Scrabble Withdrawal

Greetings! Suze here. I’ve got a problem. A withdrawal problem. My drug of choice? Online Scrabble.

For months now I’ve been playing online Scrabble, pretty much every day. Now, I’ve been good. Seriously. I’ve limited myself to playing with only a few people–my sister, Aunt Nancy, and a couple of friends. I could easily be playing Scrabble all day long with everybody I know, plus random strangers, and I’d never get anything done. It reminds me of the endless Monopoly and Scrabble games said sister and I would play as kids when our parents would ditch us to go bowling or to play softball. We had our own rules, including double points for dirty words–unfortunately, the online version does not allow for this, and I always feel a litle sad when I have the letters for a particularly choice nugget and don’t get my bonus. Sigh.

Suddenly, there is no more Scrabble. I’ve heard the site was hacked. Hacked? Really? Don’t you computer hackers have anything more important to do, like uncover government conspiracies, expose criminals and bring them to justice, or steal precious artifacts from museums as part of some larger caper? You have to attack an innocent game that brings joy to so many people?

And yet, I can’t help but feel that this may have happened for a reason. A personal reason, that has unfortunately had wide-rippling consequences across the vast sea of Scrabble devotees. (Sorry, everyone!)

Right now I’m working on a story that has me out of my comfort zone. A paranormal romance novella, with zombies and everything. The idea came to me and seemed like so much fun, I couldn’t let it go. So for the time being, I’ve replaced my Scrabble habit with a zombie habit, and it seems to be working. The story is flowing. I’m on track to finish it by my target date. I’ve temporarily feng shuied (sp?) my life, and I rather like the results.

What about you? What’s your online game of choice? If you don’t play (gasp!), have you stepped out of your comfort zone recently?


20 thoughts on “Scrabble Withdrawal”

  1. I’m bummed to hear that Suze (about Scrabble), but I’m thrilled to hear about your new story. I don’t play on-line games at all. I have enough troubled dealing with all the social media stuff. I used to spend loads of time playing The Sims so I know how easy it is to get sucked into the virtual world. At the moment, I just finished my latest book (you’ll have to check out my blog tomorrow for the official blurb) and I have another book coming out next week, so no time for much else lately!

    1. Yeah, it’s easy to get sucked in, which is why I’ve limited myself to Scrabble, no other games, and only play with a handful of people. It takes up 10 minutes a day–unless I’m really stumped and have to think about it for a while)

  2. Suze! I feel your pain! Scrabble is my mini escape and I am missing it, but getting a lot done, for sure. Although I try not to check in on my games while I’m in writing mode, it is a lovely diversion when i have to do things like check three hundred e-mails and my eyes (and mind) are going squirrelly. Hopefully they’ll get it straightened out soon. My nailbiting is getting out of control!

    Oh and i LOVE your zombie story already. Let me know when its at the crtique stage!

      1. I totally agree. It is a great writing tool. I actually play it on my kids’ DS more than FB. Their game is a teaching version. So when you put the word up, or if you’re playing the machine and it puts the word up, the definition is also put up on the left side screen. It is soooo cool. You know instantly what the word means. It also will tell you if there was a better word than the one you chose. Although, that tool gets me mad so I usually turn it off. I don’t like being made to feel like I messed up. 🙂

        As for the FB version. I HATE the new version. So I stopped playing it completely. My FB Scrabble friends are wondering what happened to me. but I will say, I’m getting a lot more writing done.

      2. Definitely a writing tool and a brain-booster at that! And I agree, Katy. I dislike the new version too. Maybe the hacker also hated it and that’s why s/he destroyed it!

  3. Oh, Suze–I decry the day I downloaded my first computer game. I feel like an addict needing detox. Games, even Scrabble are time-suckers. I especially love Words with Friends and Spider Solitaire, but I am doing my best to save playing until just before bedtime so I can switch off my mind and put the characters in my books to sleep.

  4. Oh, and speaking of zombies, after seeing on fb that were writing a zombie story, I must have them on my brain because they were in my dream last night. Very weird. It was like High School Musical Zombies. They were all stomping their feet and singing while chasing me down to kill me. 🙂

  5. My family plays Words with Friends too. It’s just like scrabble. We also play Chess with Friends. I do try to limit my time and how many people I play with. I love playing with family members who live far away. Helps me feel connected.

    1. Hi, Lorijo! It’s great to see you here at the Scribes. Part of the Scrabble attraction for me is connecting with my aunt and my sis. We often use the chat feature while we’re playing. It’s fun, and we get to catch up. Whatever the drawbacks of Facebook and online games are, they’ve brought a lot of people back together. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am a computer game hopper. I become obssessed with a game, play it for a while and then leave…sounds like some men I know 🙂 I really prefer a board game with my family, though. When the Jones men are home, that is our favorite activity. We play a game, have some drinks and usually launch into some amazing philosophical discussions. I can’t wait to read the zombie story….Laters, baby!!

    1. Ha! You will get the 1st copy for your new Kindle-toy. You ready to write your own zombie story, yet?

  7. Addicted to blogs, are we? I remember when I was addicted to scrabble. It is a fun way to grow your vocabulary, find new ways and words for your writing. I can’t believe it’s been hacked. Do you think it will return? Those horrible hackers remind me of those bullying brats. Years ago, I was addicted to tennis. You could not get me off the courts, I went so far as building a tennis court in my backyard, it had a backboard too. I thought I would never leave that house. But all good things do come to an end. I did sell the house and moved on. Then I remarried a fantastic tennis player. We use public courts, just not the same. I hacked myself. Didn’t I?

    By the way, have you peeked at my blog this week? It’s about color, you might enjoy. I seem to have lost my favorite support group, although Paula and Bob did show up. We are all so busy, it’s a good thing I have no particular addiction at the moment. Boy, I would be in trouble. I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Gail! Since this post went up Scrabble has returned. I didn’t know you were a tennis player. I’m terrible at it, but I do enjoy watching it, and I admire how fit the players are. I will definitely stop by your blog. I’ve been thinking lately about how to use color in my writing as a show-don’t-tell device — like if my heroine is wearing a sunny orange shirt, the reader should get a mental picture that she is happy, without my havint to come out and say it.

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