Sulu? No Mr. Spock…Hulu!

Hi everybody!  J here.  I just discovered a cool website that lots of people have known about for a long time.  Call me J-on-the-spot.  Last Saturday, I blogged about my new favorite TV show: Once Upon a Time.  Click here to read it if you missed it. 

Well, after writing the post, I wanted to go back and watch the beginning again, but I couldn’t get the video to play on  My sister-in-law turned me on to Hulu!  It’s only been around since 2007…I know, I’ve got my finger right there on the pulse of the net, huh?  But, since I didn’t know about it, I thought some of you faithful fan might not either.

Hulu offers streaming video of TV shows and things sponsored by advertising, just like TV, but you can watch whenever is convenient for you.  Revolutionary!  So check out and you can watch the pilot, and all the episodes, of Once Upon a Time.  You’ll be all caught up by Sunday.  Unless, you are watching something else this Sunday…can’t think of what it might be…

Today’s secret: I found a new-to-me website out there.

Today’s question: What new sites/apps have you found lately that have been helpful?  If you missed Suz’s post about Evernote you can check that out, too. 


7 thoughts on “Sulu? No Mr. Spock…Hulu!”

  1. Hulu — I’ve heard of it and sort of knew what it was, but I haven’t checked it out. I shall do so immediately (or as immediately as I can!). NOT that I should, ahem, be watching TV, based on the plethora of projects awaiting me 🙂 Thanks, J Baby.

  2. I’ve heard of it too but haven’t had the need to check it out (or the time). It’s a brilliant idea and I’m sure it gets a ton of traffic.

    I LOVE Once Upon A Time. The casting really makes the show. I love those flashbacks to story land where you get to see how all of your favorite fairy tale characters came to be.

    As far as new apps go, my husband is having a blast with IMovie on his Mac. He’s taking all the old videos that he’s shot and making outragous films out of them. I especially like the one where he has me braving the elements and looking like I’m about to go over a waterfall in my kayak. That one is going on my youtube channel!

  3. Hi J,
    I love that show too. Isn’t Hulu great? You can watch a lot of old shows too. Have you ever watched Grimm on Friday Nights? OMG … the first show gave me nightmares, but it’s really good.

    1. I jumped into Tera Nova this year – loved it. And I’m already hooked on NCIS, Mentalist, Fringe…all in all I’m watching too much TV! So I haven’t seen Grimm, I saw the pilot but decided to pick OUaT…similar premise with different takes on it, yes?

  4. I’ve heard of Hulu. My daughter is a faithful user, keeps telling me to use it. I rarely watch tv, but I think Hulu would be an excellent option to fit into MY schedule if I forget to DVR my few faves. I also love the idea of watching shows back-to-back–especially shows like Once Upon a Time. 🙂

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