What I Do When I’m Supposed to be Writing…

Hey, there Scribes fans! Jamie here, doing double blog duty this week. I’ve been seeing a lot of photo blogs lately and thought I would give it a try. I always think I never have time to do things but when I sat down to think about it, I realized I did. I’m a huge time waster and instead of telling you what I waste time on I thought I’d show you.

These are the things I do when I should be plugging away at my latest manuscript.

1. Discover the urgent need to paint my nails.

2. Decide I need to be glitter-rific3.Decide I don’t want to be glitter-rific anymore.

4. Get a stupid chip.

5. Paint them again, but a different color this time and in the process waste two hours.

6. Another day, I feel the pressing need to hand wash all dishes in the sink.

7. After that, I have to call my parents’ house to talk to the puppy. Yes, puppies need good conversation too.

8.Pick a book from my to be read pile.9. Ponder which one of my darlings was playing with my camera. (Grumble, grumble)

I also:

Play on Facebook.

Obsessively check my email.

Cruise QueryTracker.

Plan my outfit for tomorrow.

The only thing I don’t do is write. Bad writer!!!

Your turn. What sorts of things do you do to avoid writing?


22 thoughts on “What I Do When I’m Supposed to be Writing…”

  1. You naughty girl!! I love the picture of the eyeball!! Wonder which of your chicklets did it. Great post Jamie. I bet if someone followed us with a camera, we’d be caught doing similar things. I almost never have dirty dishes in my sink for the same reason!

  2. hmmm…I almost always have dirty dishes in the sink…even 2.5 minutes after washing them all, another one shows up or someone eats something. And I always have laundry to be done, at least one load…I’m not a very good housekeeper…but I do find things to suck up my time…I volunteer at the kids school a lot…I obsessively balance my checkbook…yesterday I watched Moneyball…there’s always something to do other than write…

  3. Scrabble, checking Amazon sales reports, FB, Twitter, updating my Playlist on my website, “researching” on the net, and if I’m desperate to escape my WIP, I’ll clean house, walk the dog, brush the dog, play with the dog…clearly Zak is the problem.

    Nice nails, Jamie!

  4. Love the post Jamie. Chuckle, chuckle. I do similar things, like cleaning, my house has never been cleaner, thank goodness for my writing and my art. I gave up doing my nails b/c I paint. The painting slaughters my nails, even with gloves on. Your nails are lovely, but your eyeball takes the cake. Pardon the cliche. Thanks for your dedication and double duty.

  5. Jamie, that was cool. I think I may have to try a photo blog. What I do to be distracted from writing? I write blog articles (that is still writing, isn’t it?). I do spend time each day enjoying blogs of my writing pals and leaving replies 🙂 I just got a Nook Tablet and I’m downloading and reading ebooks under the guise of improving my craft. I have also been going to lunch with family and friends this week … just enjoying life. I am formulating a story in my mind and will be doing an outline soon … I guess it’s time to get back to the computer.

  6. Let’s see … I obsessively check e-mails, don’t always answer them right away. I wash dishes and clothes, don’t always put them away right away. I read novels. I don’t watch much tv anymore, but between PBS online and Netflix, I’ve watched the entire 1st two seasons of Downton Abbey in the last two weeks. (If you haven’t started watching this show … do it. It’s wonderful!) I chat on Facebook with my sister while we play Scrabble. I don’t feel too bad about that one because my sis lives far away and I don’t get to see her that often 🙂 The list is pretty much endless. And I love your nails too, Jamie! Whatever the color, they’re Jamie-licious!

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