Kung-Fu Ya!

Happy Friday everyone! Casey Wyatt here!

I’m briefly poking my head out of the writing and editing cave to share a few thoughts with you.Let’s talk guilty pleasures! Also, I want you to imagine the song – “Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting” playing in the background.

Got that song stuck in your head?

Good. Consider it my gift to you today!

One of my favorite things is martial arts movies. They are bold, fast and action packed. Kind of what I strive for in my books.

Kung Fu movies don’t spend a lot of time on back story or beat around the bush when it comes to plotting. Most of them get right to the point. Hero or Heroine versus the world!

That doesn’t mean the movies don’t tell a story. The drama is there in between the flying fists and swinging swords. Modern martial arts movies tend to be more fantastic than their predecessors with amazing high-flying wire work action.

I also love Jackie Chan movies. He combines a sense of danger (he’s famous for his own stunts) along with humor (his Buster Keaton style of Kung Fu).Chan, raised in Chinese opera (check out his biography for a riveting tale) balances a compelling every man hero thrown into extraordinary circumstances. In his movies, sometimes there’s a love interest. Or the world to save. And if a few bad guys get their butts kicked in the process, even better.

Like the romance genre, I think there is a tendency for martial arts movies to be looked down upon (oh, you watch those movies). The badly dubbed versions don’t help. But still, like a romance novel (oh, you read those novels), I find them to be fun, satisfying and a worthy way to spend my free time.

Remember – to the tune of “Kung-Fu Fighting” – tell me your guilty pleasure! (Bonus points if you mention – chocolate, Downton Abbey or Zombies!)

19 thoughts on “Kung-Fu Ya!”

  1. I watched Kung-Fu movies every Saturday afternoon as a kid, and love them to this day. I must beg to differ about the badly dubbed ones, though. Horrible dubbing only deepens the appeal, to me. Think of how many times you have seen someone try to move their lips out of sync with their words to mimic poorly dubbed Martial Arts films. They have earned an honored place in our culture. Say it with me “Your Kung Fu is crap! I come to avenge my brother!” Now move your lips. See? It is cathartic, eh?
    Thanks for the fun post!

    1. Hi Greg!! I loved watching those movies on Saturdays. I wished there was a cable channel devoted to martial arts movies. Of course, I’d probably wouldn’t get much writing done. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love!

    2. Right on, Brother! My friends and I used to do that all the time when we were kids. It’s still hilarious. I just did it and cracked myself up:-) Very cathartic.

  2. Love this post, Casey. I don’t consider any form of healthy entertainment a guilty pleasure. I work hard enough in life that if I want to be entertained with a little escapism, I figure I’ve earned it. Martial arts films are a fabulous way to let off steam without actually going out and starting a brawl. It’s a safe and fun outlet for our aggression, just as romance novels are an outlet for our fantasy life where we can imagine ourselves falling in love with the hero, overcoming great obstacles, and coming out on top to win love in the end. We all need these types of outlets to cope with the difficulties in life and to give us a sense of empowerment in the world. if the stuffed shirts who frown upon these forms of entertainment as being low brow would give them a chance, they’d be a lot less tightly wound and probably happier people. Go Jackie Chan! Gotta love a guy with mad skills and great smile.

  3. I have two parts of Kung Fu and martial arts in my memory. The first is my black belt son who I watched evolve and appreciated each move. The second is finding Bruce Lee posters in all the thatched roof huts in Bangladesh. He was a Bengali idol. But for Martial Arts movies and literature, not for me. Thanks for the fun post Casey.

  4. Love the kung fu movies! Used to be a Saturday afternoon family watching moment as my mother loved them. We still stop for Jackie Chan when one of his movies is on the TV and the bad dubbing only makes them that much more endearing….

    1. I really miss those Saturday afternoon movies. And yes, I will watch anything with Jackie Chan. I recently ordered Around the World in 80 Days. I love the action scenes in that movie!

  5. I love Kung Fu movies (they remind me of those first dates with the hubby. And House of Flying Dragons was awesome!).

    But my favorite guilty pleasure? Crazy Australian films. Strictly Ballroom, To Wong Fu, and the like. Black Sheep is an awesomely bad Kiwi movie about mutant, zombie sheep. I laughed so hard I cried.

    1. YES!! I love Strictly Ballroom. I watch it whenever I see it on TV. Did you ever see All the Way? Its got Joel Edgerton and Dennis Hopper? Frank Sinatra called an Australian reporter a really bad slur (I call it a $50.00 swear jar word) and the populace didn’t take kindly to his behavior so his hotel basically cut off his electricity and room service while the press waited outside to rip him a new one. Gotta love Aussie films. And don’t get me started on my favorite baddie Russell Crowe… he has some really good early movies.

    1. I know I have to get back the cave too! Yes, there is something about action films that helps my thought process. Maybe it’s the fun factor? Or I enjoy watching butt kicking…

  6. Downton Abbey and chocolate, absolutely. Zombies I like but don’t love (except for Nicky Heath in Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series). I can never resist a Ben Stiller movie (I have kind of a weird crush on him). Funny and stupid at the same time. As for Kung Fu, don’t forget Kung Fu Hustle, Hong Kong Fooey, and one of my fave movie scenes of all time, where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris are fighting, and Bruce Lee rips out a handful of CN’s chest hair, then blows it off the palm of his hand like so much dandelion fluff. SNORT!

    1. Gack! Yes! I forgot about that movie. Bruce Lee kicks super butt! Jackie Chan was actually in Enter the Dragon and got hit in the face by Bruce with a nunchuck (for real – not just stunt hits).

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