Missing: Motivation. Reward if found.

Sigh ~ Hidey Ho, Scribblers.  J Monkeys here.  Sigh.  Have any of you seen my motivation?  It went missing last week and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  I had a very productive writing week last week: 7500 words.  This past week: 0 words.

While I haven’t been able to get much work done, I did come up with an impressive list of reasons why I must procrastinate.  So for all you writers out there failing miserably at procrastination…here’s my list.  Feel free to borrow.

Monday: The tax man was after me.  I spent all of my writing time getting my taxes in order.  A task that had me procrastinating for months because I didn’t really know how to do it.  These would be the new quarterly sales tax filings I have to do as a small business owner.  It cost all of $47 and a day of writing, but now I’m caught up until Halloween.

Tuesday: Record heat and no air conditioning.  I lay in the basement being blown on by a fan and watching several hours of a Hallmark TV Miniseries from the late 1990’s.

Wednesday: Still wicked hot.  Balanced the checkbook, paid bills and watched the last couple of hours of yesterday’s miniseries.

Thursday: Ran errands.  Semi important things like getting home-owners insurance at the very last minute before my old one ran out.  Visited my town tax collector (wow – I’ve been WAY lax on my taxes…eh?) to chip away at my absurdly huge property tax bill.  Things like that.

Friday: It was cold and rainy today (apparently, I’m unhappy with the weather no matter what it is) so I read a book for an hour which turned into a 3-hour nap.  Then I rushed to Niecey-Poo’s Summer Camp Weekly Talent Show.  That’s 2 hours of torture just a bit worse than it sounds.  I’m looking forward to next week’s show.  Not.

So, what happened?  I was writing gang-busters and all of a sudden I completely fell off the wagon.  And the wagon left town without me.  For me, this is the worst thing about being a writer without an agent whacking me with a deadline.  Self-motivation is hard to come by.  My very favorite thing to do in this entire world is to be sucked into someone else’s fantasy by reading.  Without children to feed and the very real threat of ants, it’s quite possible I wouldn’t do anything else.  But there, it’s the children and the ants motivating me, really.

When it comes to writing, that’s me doing my own thing because I want to.  And I do want to.  So, come Monday, I’m going to pick myself up by my imaginary bootstraps (I’m envisioning Charles Ingalls’ boots with the little dohickeys dangling off the sides) and get back on track.  Fifteen hundred words a day.  Maybe I should get up a little earlier and get a jump on that count before the kids get up and demand food and things. 

And if you happen across any extra motivation, feel free to send it me.  I can use it!
Got any tricks of the trade?  How do you motivate yourself after a slump?



4 thoughts on “Missing: Motivation. Reward if found.”

  1. It’s really okay J. Allow yourself to take a week and do those other pressing things. 7500 words, can I have some? I stayed up all night writing, and that ain’t good. During the day, those other pressing things get in my way. Let’s see, I’m thinking about how to encourage you. Yup, I think the time off is allowed, you have to allow it. Then when you are ready to roll, you will. You go girl, and enjoy.

  2. Sometimes I have to promise myself a huge reward. I don’t always come through, but if not that’s because I’ve forgotten about it in the moment. If I actually produce the words, I’m so happy I don’t need any reward other than the words themselves. I’m pretty consistent with producing. But sometimes … oy. I have to drag myself kicking and screaming to that blank screen. Hang in there! You know you’re capable of it, you’ve proven it time and again. The words will come again.

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