Money, Money, Mooooooney….MONEY!

Hello there Scribblers!  J Monkeys here, happy Saturday to you and yours.  Whaddja think about my title there?  Are you singing?  You should be.  I have discovered an awesome website for the starving artist.  Okay, well, I didn’t discover it, so much as someone sent me a link saying, “Have you checked this out?”  Well, I did and now I want to pass the information on to you. is place where artists of all kinds can post a project and look for backers to help them fund it.  There are all kinds of projects out there.  From movies that people are trying to make to albums being produced, to books, to the development of men’s underwear.  Some of the projects have big budgets, $100,000 or more and many have small budgets, $1,000 or less.  The band Midiboy’s newest album project just got funded at $680 and the Flint and Tinder Premium Men’s Underwear project just got funded at $167,000.

Once the project is up there, people can back the project using Amazon’s version of PayPal.  The backers aren’t charged unless the project is fully funded (meaning the $ goal is reached).  Each of the projects have a variety of backer rewards at different pledge levels.  Some rewards are thanks and acknowledgement as a contributor and some rewards are a copy of the project when it’s complete, if that appropriate.  

Kickstarter is a cool site that’s raising a lot of money to help artists make their projects a reality.  Check it out.  You can pledge as little as a $1 and often $10-$15 get’s you a backer reward.

As you all know, I’m working on getting 6 books out this year.  One of them, Dixie & Taco Go To The Beach (D&T3), is on hold at the moment because I can’t afford to pay the illustrator.  I’ve just launched a Kickstarter project to help me get D&T3 back on track.  If you have any interest in helping a writer bring a product to market, I’d love to have you as  one of my backers.  And even if you aren’t interested in backing me, feel free to pass the link on to others.  Help me go viral!  🙂

Today’s Secret: There is a place where starving artists can find MONEY to make their dreams come true.

Today’s Question: Don’t you want to help an artist out?  Check out and see if there are any projects that appeal to you. 


8 thoughts on “Money, Money, Mooooooney….MONEY!”

  1. What an awesome idea, J! I’ll definitely check it out. And count me in as a backer. I LOVE your Dixie and Taco series. It’s such a valuable learning tool for kids and every school should be using it.

  2. So that was wicked easy, J. I just got you started with a $25 pledge toward your $1000 goal. If you’d like, I’ll help you promote on FB and Twitter! Email me off loop to discuss particulars:-) This is such a worthwhile project, I know you’ll meet your goal by month’s end. And I loved the video presentation. It gave exactly the right information for readers to see how great D&T are and how they can make learning to read so much easier.Good luck!

    1. Awesome! You are officially my first backer! 🙂 I will absolutely take you up on the promo offer. And thanks for showing me how to do the video last fall. Came in VERY handy. And pretty easy too. The hardest part was doing the audio. My voice is too low for a kindergartener and I felt silly using the higher voice, at first. After the twelfth recording, I felt less silly.

  3. Hi J, What a very cool idea. I’m going to check it out too. PJ said it’s easy … let’s see if a complete computer challenged individual can figure it out. If I can, you can count me in too.

    1. Excellent! There are a ton of worthwhile projects out there, other than mine, of course! Let me know how it goes.

  4. Hi J,
    Good for you putting your project up there. I know about it b/c an art colleague was raising funds to make an instructional DVD. He reached his goal, but it took a few months. I hope you reach yours quickly.

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