Facebook Failures…. More on Social Media

So I must admit I don’t have a Facebook fan page yet. Mostly because I keep waffling about my pen name, which is Sugar Jamison. Is it dumb? Absolutely. BUT my grandmother’s name is Cookie. Even her license plate says so. Her real name is Helen. (Boring) My mother’s name is Candy. I had no idea that her real name was Regina until I was six. I seem to come from a family of stripper names so why not continue to trend to the 3rd generation. Cookie… Candy… Sugar.  Get it?

The other reason I haven’t done the fan page thing yet is because I have been far too lazy to set it up. I know you need 25 likes to activate it and from what I heard from some other people setting one up can be a small pain. I know this needs to be done in the near future. Those of you out there who have one can school me on this.  Does a fan page allow you to as voyeuristic as a regular page? Do I have access to a person’s entire profile just because they liked me? Or do we need to be true Facebook Friends for that honor?

I think the reason we like Facebook is because we can see another person’s life through their posts, pictures and likes. I follow my a few of my favorite authors on there. Jill Shalvis does and excellent job connecting with her fans. She and Kristan Higgins’ man wars are the highlight of my day when they happen and my news feed is filled with sexy bare-chested, dreamy-eyed men. And I love Molly O’Keefe who let us in to her life by posting a video of her son riding a bike for the first time and her little girl on the beach. Like her page if you get a chance and buy her book(CAN’T BUY ME LOVE) when it comes out June 26. (Read the ARC and I LOVED it. And I don’t often love books.)

But that doesn’t mean Facebook is without its faults. I can’t blame the founders of Facebook for it but the people who use it. Here’s why…

  • My own cousin likes to post pictures of herself in her underwear. Seriously? Nobody wants to see that. But I think it’s a small attempt to get back at her mother who is extremely religious and conservative. I think she starts each day thinking of how she can disappoint her mother.
  • People who make extreme political statements. Dude, I don’t care if you don’t like the president or the governor or the mayor. We all have the right to freedom of speech but I rather you keep your profanity laced rants about politicians to yourself. What happened to showing people a tiny bit of respect?
  • The people who are always posting depressing stuff about how their life is miserable, or how lonely they are. Trust me you aren’t going to find what makes you happy if you spend your whole day complaining on Facebook.
  • Finally and this really annoys me. The people and I hate to say this but they are usually women who like to play out their drama on Facebook for all the world to see. This actually came from my news feed and is the only clean example that I could use.

They say money cant buy happiness..i disagree! If he isnt going to be a dad to his kids and love them, hes gonna pay for their happiness! Ill make sure it happens! 24 days again, not a txt, call or letter in the mail to make sure his kids are ok!! Smh. and hes work a 2nd job for 5 months now that i have been kind enuf to not drag his ass to court to collect from that! Well no more! he doesnt need the xtra $ to feed his fat ass make it even fatter! My kids could use it for sports and dance and movies etc!  Soooo hiho hiho its back to court we go!! .

OMG that is personal! Nobody outside of her family needs to know that. Facebook is not the appropriate forum to play out family drama. Plus it’s just not classy and it doesn’t just lower my opinion of him but of her too.

The point to all this is keep it classy on the internet folks.

Your turn! What do you think about Facebook? Like it? Hate it? Did you buy stock? Is it your prefered method of social media? Wanna be friends? Any and all comments are welcome.


16 thoughts on “Facebook Failures…. More on Social Media”

  1. Jamie,
    I love the name Sugar. What a distinctive pen name. I think you should stick with it. Good thoughts about Facebook, too. You are so right. I am mostly a lurker because I don’t want my life to be splayed out for all to see.

  2. I like Sugar Jamison. It’s easy to remember and spell, but it’s just different enough that it will stand out. As for FB, sigh. I have a fan page but since I don’t have a product out there, I haven’t bothered to activate it. I am trying to slowly work on the Twitter thing, though. I know what you mean about TMI on FB. A family member had surgery recently and actually posted pictures of the oozing wound. I’m a writer and make stuff up a lot, but I swear it’s true. She also argues with her sister publicly by means of FB posts/comments. I’ll be honest — I get some story material from this stuff …

  3. Sugar, all the social media stuff is time consumption big time. I pretty much lurk like Joy on FB. I post my blog on FB and notice more see it that way. Nope, didn’t buy stock. I guess the social media serves a purpose for lots of folks, but time is an issue for me.

    1. Social media is definitely a time suck especially when you are supposed to be writing. It’s good to set aside a certain amount of time every day for it.

  4. There are a lot of writers I love but I just don’t have the time to go to everyone’s Facebook page, blog, web site, newsletter and Twitter feed. Am I alone in this? I gravitate toward regularly checking my favorite authors’ blogs and web sites (and subscribing to their newsletters) because I figure anything important will be in one of those places.

    1. I didn’t check out anybody’s website or blog or anything until I became a writer. So you are not alone at all. Except for Mary Balogh but only because I was dying to see when the next book in a series would be out but other than that I spend very little time scoping out other authors.

  5. I like the story behind the name. I admit, I would have to get past the name but tradition is big with me. I’m glad you kept it but I wonder if you will pass that on. What’s next? Carmella? Honey? Fanta? I’m not one to make fun of names as mine is easily clobbered by people. Sugar sounds friendly and nice.

    I don’t like FB because I have friends and family that work in different worlds. My military and roughnecks that I know trample the religious conservative crowd with their dark and sometimes crude humor. I am also political but I have liberal and conservative friends and I don’t want to offend either group. Some relatives I want to keep at a distance because they are terrible gossips so I have to guard my words. My old friends are jealous of my new friends and so it is difficult to pay attention to all of them. I end up saying nothing on FB. I’m considering a pen name because I don’t want the jealousy or negativity. I also don’t want to pressure my friends to read what I write but i’d be glad if they did.

    I also don’t like that FB can be held against you. I have a temper. Those that know me know that I might get mad one moment and then once the steam is vented I’m done. I then either shoulder the burden or shut up. Still, worse than my wife’s infallible memory my momentary lapse of sanity is there for the world to exploit. Never mind that I’m lowkey 98% of the time, anyone can exploit that slice of time when I wasn’t.

  6. I think you should keep the name “Sugar” as your pen name. I like it. I feel your pain about creating a fan page on FB and my day to do that has arrived. Yes, FB is a bit of a time suck, but it’s a wonderful marketing tool and should not be overlooked for its potential as such.

  7. I’ll admit that I am only on FB becuse of my writing. I’ve canceled my account once before when someone hurt me with their careless words. I’ve been hurt or annoyed numerous times since, but have learned to maintain control over what I see on my wall. I don’t hesitate to unfriend or block someone if their posts and pictures bother me. I don’t have much time to give to fb, and when I am on there, I want my experience to be positive and pleasant.

    I say to my kids all the time, we are responsible for how people treat us, and that goes for fb, too. If you don’t like what someone is saying or doing or posting, you have the right to say I don’t like that and walk away…or unfriend/block. When you don’t exercise that right, then you have given that person/fb control over you.

    So, as I said, I have kept FB part of my life because of my writing. It IS a great tool to reach many and to build friendships with people you would have never met otherwise, but honestly, it has its limits. Unless you are going to buy ads, you can’t reach a huge audience of people who don’t know who you are. I think this is where Twitter excels. Your opportunities to build a following a better there. On FB I think the same old people getting your posts get tired of seeing them, and then OH NO, you get blocked.

    As for your questions:
    Do I have access to a person’s entire profile just because they liked me? Or do we need to be true Facebook Friends for that honor?

    No, you cannot see their profiles unless they friend you. So, if you are looking to get to know them through their posts, you won’t. They will only get yours and can comment on your posts. The only updates you will get are other pages that your fan page has liked.

    Do you need 25 likes to activate?
    I didn’t need 25 likes to activate it, BUT if you want your personal url, you will need to reach 25 before you can make the url.

  8. First, I love the name Sugar. It’s quirky and not easily forgettable, which in this industry is important!

    I hate Facebook. I have a personal page that I rarely use, although I do on occasion “lurk” to keep up with some friends that I don’t have much of a chance to speak with (and who are, thankfully, mostly drama free). I kinda have to wonder what the point of having a Twitter account, a blog (or a blog on a personal website) AND a Facebook page would be. I’m all for using social media to promote yourself, but there’s gotta be a line somewhere…and I figure between tweeting and blog posts, there’s no real need for a Facebook page.

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for commenting. You’re right. Is there a point? No but I guess it couldn’t hurt either.

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