This is no April Fool’s Joke…Real Virtue will be released April 4th!

Happy April Fool’s Day, Scribe fans! This is Katy Lee, and like the title of this blog says, it is no joke that Real Virtue will be released this week on the 4th!

I can’t believe that the date has arrived. I’ll be honest though, it may not be a joke, but it doesn’t feel real either. I have to keep reminding myself that next week people will be able to read my story. There’s no more hiding my writing in the closet for my eyes only. It will be out there for everyone to see. (And if I keep going with this line of thought I will make myself ill just thinking about it.)

So, instead, I will move on to the whirlwind month I have ahead of me. I have been invited by some wonderful authors to hang out with them at their sites.

Here is a short list for the month of April. The full calendar can be found at my website:  

I do hope I will see some of you Scribe Fans at some of them!

(Going on right now, TODAY! Stop in and say Hi! – at  

April 4 – I’ll be talking about my kitties at the All Things Great and Small Blog,  

April 6 – I’ll be telling how the idea for Real Virtue was sparked at  

April 12 – RT Convention- This is not a blog, but I will be signing at the Book Expo! Come and see me in Chicago! What Fun!

April 16 – I’ll be sharing about a special character in RV that is near and dear to my heart…and why at  

April 17 – Anne asked some pretty tough questions. Come see how I answered them at  

April 20 – I’ll be sharing my research on Internet/Gaming addiction (A topic in RV) at  

April 24 – I love this one! I’m talking about busy women following their dreams at  

April 25 – A chat with this sweet Love-Inspired author at  

I am blessed to have so many invites, from these authors and so many more, to spend the day with them in their virtual homes! Thank you to you all!

The Unlocked Secret: I can’t deny the truth any longer. My book will be real in just a few days. There’s nothing left to do now, but enjoy the ride. And Scribe Fans, I hope I see some of your familiar faces along the way!

Question: For those of you who have embarked on a Blog Tour, what was the most exciting stop along your route?


14 thoughts on “This is no April Fool’s Joke…Real Virtue will be released April 4th!”

  1. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you…and I feel your terror. Releasing a book, especially your first is a surreal feeling. Up to that point, our thoughts are completely consumed with “What can I do to make this better/fix this or that?” Once it’s out there, the “letting go” can make us feel utterly helpless, and devastatingly vulnerable. Somehow, we survive and with each positve review or reader who “loves” it, we feel that much more relief.

    My blog next Tuesday will be about “Blog Burnout,” which I’m sure you will find interesting and useful for when that little bit of neuroses hits you in a month or two, LOL.

    After twenty tour stops in eight or so weeks, I have to say, I’ve had a lot of fun, but I’m definitely ready for a break, as are the fine folks on all of my loops who have been graciously tweeting, FBing and commenting so I wouldn’t be out there talking to myself:-) I’m still evaluating the success of the tour and how I will do things differently next time to maximize my efforts and avoid “over-exposure.”

    If I had to pick one standout highlight of my blogtouring experience, it has to be my first appearance after the release of Heaven Is For Heroes, when Kristan Higgins hosted me on The Sisterhood of The Jaunty Quills. I had something like 40 comments and gained a loyal and amazing uber-fan who has followed me and supported me in a hundred ways since. That alone is worth the effort! Good luck, Katy. I’ll be checking in on you:-)

  2. Congratulations, Katy Lee!!!! So excited for you. And looking forward to having you on my blog in a couple of weeks. I love the cover. I hopped over to Amazon to preorder it, but it’s not listed yet. Will it be available on Amazon and in a Kindle version? Please email me the link as soon as you have one!!!

    1. It will be available for Kindle and Nook on the 4th. Thanks, Sandra for asking. And I am looking forward to hanging out with you in a few weeks too!

  3. Congratulations, Katy. WOW, that was quick! SMP moves pretty fast. Best of luck with it and best wishes for much success. Don’t forget to make time to do an interview at NOP. We would love to have you fit us into your schedule.

    1. Really??? That would be great! I would love to spend the day at Nights of Passion, especially your teen site. Thank you!! I’ll send you an email so I can get on your schedule.

  4. Squeee! Can’t wait to see the finished product, Katy! I love this story so much. I’m soooooooo happy for you, my friend.

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