My Fortress of Solitude

Happy Friday everyone! Casey Wyatt here! Please be sure to visit at my blog today where I discuss – American Restoration, Pawn Stars and a Web Hunt! (and you can find out about Night Owl’s Summer Fun Hunt and learn how you can enter to win a $15.00 Amazon gift card from me.)

Every May, I’m giddy with joy! May means summer and summer means – my deck gazebo! (Yes, I do realize today is June 1, but my gazebo goes up in May!)

To say I love my gazebo is a massive understatement. It’s my version of the man cave. My fortress of solitude. It’s like having my own private room.

Soft cushions, privacy panel and bug screen – ahhh!

Anyone who lives with a house full of men, will understand the need to have some space from the guys. I love them, but I need quiet time. And I’ve found that it’s great for thinking. A perfect imaginarium. Mystic Ink, The Undead Space Initiative and my WIPs were all born out on my deck.

Owls are an important decoration…

Since hubby and older son hole up playing on the computer, only younger son will join me out there. We’ve had deep conversations, witnessed some cool animal visitations – like our hummingbird and a cool garden spider – and enjoyed the solitude.

Enjoy the local wildlife . . .

This year, for the first time, I decided to bring my laptop outside. This was a big step for me. Forever, I’ve only typed at the kitchen table. After receiving a laptop cooling pad this past Christmas, I’ve ventured onto my couch. Once I realized that I could actually be productive away from the table, I journeyed outside.

And take time to smell the flowers.

And it is sweet! I easily nail my word count. When I’m not writing, I love to read out there too. Sometimes, I just sit and stare at my flowers or the deep blue sky.

How about you? Got a favorite place to hide out and enjoy solitude?

12 thoughts on “My Fortress of Solitude”

  1. Love it, Casey! I often sit on my front porch with a lap desk, a glass of iced tea, and the hmmingbirds whirring about my flowers like miniature helicopters. it’s not a screen porch but the ceiling fans keep the bugs at bay and it’s always several degrees cooler here than down below. I’ll be heading out there a bit later! I have much writing to do today…

  2. Just looking at the pictures makes my breathing slow down. What a great space! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. Love the post and the pictures. I do have a special alone place. That place . . . drum roll please . . . is . . . when I am at my easel painting. Thanks Casey.

    1. Come visit anytime Katy! I got mine at Target and it was really that expensive. The down side is that I do have to replace them every couple of years, usually because the cover rots, even though I take them in during fall/winter. This year, I got smart and grabbed a replacement cover, so I hope this one lasts a while.

  4. I’m with Katy — I also covet your gazebo! My deck is on the full sun, south side of the house and it gets miserably hot, so I wonder if a gazebo like yours might keep it cooler and make the deck actually useable. Enjoy it — you deserve it, Casey!

    1. You are also welcome to join me! My deck faces the south side of the house and gets sun all day. The backpanel and top cover do cool it way down. The last gazbebo didn’t have a back panel so I bought two shower curtains and they worked great too. When it’s really humid and nasty, I don’t go out there as much. With the bug screen, its nice at night too. The gazebo I have this year is new and there is a hook in the center. Maybe I will add a light!

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