Hi!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  J Monkeys here.  Does this ever happen to you? 

You walk into a random second-hand book sale at a crazy place (like your office) saying, “Gosh, I’d really like to find a copy of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, even though it was published 20 years ago and this is a charity sale of random books people donated,” and there it is, one copy of Outlander, waiting just for you on a table.

Or weeks before the event, you say to your spouse, “Whilst I’m working at that Scholastic warehouse sale hosted in a restaurant rather than an actual warehouse thereby limiting the selection, I’m going to get a hard-cover edition of Eldest since we have the rest of that series in hard cover and the paperback Eldest is throwing off the bookshelf’s karma.”  only to find that there is one, lone, slightly beat-up hard cover copy of Eldest waiting in the Fill-A-Box-for-$25 section.

Both of these things happened to me, one of them happened today.  This is serendipity: finding just what you want/need at exactly the time you want/need it.

Occasionally, these serendipitous moments will happen when I’m writing, too.  I might be struggling with an idea or a character and I come across exactly what I’m looking for, right when I’m looking.  If I had come across it two weeks earlier, I probably wouldn’t have recognized it and jumped on it because I hadn’t been ready for it yet.  When this happens, I try not to over think the whole thing.  I just like to take it as a gift from the universe, or a karmic payment for something or another.

How have you encountered serendipity?


6 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. All the time, J. I love serendipity. It makes me feel like I’m a part of a greater Universal force that is working on my behalf. We are NOT alone:-)

  2. oh yes Jen, Serendipity happens to me frequently. But the word conjures up the most fantastic cafe type restaurant on 59th St in New York. Have you ever been there?

    Paula is right, its a greater Universal force.

  3. I think you found my copy of Outlander…the one I bought at the used book store a couple years ago and that my house has swallowed whole…

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