Lessons I Learned In The Woods by Becky Wade

Hello, Katy Lee here, along with the wonderful author of My Stubborn Heart. I was blessed to review a copy of this book a few weeks back, and when I finished I immediately invited the author to share the day with us. I’m so excited she said yes! But more than that, like any good storyteller, she came prepared with a story!

So, Becky Wade, take it away! 

Imagine a princess who set off on a journey toward a pink and glittering castle.  She’d fallen in love with the castle through her recurring dreams of it and so she worked for years to reach her destination, overcoming obstacles, honing her navigation skills. 

At last — finally, joyfully — she arrived!  She lived in the castle for a few years, enjoying its splendor.  But on one fateful afternoon, the owners of the castle came for her, politely escorted her across the moat, and raised the drawbridge against her.

Bitterly confused and disappointed at her banishment, the princess settled into a cottage in the village.  A benevolent town Elder gave her a miniature pony as a gift.  The Princess adored the pony, so she decided to pour all her heart and attention into the care and raising of miniature ponies.  She tucked away her dreams of castles.Years passed. 

The town Elder paid her another visit.  He showed the princess a beautiful drawing of a castle constructed entirely of flashing diamonds.  He spun enchanting stories about the place.

Her old hopes stirred.  She wanted, down deep within herself, to see the diamond castle.  But she knew firsthand how perilous and difficult the expedition would be and how disappointing the destination might prove.

The Elder reassured her. He promised to walk beside her and to help her across every mile of their joint quest.  All that He required of her?  To expend the effort the trip would demand.

So, taking her ponies and her frayed courage in hand, the princess set off into the woods behind the Elder in pursuit of a castle of diamonds.


Princess: Me.  (Don’t you love being a writer?  One can give oneself the role of Princess!)

Pink Castle: Publication of historical romance novels for the general market.

Elder: God.

Ponies: My kids.

Diamond Castle: Completion of a manuscript for the Christian market.


The above tale is, in a nutshell, how I found my niche in the world of books and publishing.  I first set out on my writing journey eighteen years ago and, as you can see, I took a circuitous route!  Here are a few of the lessons I learned in the woods….

  • The first time I chased the dream of publication I took a traveled road.  I studied the craft.  I joined writer’s organizations and local chapters.  I was desperate for someone to read my work, so I enlisted critique partners and entered contests.  I traveled to conferences.  I practiced hard by churning out one manuscript after another.  Lesson #1: The traveled road is one route to publication.
  • I never felt right about some of the content in my secular romance novels, yet I managed to rationalize my concerns away.  Well, God Himself eventually stepped in and closed that door firmly.  Lesson #2: If you don’t feel 100% right about some facet of your work and/or have to rationalize away concerns — you’re headed in the wrong direction.  Stop and reassess.
  • The second time I set out, this time with the goal of writing a novel for the Christian market, my instincts directed me to veer off the traveled road and to follow instead a narrow pathway. I wrote the book in a solitary way, just me and God.  No organizations, no critiques, no contests, no deadlines.  Lesson #3: Follow your instincts because God speaks to you through them.  Narrow pathways can also lead to publication.
  • Since I only had an audience of One to please, I wrote the book of my heart, the way that I loved it, and exactly as I wanted it to be.  I stumbled backwards into a modern setting, which turned out to offer a great backdrop for humor, which turned out to suit a quirky, casual, wry author’s voice I’d never known I possessed.  Even better, though?  The writing brought me such joy!  The most joy I’d ever encountered in a project.  Lesson #4: The real blessing isn’t in the destination of publication or happy readers or career success.  The real blessing is the satisfaction that’s found en route, in the doing of the work. So choose a trek that deeply delights you.

What have your instincts told you about your writing journey in the past?  Or what are they telling you now?  Have you made any wrong turns along the way?  Or have you reached a goal only to find you might have been slightly off-course the whole time?


And let me just add my two cents, Becky…I totally felt your joy in writing this story! It came through perfectly on every page. And readers, it’s got a hot hockey player in it…what’s not to like?!

My Stubborn Heart is available now from Bethany House Publishers and you can purchase it here through Amazon!

A Sensational CBA Debut in Contemporary Romance!  This summer author Becky Wade makes her CBA debut with a fun — and funny — contemporary romance.  Amidst the light-hearted banter and laugh-out-loud moments is a compelling spiritual journey of one woman’s choice to listen to God and wait on him.  Filled with humor and authentic romance, My Stubborn Heart is shaping up to be the hit of the summer.

Kate Donovan is burned out on work, worn down by her dating relationships, and in need of an adventure. When Kate’s grandmother asks Kate to accompany her to Redbud, Pennsylvania, to restore the grand old house she grew up in, Kate jumps at the chance.

Yet, she discovers a different kind of project upon meeting the man hired to renovate the house.  Matt Jarreau is attractive and clearly wounded — hiding from people, from God, and from his past.  Kate can’t help but set her stubborn heart on bringing him out of the dark and back into the light… whether he likes it or not.
Becky Wade makes her home in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and one adoring (and adored) cavalier spaniel. Her diamond castle (an inspirational contemporary romance titled My Stubborn Heart has just been released by Bethany House.
Readers: We would love to hear your comments and questions, but first, I’m going to through the first question out there…Becky, what is next for you? Spill it!  

7 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned In The Woods by Becky Wade”

  1. Thanks for having Becky visit. It was remarkable to read her journey, ending with having only one critic, God. I love that she ended up giving it all up to Him. Katy, thank you.

  2. Thank you Becky & Katy for this. I LOVED this book. I borrowed a library copy but I’m purchasing it just to put it on my shelf. Thank you again.

  3. Wonderful post, Katy and Becky. I felt the same way when I finally started writing YA. I’d had my doubts about writing for the adult market. Being a massage therapist, I was uncomfortable with the idea f my clients, family, and friends reading my steamy romance novels. I also seemed to be stuck as to how to write in deep POV. Once I began writing in the first person and telling stories that were close to my heart about difficult teen life experiences, I knew I’d found not only my voice, but my calling as a writer. Trusting your instincts, writing what you love to write, and finding a greater purpose in the telling of your stories is the way to that diamond castle, for sure! Good luck with the book, Becky. A hockey hunk…hmmm…right up my alley:-)

  4. Gail – I love that I ended up giving it all to Him, too. I’ve had the honor of sitting back and watching in AMAZEMENT what He was able to do with the manuscript of a stay at home mom.

    Gerard – Yep! The diamond castle ended up having a back door which led to a path which led to a ruby castle (which I suspect might lead to more jewel-encrusted castles).

    One Step At A Time – I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed My Stubborn Heart!

    PJ – It’s so cool that you can relate to my experience searching for, and finally finding, the right fit in the world of writing/publishing. Feels wonderful when you discover your niche, no? Like coming home.

    Katy – THANK YOU so much for inviting me to guest blog on The Scribes. What a treat. You asked what I’m writing next…. Another fun, emotional, and inspirational contemporary romance. It’s about the only daughter of a Texas oil man. When her father dies, she inherits control of his company, the ranch where she grew up, and a thoroughbred racehorse farm (which comes complete with one fabulously hunky cowboy). Fervent love ensues. :)))

  5. Wow, I LOVED this post!!! Katy, I’m so glad you shared this link on your Facebook page! This story is really inspiring. I loved the interview and your book sounds really good Becky! I’ll have to check it out now. Thank you Katy and Becky!

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