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Hey, all, Suze here. First off, I’d like to wish my mom a very happy birthday! She doesn’t read this blog or have “the Facebook,” but since I didn’t get her a gift yet, I thought I’d make up for it by posting her birthday publicly here. Happy Birthday, Ma! (She hates it when my sisters and I call her that, tee-hee!)

So, I’ve been superbusy the last few weeks and my tank is a bit dry as far as coming up with something to talk about here today. Then, I had an inspiration. The mwahahaha kind of inspiration. I’ll make you, the reader, do all the work 🙂

Today you may ask me anything. Do you have some research you need help with? A grammar question? Need an opinion about something? (I have an opinion about nearly everything, so you’d be in luck there) Want some Dear Abby-type advice? Have a deeply personal thing you’d like to ask me? If I don’t want to tell the truth, I’ll make up something really interesting.

The sky’s the limit, so go for it. I’m ready. Oh, yeah. Does anybody have an idea for a gift for Mama Hardy?



8 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything”

  1. Mama Hardy gift ideas; A spa day, movie tickets, gift card to her fav restaurant, a plant or flowers for her yard, a Nook or Kindle, perhaps?

    As for ask Suze anything: Who’s your favorite author and why?

    And for the Editor Queen in you: What petpeeves do you have about common grammar mistakes?

    1. Those are great ideas for Mama H! I’ve actually been thinking about a Kindle. She likes to read, and she’s finally started using the digital camera I gave her three years ago :), so she might enjoy it now that she’s not so afraid of the technology.

      My favorite author? That’s really tough, because my favorite author tends to change depending on my mood. I’m going to go with Jane Austen, I think, because her stories are so beautifully written and constructed and still so readable today.

      And for the grammar peeve, I’d have to say misuse of the apostrophe. I see it everywhere (“Apple’s for Sale”) and it drives me batty.

      Thanks for the questions, Paula!

  2. Hmmmm – Niecey-poo asked me an interesting question about you yesterday and I didn’t know the answer. What’s your favorite color? Gift idea: doesn’t your mom live somewhere northern and presumably cold? How about a snuggie, sweater, pair of hand knitted mittens & scarf, nice tea?

    1. My favorite color is blue, any shade.

      Tea is a good choice for Mom. She’s kind of a fashion diva and she’s actually trying to get rid of some of her stash. I keep hoping she and her boyfriend will come for a visit soon so I can take them to a show at the casino. Maybe in the fall. Thanks, J!

  3. Hey there Suze. Here’s a question I asked you via email. Did you get my Benjamin Moore color suggestions for your dining room. And have you checked out my blog today? I think you will find it additionally helpful to my answer to your last week’s question. This blog is a great idea.

    1. Hi, Gail! I did get your email and I went back to your blog and checked out your color suggestions for my dining room. Thanks! I’m excited to go the paint store this weekend. Now I will have to decide between that gorgeous cocoa brown and that beautiful red. Ironically, those are my college colors – the Scarlet and the Brown!

  4. Gift ideas for the Mama-pajama……good luck!!!! Janet and I did the restaurant gift certificate thang….keep trying…you will come up with something wonderful. I have questions that have been plaguing me for a week now. What happened to the mustache blog? What is your favorite style of mustache?

    1. The mustache blog is coming, don’t worry. I just have not had time to put it together and do it justice. Hmmm, my favorite syle of mustache? I enjoy a good handlebar, but the 70s-80s porn star look will always have a special place in my heart!

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