The Most Interesting Writer in the World

Hello, darlings! Suze here. Today’s post is just for fun.  Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. He’s … The Most Interesting Writer in the World. Here’s a little bit about him:

Stay creative, my friends

His participles dangle, yet he is all the more attractive because of it.

He head hops — and gets away with it.

He does not submit to publishers. Publishers submit to him.

Killed a man in Reno — not to watch him die, but for incorrect use of an apostrophe.

Reviewers ask him to review their reviews.

His books stay on the shelves at Barnes and Noble until he says it’s time to remove them.

Successfully puts “i” before “e” — even after “c.”

Literary agents pay him 15% of what they earn.

Gave style tips to Strunk & White.

Nobly dumped Scarlett O’Hara so Rhett Butler could have her.

Actually wrote Shakespeare’s plays.

Stephen King asks him for writing advice.

Has solved The Mystery of Edwin Drood — twice.

Received a million dollar advance — for a single Facebook post.

His subjects and objects all agree: He IS the most interesting writer in the world!

Now for you. Know any Most Interesting or Chuck Norris facts? If not, what’s your favorite tv commercial?


18 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Writer in the World”

  1. Hi Suse, this is a tough one, or maybe it is too late, these wee hours. I cannot think of . . . oh yes, my favorite commercial. Dad talking to driving age daughter at car window cautioning her about driving, she, driver, is shown through Daddy’s eyes as a five year old. Good blog, making me think again. Not so easy right now.

  2. Oooo! Chuck Norris facts! Chuck Norris doesn’t mow his lawn he dares his grass to grow. Chuck Norris doesn’t swim. He beats the crap out of the water until it takes him where he wants to go.

  3. WOW! I know absolutely nothing about Chuck Norris. I’m not even sure I could identify him in a line-up…I hope this admission won’t have me summarily ejected from the Scribes…

  4. Okay guys, this is for real. I recently saw Chuck Norris featured on Writer’s Hotlist and he surprised me when he said he had NOT been particularly athletic as a child. He got into MA almost by accident when he was serving in the military over in Japan and saw some people doing MA moves on a hill. Just proved to me what amazing things can happen when you allow fate and curiosity to move you out of your comfort zone. 🙂

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