What Are Your Goals?

Short post this week. I’m back in Maine, this time on vacation with the fam. Pray for me.
This week I want to talk a little about goals.
What are your goals? I think it’s important for everybody to define their goals. Especially those related to writing. A lot of people get dreams and goals confused. Goals are definable. Measurable. With a goal there is an end in sight.
I want to be a New York Times best selling author is not a goal. It’s a dream. The steps you take to get there can be goals.
Write them down. Having something visible always helps. Start small. That way you can always feel like you accomplished something. When I started writing my goal was to write two pages a day. Then my goal was to write a thousand words a day. Then it was to finish a book. Then it was to learn how write a query letter.
Each time I met a goal I crossed it off my list with a red pen and with each red stroke I felt a little better about myself.
I met all the goals on my list. Which meant I needed to challenge myself.
It’s important to never be at a stand still in life. I need to be always reaching for something.
So today I am going share with you my new list of goals.
1. Become a NYT best selling author. (Just kidding)
2. Write 1200 words a day until I finish my WIP.
3. Shine up that old manuscript in that different genre and get it ready for the submission process by the end of August.
4. Read more. I read surprisingly little these days. And that’s not good for my writing.
Your turn! Tell me one of your goals.

Those are my parents and the dog enjoying the beach.


5 thoughts on “What Are Your Goals?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Casey. I’ve always likened daily goals to bricks. You can only build a structure one brick at a time, but if you fail to lay those bricks regularly you can never build anything. However, as long as a person endeavors to move forward and place at least one brick each day, success is as certain as the rising of the sun. Here’s wishing that your sunrises are as spectacular as your dreams 🙂

  2. Jamie – first off, you will make the NY Times Bestseller list. I know it! Your books are awesome and everyone will think so too.

    My goals this year are to finish Mystic Storm and Galen’s d*#m book. And hopefully sell Misfortune Cookie.

    Love the photo of your parents and the pooch!

  3. My goals for the rest of this year? Get healthier, and finish 2 WIPs. Your mom and dad and dog are so cute!

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