Top Ten Secrets from a Writer’s Kid

Hi there! Number One Kid here! I’ve hijacked Mom’s blog while she is in Chicago selling her book, Real Virtue, at the RT Booklovers Convention. While the big cat’s away, this little cat is here to play!

So, what does a girl talk about when she has carte blanche on her mom’s blog? (Without getting grounded, of course.) She talks about what it’s like to live with a writer, that’s what.

For the past two years, I’ve watched my mom go from dreamer to success, and I’ve learned a few secrets along the way. Perhaps some of you will relate.

Here are my top ten observations:

10. Practice makes perfect! When following your dreams, never give up practicing. (Thanks, Mom, for this one. I won’t forget it no matter what I am striving for!)

9. Thinking about writing is NOT doing it. (I hear this one a lot—usually when she is driving me to all of my sport activities which is then keeping her from her writing. Once again, thanks, Mom!)

8. I love this one! The road to success has to include little mini-parties along the way. I especially love the parties with cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles on top…and kitties! Meow!



7. Being an artist, I’ve learned from watching my mom that writing and drawing are related. While Mom is describing the human anatomy, I enjoy drawing it. (Get your minds out of the gutter! I mean people! I enjoy drawing people. Check out my latest drawing. What d’ya think?)

6. This one I’m still a little bummed about. I’ve learned just because you’re in the family, doesn’t mean you’ll make it in the book. In Momma’s new release, her character, Mel is a gamer. I made myself her “go-to” person on everything virtual. The character Cassie was based on me! I was so excited! Until Cassie had a run-in with the delete button.

5. Another thing I’ve learned is that typing cute messages into her manuscript is not as funny to her as it is to me. (I don’t understand why though, because it is pretty funny.)

4. I’ve learned that it is normal for her to carry-on full conversations with absolutely no one. If you have a writer in the family, don’t admit them to the hospital just yet.

3. This one goes along with number four. Remember! Their characters are real to them. Just nod and go along with them when they are telling you what so-and-so is doing today. And still, don’t admit them to the hospital!

2. I can’t stress this one enough. An “Enter at Your Own Risk” sign should not be taken lightly. Even if you’re bleeding, DO NOT DISTURB! (First Aid classes will help with this situation. You will need to learn how to stitch your own wounds.)

And for my number one observation of living with a writer…drum roll please!…..

1. “Get out of here!” means I love you. “Get the heck out of here!” means I really love you.

I love you Mom! I wish you the best success in selling your book.

And PLEASE, do not ground me…

Number One Kid


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Secrets from a Writer’s Kid”

  1. This was an awesome post, Audrey! You are one smart cookie. Love your drawing and thanks for sharing your mom with me this week. She is a wild woman on the dance floor. We had a lot of fun. See you around the skating rink some time.

    1. Thank you! I am currently working on scratch spins, pancake spins, waltz jumps, one foot and two foot spins. Ugh…hard. I’ve heard that Mom had a HUGE smile when dancing. I haven’t seen it but i will at one point in the next few
      hours…right? See you later.

  2. I’m thinking you may be a writer as well as a fine artist, Miss Lee! We’ll try to convince your mom not to be too hard on you for hijacking the blog today, since it was so much fun. If we’re not successful, I’ll try to sneak in and bring you some cookies during your period of house arrest 🙂

  3. Love your post! How about being my guest next Friday? 🙂 Your mom’s up tomorrow and I’m just over halfway through and looooving it, and thought I’d take a break to pop in and tell her so. So please pass along the message. 🙂

  4. It is a blessing, having a writer mom, or a mom that is a writer. My mom wrote poetry, but never did anything with it. She was one hot jobber though. Ran a five & dime store and sold retail as well as wholesale. She was amazing. I always enjoyed her cleverness and her poetry, but I don’t think she left any behind. Thanks for sharing and bring up clever moms.

  5. Awesome insights! I agree with you, I think typing little notes into her manuscript is pretty funny! Maybe in a different color font so that they are easy for her to find and pull out before it goes to the editor…

  6. I won’t tell you the trick we legal secretaries used to play on each other by using autocorrect in MSWord to replace common words with goofy phrases while someone is typing…oops! Great post, Audrey! Talent is in the genes, apparently…
    Jess Keller

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