The Cover of REAL VIRTUE is Revealed

Hello, Katy Lee here. This week I passed the next milestone to publication. After months of waiting on bated breath to see how the graphic artist of my publishing company envisioned my story, my book cover came in. YAY!

It took me three months to write Real Virtue, and then a year and a half to sell it. All that time I had some ideas of what my story would look like. I thought maybe a split-face on the cover would be intriguing; half avatar, and half real life. But that might make the story look too game-like, and that’s not the whole premise of the book. It’s not just about a virtual reality game, but also a discovery of what really matters…and let’s not forget the romance, and the hero’s role in all this. Without Jeremy, Mel would still be locked up in a fake world, missing out on the blessings that awaited her in her real life.

When I was asked to give the artist some ideas of what the story was about, I rattled off a bunch of things that I’m sure baffled her completely. But she didn’t just ask me what I like to see on covers. She also asked what I don’t like to see on them. And in the end, I think she summed it up very well.

So, without further ado, here’s Real Virtue…

And just so you know, the key is part of the game; the tree…well, come April 4th, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

The Unlocked Secret: Receiving the cover of your book is one of the most exciting things that will happen to you as a writer. If you haven’t completed your manuscript yet, let this motivate you to keep at it. You could be next!

Question: What do you or don’t you like to see on a cover?


30 thoughts on “The Cover of REAL VIRTUE is Revealed”

  1. Sweet! It screams inspiration and mystery–i love the key graphic and it was a good move putting the teaser line all in one place. Nice job.

  2. It’s lovely. Congratulations. You must be so excited!!! I haven’t given much thought to my covers yet. There will be time enough for that when the time comes.

  3. Pretty! And very intriguing – it has my interest. I generally don’t like to see faces on covers. Ironic because two of my covers have faces. Lol! But I like to imagine what the characters look like for myself.

  4. I can’t wait to read the final copy! So excited for you…you worked hard, and God has blessed you for it. Congratulations.

  5. Love the cover! Absolutely makes me want to dive in. Cannot wait to read the book. I will choose it for my book club….maybe you can be a surprise guest.

  6. Thank you, everyone!

    It’s definitely growing on me. What a nail-biting experience waiting for it to come in, though. You have no idea what it will look like. 🙂

  7. Katy, my dear niece — I am so happy for you! Intriguing cover!
    Good Luck with its publication! —-Love, Aunt Joanie :0)

  8. Oh, it’s wonderful…the tree with the swing… I love it! Thank goodness there are no people. Thank you for sharing,

  9. Katy Sweetheart!!! Mom and I are overjoyed with your Literary success now more promising than ever, and I cannot wait to open the front cover to ” Real Virtue ” to discover whats inside. The Book Jacket is a Winner Katy Dear, you must be so Proud of your accomplishment!
    Mom and Dad

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