery Flynn
Twitter: @averyflynn
And you can buy Avery’s books here:

16 thoughts on “Will the Real Mrs. Jeter Please Stand Up? Interview with Avery Flynn”

  1. Hi Avery!! Nice to have you hear at the Scribes as a guest. I don’t know though – staking claim as Derek Jeter’s wife vs. Kristan…..them’s fighting words.

    Why did you choose to go the digital press route? And have you found it to be a positive experience?

    1. Yep that’s me, I come in and taunt the home team. 🙂

      Thanks so much for having me here. The digital press route was the best option for me because I write shorter novels (around 60,000) which in the print world means limited publisher choices. The feedback I was getting went along the lines of: great book, great voice, but it’s a funny, sexy romantic suspense and that doesn’t fit into the strict category requirements. Going with a digital publisher – who often are more open to books that don’t fit nicely into one category – was the perfect option for me because it let my books be what they needed to be.

      The digital route has been positive, but like anything there are challenges. For instance, getting noticed in the vast sea of books without a promo department or big six publisher behind you. But the digital route is one I’d recommend any author investigate.

  2. Welcome Avery. I hear you when you talk about that terrifying moment when you hit send to submit your book to editors. It feels like that when I finally upload a book to all those distribution channels. Eeek! it’s out there and someone (everyone) might hate it! It is like stage fright. Good to know I’m not alone.


  3. Yeah, right, Avery. First of all, I would never prostitute my darling husband by posting photos of the two of us online. Second of all, well…there is no second of all. But I have had not one, not two, but THREE dreams THIS YEAR ALONE in which Derek and I were married. So suck it up, sister. Mine. Will wrestle you (and win) for him.

    1. I do believe only a cage match can solve this. I’ll meat you in the octagon. You’ll know it’s me because Derek will be in my corner. 🙂

      Does an octagon have a corner? Yep, am author not math whiz.

      1. And you will know it’s me because Derek will escort me out of the octagon and I will step not-so-delicately over your body. And then he and I will go to Mariano’s steak house for dinner.

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