I Have a Problem… A Shoe Problem

It’s really more of an obsession.

These are just a few...

I blame my mother, because really, aren’t mothers the root of all one’s problems? But she has more shoes than me. Hundreds of pairs. In every color imaginable. Boots and wedges and mules and strappy sandals. Designer name. Wal-mart specials. She doesn’t discriminate. The only thing she doesn’t own are flats.( She thinks tall is powerful.) As a child I watched her get ready each morning and put on a different pair of shoes. She has enough to go six months straight (maybe more) without repeating. My poor father isn’t allowed to put any clothes in their closet and has been booted to the one in the hallway.

Still the one closet isn’t enough to hold all her belongings. She’s got huge plastic bins in the garage that hold her seasonal wear. How could I not be affected by her obsession? I think she passed it down and as her only daughter I was doomed since birth.

I too love shoes and recently had gone a couple of months without buying any.(Gasp) Until a voice in my head whispered, “You need new shoes.”

Need is the right word. Not WANT because anybody with any kind of addiction knows that until you get your fix, it nags you, taunts you until you go out and take care of it. So I went shopping… with my mother of course and bought three pairs.

I bought these….

Four inch red peep toe espadrilles. They make me feel like a tarty bombshell and I like it!

And these…

Which are funky and cute and hard as hell to match with anything. But I had to have them.

And finally these….

Which are kind of dopey and really bright, but I can wear them to work without having tremendous foot pain at the end of the day.

A few days later (one) I went out and bought some more.

Feathers! I HAD to buy these. I don't own any other feathered shoes.

And these…

Because a girl needs a good flip-flop for the summer.

And finally these…

To channel my inner gladiator.

But it seems I wasn’t done yet. The other day while on an outing in the city I bought a beautiful pair of strappy camel colored wedges. Which were a pain the butt to lug around Mid Town, Manhattan all day. But I had to have them.

Some people collect figurines, others collect albums. I collect shoes.

I think the reason some women have such a connection with shoes is because, unlike clothes they always fit. They can make you feel, sexy or powerful, or sweet, or confident or whatever you need to feel that day. Shoes can make you happy.

And if you are wondering how I afford all of my shoes…. Well, I’m CHEAP. And if I offended you with the pictures of my feet– sorry. I had to show my shoes off.

Oh and one more thing, well actually more like a public service announcement. Take care of your feet, pedicures, even home ones, are necessary. Because nobody wants to see your crusty feet.

Your turn! Do you have an obsession? TV?  Collect stamps? Love shoes? Love pedicures? Want to come shoe shopping with me? Any and all comments are welcomed.


14 thoughts on “I Have a Problem… A Shoe Problem”

  1. Oh, jJamie! I love the peep toes reds, but my feet hurt just looking at them. I’m a sneakers kind of girl, but I’m a sneaker snob. I spend a good chunk of change every six months for a really good pair because I’m on my feet a lot and need them to be happy. I buy dressier shoes at Clarks because they have super comfy low heels (my back and neck can’t take anything more than a two incher), and I buy hiking boots at EMS (Expensive Mountain S***) as my boys would call it. I have more shoes than I probably need, but when it comes to footwear, I’m afraid, “happy” feet take presidence over “hottie” feet:-)

  2. Jamie, my shoe closet looks just like yours. Never enough. I wear a 9 1/2, want to share? I just went shopping in my closet(s) this morning for that art show this Thursday, and found the most fantastic outfit. In fact I found more than one. Now for the shoes. I have these black blingy flats that go with almost everything. I think I will wear those. They don’t hurt my feet. That’s where I am with shoes now, my feet hurt in anything that is closed on both ends, or is taller than one and a half inches. Isn’t that a bummer, but it doesn’t stop me from shopping. I shop in reverse these days, buy and return. Returning is almost as much fun as buying, maybe even better, cause they give me money. HA. My obsession is more than shoes, can you guess? You have the most fun posts. Thanks.

  3. I also love shoes. I have every color you can imagine. I have 56 pair that are just black and the list goes on. I have shoes I have only worn once, but will wear them again with the perfect outfit. I have flats too though, because I had knee surgery and had to get them. I have to say that I only have about 12 pair of flats though. I adore shoes … they are my weakness … but purses run a close second. Hey, it could be worse … it could be diamonds.

  4. If you come to my condo, one might think I am obsessed with elephants. Which I get. Elephants appear on shelves pretty much throughout my house, I tend to pick them up and buy them if they’re cute while I’m out…oh and I have 5 marching across my back. Obsessed? I don’t think so. It’s more in honor of my Nana…who might have been obsessed lol. I feel like of you ask me, I might say I’m obsessed with being on the go. I like to experience new places and have fun. Im also obsessed with reading, when I have time. Obsessed with my job, sadly yes. And according to my sister, obsessed with my smartphone.

  5. I developed my shoe obsession in recent years. I become absolutely giddy at the thought of DSW. When I can’t get out to my favorite shoe store, I shop Zappos online. Highly recommend! I must be hard on my shoes, though, because I wear mine out. Oh well, that means more shoe shopping. Could be worse.

    Great post, Jamie!

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