Trailers, Trailers, Trailers

Hi everybody! J Monkeys here. It’s been a while, huh? I hope Vivienne has been treating you well in my absence. Would you believe I’m on away on vacation today? I’ve asked Suze to respond to your comments for me. But I wanted to talk about something near and dear to my heart these days, The Trailer.

No, no…not the kind of trailer you live in or even camp in. But rather, that preview of an upcoming bit of entertainment. Generally speaking, I enjoy the trailers before a movie – I like seeing what movies will be coming out in the next few months. Plus, for some reason that escapes me, I only like to eat my popcorn during the trailers. Once the move starts, I put on my sweatshirt (always – even when it’s 100 degrees outside, I can’t watch a movie in a theater without a sweatshirt) and settle back to enjoy the show. That’s when Hubby-o-mine gets to lay his mitts on the popcorn.

Now, sometimes, I try to guess how much I’ll enjoy the movie by the types and quality of the trailers before it. This works especially well for DVDs. Lousy trailers often mean a lousy movie – at least in my opinion. I saw a couple of movies lately where the trailers left me thinking “What?!!!!”. Let me share.

A month or so ago, Hubby-o-mine and I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. It was an enjoyable movie, although I’d have like for the Huntsman to have had a name, and I wanted just a bit more at the end with the lovers – a hint of how their relationship might move forward. But here’s the weird part: there weren’t any trailers. None. The show started right after the theater reminded me to silence my cell phone. I’ll tell you the truth, I felt like 20 minutes of my evening had been stolen from me. And I had to eat popcorn during the beginning of the movie – ewwww.

Last Saturday, a bunch of the Scribes and I went to see Magic Mike. Click here for Jamie’s Monday post about the film. I liked it – I thought there was some nice character development on the part of Mike. The lead actress wasn’t my cup of tea, but overall, I thought it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. But the trailers, Lord, the Trailers! What marketing genius picked these things?

There were 6 trailers and 3 of them were for horror movies. Hello! The theater was packed with women (not a man in sight), mostly in the 35+ age group, I’d guess. I don’t think that is the demographic for horror movies – especially scary looking ones where innocent children are possessed by demons sold at a tag sale. Based on true events, of course. YIKES!

Seriously? Are there no romantic comedies being released in the next six months? Or Twilight – what about Twilight? There’s another one of those coming out. I could have looked at Edward Cullen for a few minutes. How about some girl-power movie? One of the other trailers was for Pitch Perfect – some kind of singing thing. I suppose if I really stretch my imagination that one could be a girl-power movie.

Today’s Secret: hmmmmm – I don’t really have one, but don’t tell anyone! 🙂

Today’s Question: What do you think about Trailers? Book trailers, movies trailers, trailer parks? Seen any good ones lately?


5 thoughts on “Trailers, Trailers, Trailers”

  1. I agree, J. Those trailers before Magic Mike were a waste of marketer minutes. They were awful and totally inappropriate for the viewers. mybe they were trying to show us what NOT to see in the coming months, in which case they could consider that a public service. i don’t know what they were thinking!

    As far as book trailers go, I’ve been looking at a lot of them lately. Overall, they all seem a little on the low budget side and rather dull. Harlequin seems to have the formulaic ones down pat, but I’d think they would spend a little more cashola than the average guy and make them more enticing. I’ve seen some very cool ones out there–more so in the YA genre. Gritty and visual with great music seems to grab my attention most. My DH is still working on mine and aside from being WAYYYY past his deadline, I’m sure it will be entertaining and a feast for the eyes. Stay tuned!

  2. We rarely go to the movies, so I don’t know what the latest trend in trailers are. If we create a trailer for our books, are they called Prologue? I guess I’ll find out when I see yours PJ.

  3. I kinda like the horror movies. 😀 Trailers are great. The only thing I don’t like when the trailer has all the best parts of the film. I get all excited and then am disappointed in the actual movie. Sigh.

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