Taking a time-out

PJ here. I hope you’re all enjoying this fabulous stretch of weather. It’s going to reach 80 degrees here in New England on this first day of Spring–the earliest in 116 years according to the Farmer’s Almanac. I’m so tempted to bag all of my responsibilities and hang out in the garden all day or take off for the beach. But alas, since I am neither slacker nor without responsibilites today, I’ll be here pecking away at the keyboard for most of it.

That’s not to say I won’t get outside and enjoy some of the day. I’ll take the dog for his walk and later this afternoon, I’ll be heading to my sister-in-law’s house for her Equinox celebration this evening. There will be a campfire, a bit of story-telling, some singing, and a feast of wonderful and healthy eats. I could pass up on this delightful event in lieu of staying the course with the boatload of work I have to do, but I recognize that taking care of my mental, physical, and spiritual health will make me a much happier and more productive worker in the long run. And since I’m the boss, I insist!

My sister-in-law’s quarterly gatherings are a time of celebration and renewal that I have grown to appreciate and enjoy. She does a traditional Native American ceremony that is a powerful reminder of our connection and responsibility to the earth. It’s also a time to remind ourselves to take a moment to stop and celebrate the beauty of nature and reconnect with ourselves and each other.

So make sure you take a time-out today and smell the new life in the air, reconnect with nature, and celebrate the dawning of Spring.

What will you do to celebrate today?


18 thoughts on “Taking a time-out”

  1. Hi PJ,
    I will be moving my lap top out to the deck so I can work in what I refer to as my “summer office.” I love it! I will truly be celebrating life today because today is the day I find out if I will be grandmother to a grandson or granddaughter! Also, tomorrow is my son’s birthday, and due to his work schedule, we are going to celebrate tonight! Lots happening today. Happy Spring@~~~~

  2. My sister and I just got back from a two mile walk–Awesome not to have to wait until the afternoon for it to warm up. I love Spring and Summer! Yesterday we walked mid-morning and the rest of the day I worked on the deck–I love my job….hehe, Marian

    1. Excellent, Marian. i will be moving out on my deck shortly. It’s perfect this time of year before the bugs come out and it gets too hot. Have a wonderful day!

  3. As soon as I’m done with work – I am going outside. There is a big, comfy lounge chair with my name on it. Then, after I bask in the sun (or more likely the shade) for a little bit, it’ll be off to Mystic Storm!

    1. You are sooo good, Casey. I haven’t even looked at my WIP in almost two weeks. I’m diving in Friday and once my blog tour is over next week, I’m going underground until the book is done!

  4. I had a nice long chat with a friend, a delicious lunch, and a drive (x2) with the sunroof open on a gorgeous day. I like the idea of an Equinox party — sounds like fun!

    1. The celebration and ceremony were great! It is a lot of fun and such an uplifting experience being inside a sacred circle with fifteen other like-minded individuals. It’s powerful and healing. I’m feeling goood!

  5. I agree PJ. I took my dog on a walk. He loves springtime. 🙂 It’s so important to make time for friends and family.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kourtney. It feels wonderful to come out of hybernation mode and share some of this beautiful weather with my friends. It makes me feel like a kid again! Not that i’ve ever truly grown up…I had the urge to go play freeze tag until the streetlights came on.

  6. I enjoyed the warmth of the weather, the colors of the crocus’s, the sparkle and purple of myrtle watching it sprout inch by inch. My yard seemed to beckon all the red-coated cardinals as they gathered to each other to flitter and chat. Of course when they realized there were no feeders, I lost track of them as they took flight. It was a gorgeous day yesterday. And, more is predicted for today, the 21st official spring day.

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