“Liking” and “tagging”

PJ here again! It feels strange to be here on a Wednesday, but I’m filling in for our dear Thea Divine. Big shoes to fill, I must say. I’m doing double duty today, so don’t forget to stop on over at Kiss and Tell YA where I’m talking about “Luck” with the fabulous ladies there. To make it interesting for all of you, anyone who leaves a comment on both sites is entered to win a signed copy of my latest book SAVAGE CINDERELLA which is available a day or two ahead of schedule. To make it even more interesting and a big help to me, if you also go to the books Amazon page and “like” it and “tag” it, I’ll enter your name twice in the drawing.

What the heck is “liking” and “tagging” you ask? Well, let me tell you. No, it’s not some kind of cyber-hide-n-seek. If you go to Amazon and search for a book, the page will come up with a “Buy” button that instantly drops that book onto your Kindle, right? I have to say, the first time I saw one of my books with its own Amazon page, I was tickled pink. I had arrived! Yet I wondered how anyone would find my books with the gazillion other new releases out there and only a hundred spots on that “Kindle Top 100” list, which you have to sell about 300 books a day to achieve. It turns out that there are something called algorithms that generate not only the top 100 in the paid Kindle store, but many other best seller lists based on the categories the book is found in. For instance, SAVAGE CINDERELLA can be found in JUVENILE FICTION>ROMANCE/LOVE>FAMILY DRAMA. It can also be found in FICTION>ROMANCE>SUSPENSE. I set these categories up when I published my book so that anyone looking for these types of books would be led to mine. But these are still pretty broad headings. So that’s where “tagging” comes in.

If you scroll down the book’s page, you’ll come to a list of tags with little numbers in parentheses beside them. It tells you how many times someone thought that those particular tags suited the description of the book. For instance, you’ll find tags like, YA romantic suspense, YA thriller, kidnapped, survivalism, sexual abuse, family relationships, friendships, etc.  Anyone looking for a Young adult romantic suspense about a kidnapped victim will likely stumble upon my book. Of course if there are several books of this nature available, mine could end up at the bottom of the list of ten or twenty and still never be seen. Here’s where the “tags” and “likes” come in. The more “likes” and “tags” a book has, the higher up on the lists those algorithms place the book on the shelf.

This is such a simple way that authors can support one another, and readers can show their love. Reviews are another way. I know it takes a few extra minutes out of your already crazy busy day, but the benefits are huge to an author. The more reviews a book gets, the more likely readers are to find it. Those reviews not only tell the world it’s a great book, but the number of reviews gets factored into those algorithms and drives the book onto higher visibility pages. If you happen to love a particular book or its author and you want the world to know it, go to Amazon and give the book a review. “Like” it and “tag” it to show your support.

I've arrived!SAVAGE CINDERELLA is now available on Kindle only, until June 13th.  Hardcopies are also available. I’ll be talking about the KDP Select program and explaining the pros and cons of this new Indie-pubbers opportunity on Jennifer Fusco’s MOD blog this Saturday. See you there!

Let me know you’ve “liked” and “tagged” the book and I’ll add another entry for you into the drawing for a signed copy of the SAVAGE CINDERELLA!


15 thoughts on ““Liking” and “tagging””

    1. Thank you, Gail. Just passing on what I’ve learned from others. One of the best, and most surprising parts of this business has been the sense of community and sharing of information that I’ve found. I’m proud to be a part of that.

  1. Excellent article, PJ. Kudos to you for braving the A-word (algorithm 🙂 ). I’m so negligent and far behind on my Likes and reviews, and don’t even get me started about how much I’ve dropped the ball on Goodreads. 😦 😦

    Anyway, good luck tomorrow on Launch Day “Get SAVAGE(CINDERELLA) on the Ides of March.”
    =:- D

  2. Hi PJ! Liked and tagged yesterday. I do this a lot but I wasn’t exactly sure how it affected rankings. Thanks for the lesson. Hopefully more people will do this for authors and books they like.

    1. You are so good! You’re always right on top of things. I’m so impressed by how much you do to promote other authors. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unnappreciated, Rhonda. I’m looking forward to being a guest on your blog next week!

  3. Thanks so much for explaining this so simply and clearly. I’m off to tag and like a whole lot of people, right now!

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