Creating Non Fiction

Hello Scribblers.  Happy Saturday to you! J Monkeys, here.  Today I want to share a not-so-secret kind of secret.  I’ve been writing non-fiction lately.  

And I kind of like it.  I know, I know.  Non-fiction, J?  Say it isn’t so!  But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been enjoying it. So, what am I working on?  Well, I’m writing a book called DIY Publish ~ Cheap and Easy for Indie Publishing beginners who’d like to give it a go.  And I’m working on a Genealogical Cookbook.  They are two different kinds of work, so let me write about them separately.

The DIY Publishing book has been fun to write because while I’m formulating thoughts and writing them down, I’m not fighting plot and point-of-view issues.  I’m not trying to capture in words, the movie that’s playing in my head.  The audience doesn’t care how things smell or sound.  It’s more of a step-by-step manual for those who dream of seeing their work in print.  I can’t say it’s easy to do, that wouldn’t be fair to folks who do this all the time, but it is definitely a different type of exercise than writing a novel.   I can’t even say it’s going all that much faster, but it is using different brain-muscles, that’s for sure.  It should be available by summer’s end.

My cookbook is a fun, rather mindless kind of compilation job, just for my family really.  My idea was to take recipe cards that have been written by family members over the years and scan them into book form with a picture of the “chef” along with a short blurb about the person.  I thought it would be fun to see everyone’s handwriting, those who’ve passed as well as those still with us today.  Of course, I’ve typed up the recipe, too, for clarity.  It’s been fun to prod family into writing out their cards and standing for a quick headshot, or finding photos to use.  I’m really excited about this, especially for my children and future grandchildren.  I think it’ll be a cool thing to pass on to future generations. 

Again, this is a totally different kind of writing project.   It seems to be using more organizational skills than actual writing.  And it’s been a fun time, working on these but I’m just itching to get back to writing fiction.  Honestly, there are at least 3 stories fighting in my head to be the next one let loose on the world.  I think I’m actually more excited about getting started on those, because I’ve been bottling up that creativity. 

Now, I just need to finish these two projects and I’ll be ready to jump back into the wonderful world of fiction. 

That’s my secret for today.  What have you been working on?  Have you tried something new?  How’s that going?

And just as a pick me up – here’s a little something for you…because even dressed as a regular person, James Marsden is Yummy!


4 thoughts on “Creating Non Fiction”

  1. I love James Marsden. Ahhh, those dimples:-) You were missed at FF today, J, but glad to see you’re using the time so wisely on your writing career. NF is a great next step and i can’t wait to see you’re take on the SP DIY process. Thanks for adding to our knowledge and sharing your wonderful family recipes. Awesome idea!

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