Whip It Good!

Happy Friday everyone! Casey Wyatt here.

Last holiday (2010), I received a Nook for Christmas. One of the first books I downloaded was Shauna Cross’ young adult novel – WHIP IT. I had seen the movie and loved it! And the book was just as good (so I highly recommend both).  Shauna actually competed in roller derby using the name Maggie Mayhem. She also wrote the movie’s screenplay which, in my opinion, resulted in the book and movie being so good!WHIP IT re-introduced me to the sport of roller derby. Some of you may remember roller derby matches back on TV, where the skaters competed on a raised track and knocked each other into the rails. The story does a great job portraying that world – with awesome derby names like Babe Ruthless! And the teams – The Hurl Scouts or the Holy Rollers-  how could you not love that??

I’d heard that roller derby had made a comeback, but it wasn’t until my friend CLTracy invited me to a roller derby match that I actually witnessed it. My husband and I had a blast watching the CT Roller Girls – Stepford Sabotage take on their opponent – Suburban Brawl.

Unlike the movie, modern roller derby uses a flat track, but it was fast paced, intense and a boat load of fun. And there was more than just skating. They had local vendors selling cupcakes, clothing, speciality sodas, raffle prizes and more.

All the skaters have their own derby names, including the officials. For more information on the rules of roller derby, check out the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

Needless to say, hubby and I were smitten with roller derby. Finally, we had discovered a sport that didn’t cost a ton of money (about the price of a movie ticket) and I could (mostly) follow the rules and understand what was happening.

Happily, we were able to attend another match in November with a larger group of friends. We brought camp chairs and sat ringside.  Again, we had a blast. I even won the grand raffle prize which included an awesome Stepford Sabotage t-shirt with the big cupcake logo!

If you have a local roller derby team, check them out. Ticket prices are reasonable and it’s a family friendly sport.

In the spirit of roller derby – what would your roller derby name be? And have you ever attended roller derby? Or another fun sport?

40 thoughts on “Whip It Good!”

  1. What fun Casey. I do remember the roller derby and the women being rough and tough. I have never seen one in person, but I love tennis. That’s my sport. And I am married to a great player. But now that I am bionic, I don’t get to play to often, but I still love to watch.

  2. Fun post, Casey. Let me know the next time you guys are going. I’d love to check it out. As far as names go, I’ could be “Hot Wheels”, “Bumper Babe,” or maybe “Queen Ya Cheata.” Okay…it’s way too early for this.

    1. Those are all good names PJ! I think the season starts in April. There are also a couple of derby leagues in MA. Hubby and I will be looking into those more seriously this year since there is one that is closer to us. Not that I don’t love the CT gals…

      1. Well if you fancy it, the CT RollerGirls are back to action Saturday March 31st! It’ll be a doubleheader with both the Stepford Sabotage and Yankee Brutals taking on other teams. Maybe we’ll see you then!

        Girl Fawkes

      2. Girl Fawkes – thanks for stopping by!! A double header – sweet! Several of the commenters today (me included) were at the November double header. We had a great time. You ladies ROCK!

  3. I LOVE roller derby—you know that. It was so much fun being there with you guys to witness my new fave spectator sport. I’m torn between two roller names a.) Southern Discomfort or b.) The Honey Basher. Which one do you like?

  4. The Roller Derby was SO much fun! My husband and teenage son and I went, and turns out my husband knew the father of one of the roller girls (C. Mya Rage), so we had someone specific to root for. Whenever I think about it, though, I can’t get that Jim Croce song out of my head (ooh! Round and round!) My Roller Derby name is JamJam Thankyama’am.

    1. I love your name!! I think I finally have one for me (funny how I can name characters in all my books, but can’t think of a name for me!). My derby name is:
      Little Miss ‘Tuff It!

  5. Love this post, Casey! I know we already talked about WHIP IT at some point, but I’m keen to read the book now, having not known the movie was based on it. And I enjoyed the movie very much!

    We have the Cincinnati Roller Girls here in my neck of the woods, and I’ve been wanting to go see them for quite a while. Hopefully we can make that happen this season.

    As for a name…hmmm…my mind goes immediately to my nickname in high school, which was Sister Christian. I went to an all-girl Catholic high school, and one of my rebellious friends gave that to me because she thought I was a goody goody. So I’m thinking something Sister Slasher might be good for roller derby. I could wear my old uniform skirt! LOL!

    1. Indeed we did talk about WHIP IT, I hope you get a chance to read it someday. And, if you decide to go to a roller derby bout, please let me know if you enjoyed it!

      And your name Sister Slasher – terrific! Only problem – now I have that Sister Christian song stuck in my head!!

  6. Nope, I’ve never attended a roller derby match. Nor have I heard much about that sport. I’ll have to check out where I can see one here in Michigan. And I guess if I had to invent a name it would be Hot Off The Presses

  7. I think I want to be Gladiator Gerri the Waterbury Warrior! My most favorite sport is ice hockey so I like all the slamming, elbowing and fast skating. Count me in the next time all y’all go to Roller Derby.

    1. Yay Toni! I mean Dirty Kitty box – the new season starts in the Spring. I’m on their mailing list so as soon as they publish the new season, we schedule a date to go.

      1. M.T. Sleeve – Thank you so much for stopping by with the inside scoop! Well, ladies – you heard it directly from a CT Roller Girl – whose up for a trip at the end of March?

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