We’re Beautiful, It’s True!

Hey, all, it’s Thursday again. Hope you all had a lovely July 4th, complete with barbeques, fireworks, friends and family, and perhaps a Matthew McConaughey-like big sparkly Uncle Sam Hat. Everyone should have one of those for the patriotic holidays.

Anyhoo, our own Casey Wyatt has bestowed upon the Scribes the Beautiful Blogger Award. Yeah, yeah, it smacks of nepotism, or egotism, or some other -ism, but I’ll take it! I’m thrilled to accept on behalf of the Scribes. So, here are 7 facts about moi:

1.  My real name isn’t Suze. I chose a pen name to hide from the authorities–what’s that, Casey? We’re supposed to be honest and not make stuff up? Fine. My pen name is actually the name of my great-great-great grandmother, Susannah Pickert Hardy, the daughter of Revolutionary War vet Adolphus Pickert, who was wounded at the Battle of Oriskany with General Herkimer. (Genealogy buffs, I’d love to hear from you if we’re related!)

2. My candy of choice is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I also like Starbursts, especially the orange ones. Starbursts are like temporary gum: you can chew them for a while, but eventually they’re just candy.

3. Mr. Suze proposed to me at the top of the Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland, almost 13,000 feet up. It was the “high” point of our courtship. (Let me know when you’re done groaning, and we’ll  move on to number 4)

4. I like to clean the house while listening to–and loudly singing–Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell album or Queen’s Greatest Hits. I have been known to play (and sing) Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad six times in a row while mopping/vacuuming. “She kept on tellin’ me, she kept on tellin’ me, she KEPT ON TELLIN’ ME I want you …” Uh, where was I? Right. Fact #5.

5. A couple of years ago I visited The Cat, The Crow and The Crown, Laurie Cabot’s shop in Salem, Massachusetts and asked the witch on duty to help me construct a magic bag to influence a particular person to buy one of my novels. I carried it around for a couple of months and it seemed to be working, but then I accidentally left it in my pocket and it went through the wash.  I think it short circuited.

6. The first romance novel I ever read was Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I was 14 or so, and it was, um, revelatory.

7. I played the oboe in my high school concert band and orchestra.

Now for the second part of the Beautiful Blogger Award — passing it on to some more deserving writers! Here goes:

To the recipients of the Beautiful Blogger Award – go forth and share the beauty! Readers, what are your favorite blogs?


22 thoughts on “We’re Beautiful, It’s True!”

    1. Thanks, PJ! Do you want to be a Beautiful Blogger (you already are, but I mean officially)? I’m supposed to pass this on to 7 deserving writers …

  1. Suze, what fun. I love where Mr. Love proposed. Thanks for the “getting to know you a little more.” This is a perfect post!. Congrats on the Beautiful Blogger Award.

    1. Thanks, Gail! I would love to back to Zermatt some day. Switzerland is such an incredibly beautiful country. I have also been to Salzburg and Vienna.

    1. Be sure to let us know when you’re publicly accepting your award, Melanie. I can’t wait to find out your fun facts!

  2. Sure, what ever you say, Suz. We believe you that the pen name is for your upteenth grandma. Wink. Those of us that know you, know the truth and don’t worry those coppers can’t make us talk. What a fun post. I knew we got along for some reason. I do my housework to Styx and Bob Seger. I also love Reece’s PB cubs and starburst, but no pen name. Oh well, I guess 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Although, after today’s incident with a friend, I’m seriously considering it. Hmm, wonder what my g-g grandmother’s name was? Suggestions from the Scribes are, of course, always welcome.

    1. Might I suggest, Ba-donka Donk….I mean, who couldn’t resisit a romance novel written by a name like that.

    2. I also dig Bob Seger and Styx. My sister and I once made up an entire lip synch routine complete with hand gestures to “Babe.” I’ll show you my moves sometime 🙂

  3. Good golly Miss Molly! =:-D Well, thank y’all for the BB Award. I feel so honored. The thing is, my reciprocation will have to happen in a few weeks, once the dust settles after the Olympics. Plus, there’s this little matter of me trying to write this novel, and I’m hiding out from the humidity under AC to do it? Tell ya what – when I get the post up? I’ll link back here in the comments section to it. Thanks again.

    1. I don’t think there is a time limit, Queen Rhonda! Get that novel finished so we can read it, willya? I’m excited for the Olympics too.

  4. Suze—yay. What a great post, and fun, too. I agree with all of your BB Awards. Go forth and bestow my friend.

    1. Well, I could see the actual Matterhorn from the Klein (little) Matterhorn. The Klein Matterhorn is the next mountain over, and that’s the one that’s accessible to tourists. The Swiss Alps are just spectacular!

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