Sometimes I think I have Attention Deficit Disorder… Is that a spider on the wall? Phew.. No… It’s a smudge. But it kinda looks like a spider. I hate spiders. It better not be a spider.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Sometimes I think I have A.D.D but I know I don’t. I know this because I have a brother who suffers from it. He was that kid who could never sit still in class. The one who was always moving. The class clown. The kid who couldn’t quit bothering everyone else.(He’s probably going to kill me for sharing this next part with the world. But he’ll probably never find out because he’s never interested in anything I write.)  He was also the teenager who got fired from his first job at a deli because he took the chickens out of the oven(twice!) and packaged them well before they were done. (Hello. Can you say salmonella?) When questioned about this the only excuse he could offer was… I was tired of waiting for the timer to go off.

Don't ever, EVER eat anything my brother makes.

I’m not as bad as him but as I get older I am getting worse.I partly blame my job for this. None of the kids in my class NONE of them ever are entirely still. Sit down. Don’t touch that. Take that out of your mouth. Get your hands out of your pants. All things I say a hundred times a day and now I’m am finding myself needing to get up and take laps around the building at least three times a day. (We call them sensory breaks.)  Meetings at work are torturous for me. All day meetings are the worst. My colleagues know me well enough at this point to know that after hour 5 they are getting no more out of me. I get a weird, sort of  a giddy punch drunk and can’t function like a rational adult.

Professional development days where we are locked together in a room and are supposed to pay attention to a speaker are the absolute worst for me. “You can’t get up. You can’t get up,” whispers in my head. “What would happen if you did get up? What would happen if you shot a spit ball at that guy’s forehead.” Needless to say I rarely learn anything these days unless the speaker is really engaging.

I’m not sure how I made it through college( and did well, thank you very much.) Especially Political Science where my not so charming professor would yammer on for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. It might have been because when I started college Facebook was in it’s infancy. I didn’t have a Smart Phone. There was no twitter. I wasn’t allowed to text message (my father refused to pay extra for it. SMH!) I didn’t have a blog. Or queries out or anything to obsessively check. I had no choice but to pay attention.

What would I do without you?!

And that’s why I think we all are a little A.D.D because now we are so used to instant gratifcation. Remember the days when cameras used film? The days when you had to wait for film to be developed and (gasp!) the days when you couldn’t say, “I don’t like that picture. Take it again.”  The days before email when you had to wait for a letter . The days before online bill pay. The days before the internet. Or microwaves. Heck, I haven’t been inside of a bank for years. Why would I go when I can deposit a check from my phone? And we wonder why kids today have a hard time paying attention. They never had a time when things didn’t come to them instantly.

So I know I’m not really A.D.D because I can sit and write for three hours straight and never once look at the clock. I can lay in bed and read for hours, or mess around on the internet and do a variety of things that don’t require moving a muscle for longs periods of time. (Why is that?)   I guess I’m just a product of the Me Generation.

What about you? Are you having a hard time focusing lately? Do you love workshops? Hate sitting still for long periods of time? Hate waiting in line? Can’t live without your phone? Share with us. Any and all comments are welcome.


10 thoughts on “A.D.D ME…”

  1. Is that why I can’t stand being trapped in meetings? You know, I totally agree with you! I am not as patient as I used to be. But it also depends on if I feel like I have no time. If I’m not is a rush, then I don’t mind waiting as much.

    1. I think this is why I think I’m so impatient when it comes to my writing. I write quickly and want to be published quickly. But things don’t work that way do they?

  2. I was in a seminar on ADD/ADHD while a camp counselor way back in 1997, and the teacher said, you know you are ADD if right now, in addition to hearing at least some of what I’m saying, you are listening to the buzz of the lights above us, the tracter mowing on the other side of the lawn, the door to the kitchen slaming three buildings away as the staff makes lunch and that pesky fly that keeps coming by. Hi, my name is Jen. I’m ADD. I’m not ADHD ’cause I can sit for hours on end and do something I like doing (reading, writing, crafting, TV) but try to get me to do something I don’t like and I’m figity, can’t focus, it takes forever…I’ve learned to cope (Long before I knew about ADD) but as a kid, sitting through church services on Sunday were the WORST! That hour felt like AGES.

  3. I learned that a person with ADD or ADHD can sit for long periods of time and do something they enjoy doing … so … you might want to get that checked out! LOL just kidding. I remember life before microwaves, cordless phones (our phone had a dial – not buttons) and before internet at all. My uncle in Maine had a party line phone! Dark Ages. I’m less patient that I was when younger, I admit. The worse for me is being so attached to my phone, where I can use the internet, check email, bank balances, tweet, and check facebook … watch a movie or read a book if I so choose. Good Lord, what will technology bring us next? The sad part is there is less face-to-face communication and we now write using terms such as LOL, OMG, TTYL, CU L8R … I guess it’s a give and take.

    1. I must check my phone a hundred times a day. A friend of mine said he could be trapped in a small room for days with no food or water as long as he had his phone and his IPAD. That makes me a little sad.

  4. I too have far less patience for many mundane things now that never bothered me before. I’m sure it’s because there are so many other things I’d rather be doing!

    1. I just can’t stand waiting in lines at the super market and I’m not sure that that has anything to do with ADD but more that I hate grocery shopping with a passion.

  5. I’ve no patience for time-wasters, whether they are people or activities. I don’t believe it’s ADD-related, but age-related. The older I get, the more precious my time is, and less patience I have for the nonsense. Great post!

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