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Happy Friday! Casey Wyatt here!

I’m here to tell you about another social media site. Now, before you roll your eyes, sigh, and declare, “Not another thing I have to use” – let me tell you, this one is great for us Twitter and Facebook fans. Or is that fanatics?

It’s called Triberr. Triberr is designed to “multiple your reach.” Unlike other social media sites, you must be invited to join a group, called a tribe.

Triberr works by tapping into your blog’s RSS feed. Every time you post a blog, it goes into Triberr and your tribe mates can choose to share your blog post to all their Twitter followers. Right now, my current twitter followers = 1,145. With Triberr, I can now reach 65,558 other twitter followers, hence “multiple your reach.” If you have your Twitter and Facebook connected, then the blog link will also appear on you Facebook page too.

BUT (and you know there has to be one), proceed with caution.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do with Triberr – treat it like another social networking site and join tribes willy-nilly.

The last thing you want to do is annoy your followers with a constant stream of links. Only join tribes of like-minded people. I’m in a tribe for Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers. I’m also in several other tribes devoted to writers and writing.

Also, Triberr is not completely free of cost. Each person who joins Triberr receives 100 bones (bones = money). In order to join a tribe, the person inviting you must pay bones and you must pay bones. Once you are out of bones (and if you want more), you will need to buy them. With real money. I haven’t done this yet. (And I doubt I will.)

Caution aside, Triberr has increased traffic to my blog and it saves me time. I’ve also gained new writer friends, read some really interesting blogs, and as promised increased my reach.

Anyone else out there using Triberr? What has your experience been? If you aren’t using it, are you willing to take a shot?

34 thoughts on “Join the Tribe”

    1. I hadn’t heard of it before either, Greg. But they have also been working out all the bugs so if I had signed up sooner, I might have gotten frustrated and not gone back. Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Friday!

  1. I love it now that it’s working right. Yes, it may annoy my followers but Triberr times it so my approved posts don’t all go out at once. I’m in two tribes but I want to join two more. My traffic to my site doubled after using it! No complaints from me!

    1. I’ve noticed that they stagger the tweets. But you and I look like Twitter masters on the SMP list (LOL!). I’ve noticed an increase in my blog traffic too. Thanks for stopping by today Shelly!

  2. I joined Triberr a couple of months ago, but as with all social media, i found it difficult to navigate and another time consumer for me. i haven’t followed up, but need to probably go back and give it another try. Thanks for the reminder of the benefits and pitfalls.

    1. I’ve experimented with a bunch of different sites too. This one, now that they have the kinks out and more people have joined, works pretty smoothly. The only reason this one stuck with me is because it takes almost no time at all. Just click approve once in a while and I’m done!

  3. Lordy…I’m not effectively using the social networks I’m already in…I’ll have to add this to the TO DO list…

  4. I’ve heard of Triberr in passing, but I have to confess I dismissed it at the time. But you’ve explained it well and it doesn’t sound overwhelming or difficult to do at all. Plus you’ve sold me on the benefits!
    So now I’m intrigued enough to try it out!
    Now I have just one question: Can I join your tribe?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Believe it or not I don’t have my own Tribe. I was invited to join my first tribe by my pal, Tam Linsey. After that, others invited me. I did ask Cindy Caroll to join her tribe after she posted a notice out on the FF&P board. Do you have a blog and do you post regularly? I can share the names of my tribes if you decide to join!

  5. Thanks for this tip, Casey! I will have to check it out, too. I’m all for increasing traffic, but like everyone else, I need to manage my time wisely. It sounds like Triberr might be just the ticket.

    1. I would love to, except I don’t have a tribe of my own. If you do decide to sign up for Triberr, let me know and I can share the names of the Tribes I’m in.

  6. I’ve never heard of Triberr, but I have heard about technorati, which also supposed to increase your visiblity. I actually tried to sign us up for that, but needed the rss feed and didn’t know how to get that. So it’s incomplete right now. Is Triberr similar to that?

    I will look into it, for sure, though. Thanks!

      1. You need to have a blog because that is what Triberr uses to send to the Twitter feed. I don’t have an actual RSS on my wordpress blog, but you can use your blog’s URL to create a feed. All you need to do add /feed to the end.

      2. Just to clarify – you don’t need a blog for a tribe leader to invite you. But if you don’t have a blog, then there is nothing for Triberr to share on Twitter!

  7. I love Triberr – it only takes a few minutes each day, and my blog traffic has doubled. Plus I’ve been introduced to some really great blogs myself. I am very careful, though, to make sure I also stay personal on Twitter. It’s too easy to have Triberr re-post for me and let my interactions slide.

  8. Thanks for the info, Casey. So glad somebody knows what they’re doing out there in Cyberia and can lead the rest of us 🙂

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