Bad Hair

Hey, gang! Suze here. Let’s do business first. I love business first, because it usually means somebody won something! Gail C won a copy of Laura Moore’s TROUBLE ME. (If you missed our interview with Laura last week, click here) Congratulations, Gail!

The seductive look is greatly enhanced by the hand-knit orange turtleneck!
Last weekend my family and I went out for a pancake breakfast at a local maple sugar farm (if you’re in the area, stop by! They serve wonderful breakfasts, all year — click here to learn more about Hanging Mountain Farms).  On the way home, we stopped at a country store for some fresh-baked bread. An upstairs tenant was having an indoor tag sale. As I poked through the boxes of books, I came across a real gem: BAD HAIR, by James Innes-Smith and Henrietta Webb (click here to read the reviews). One dollar and fifty cents later, I was back in the car, thumbing through the photos and laughing hysterically.

You know the head shot photos that grace every hair salon? The authors of BAD HAIR — actually, I’m not sure we can call them authors, because there’s not a single word of text accompanying any of the photos — collected the worst of the worst of those from the 1960s to the 1980s and put them together in a book. The photos are cleverly divided up into sections for men, and sections for women.  Here is my top pick for the men:

Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to crop this pic! This Wolverine-like look won out over the proto-mullets and Barry Gibb hair-and-beard combos, because I am fascinated by the connection between hair, sideburns and mustache. I am also wondering if he looks like Hugh Jackman from the neck down …

I would dare to say that most women have a love-hate relationship with their hair. It’s too curly! It’s too straight! It’s frizzy! It’s limp! I found a gray hair! Ack! Hmmm, that’s all “hate” and no “love,” isn’t it? My fabulous stylist (Hi, Liz!) highlights and glazes my hair,  somehow managing to get some body into my very straight locks with expert cutting techniques. If my hair looks bad, it’s because I haven’t bothered to do more than run a comb through it. I don’t like to fuss, and it probably shows. Maybe I’d make a great romance heroine, though, with my “shock of unruly hair.” Comforting thought!

Here is my top pick for the women. My son and I call this one “The Jellyfish.”

Do I hear Donna Summer playing in the background?

Tell us: How important is hair to you? How much time a day do you spend on it? Do you love or hate your hair?


15 thoughts on “Bad Hair”

  1. Hi Suze,
    Last year I made the decision to stop coloring my hair and let the grey grow in. I have to say, I have never been happier with the way my hair looks. The way it grew in, one would think I paid a fortune to have this done to my hair. I have short hair so I just towel try it and go. I’m a very low maintenance gal.

  2. What a great book! That looks ridiculously fun. My hair is big and crazy, and I do pretty much nothing with it. I go to sleep with my hair wet, and when I wake up I look like Bon Jovi. It’s awesome! Although I do go to the stylist every few months and spend a bloody fortune for lion-like highlights and lowlights. ;^)

    1. Back in the day, I really wanted the big hair but was never able to achieve it. Even when I permed (gak!) and used a lot of product, it just never looked right. So for a while in the 80s I went with the Isabella Rossellini super short razor cut. BTW, would you rather look like Bon Jovi when you wake up, or wake up with Bon Jovi? 🙂

      1. I would like to wake up with Bon Jovi, and both of us shout out “Oh my God! Your hair looks fabulous!” *dreaming*

  3. Well, of all questions . . . yesterday, in desperation, I called my local hair salon. I said, “help, do you have anyone, I mean anyone, that can fix my hair?” You see, about two year ago my fav beautician moved away, so I took to doing my hair myself. OMG, what a mess. So, they fixed me up with “Dawn.” She made a mess into a miracle, and like my hubby Tom said when I returned, “oh yes, I have my real wife back.” My hair feels so soft, the color is perfect and the cut fits my face. I peered into the looking glass, and said, “there I am.” Bad hair is a crime. Thanks for the fun post Susannah.

    1. I bet it looks gorgeous, Gail! Can’t wait to see it. Isn’t it awful when, for whatever reason, you have to “break up” with your stylist? Just like a bad love affair, it can take years to find someone you trust again.

  4. You’re hilarity never fails to make me laugh out loud, Suze!

    I was lucky enough to be born with good hair. Not too straight, not too curly, fine enough not to frizz much, and enough body to work with. Hair stylists love it. My husband loves it. I could shave it short and not miss it, but I’ve been told I look a bit…manish…with it short. So long it is…for now. It takes me about 10 minutes to do what I do with it every morning, but I’m not one to fuss much. I pull it back most days, cuz let’s face it…who really cares?

    Once when my son was small and I was having “issues” with my hair, I let out a loud “grrr.” When asked what the problem was, I grabbed my hair and pulled it straight out and said, “I’m having a bad hair day and it makes me want to pull it all out.” He said, “Keep your hair on, Mom. It’s not a bad hair day, your hair is just having a good time.” I love that boy!

    1. You do have good hair, PJ – enough curl/body that you could probably wear most any style. And I love your son’s comment — they come out with some real winners, don’t they?

  5. Anybody who knows me well knows that I change my hair all the time. I can’t help it I need a change. I started gettting gray hair at two and by the time I was twelve I had a sold gray streak in my bangs. So I spent years dying and straightening my hair but recently I have learned to love to curl and I feel my best when my hair is in big waves.

  6. First off, how did it get to be almost 9:00 pm? Okay, I’m truly horrifed by those hairstyles. The jellyfish thing just make me shudder. The kids had a good laugh at it!

    I’m truly lucky to have naturally curly hair. I didn’t feel that way growing up during the Farah Fawcett days or the era of Big 80’s hair. But once I got out of college, I embraced the curls and haven’t regretted it since! I started sporting gray hair when I got my job in my early twenties (wonder why??) but Scar colors it for me so I hide the nasty greys.

    1. He’s such a good guy!

      I try to embrace my curly hair, but usually end up pulling it back in a ponytail.

      Great find, Suze! Totally worth the price! 🙂

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