With a Rebel Yell!

Happy Friday everyone! Casey here.

Thomas Jefferson once famously said, “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” Or at least that is what my new t-shirt from Old Sturbridge Village tells me.

This past Sunday, younger son and I attended OSV’s 6th annual Redcoats & Rebels event. It is the largest Revolutionary War reenactment in the United States. Despite the ninety degree weather and suffocating humidity, we had a great time.

As you can imagine, I took a lot of pictures. I won’t share them all, but here are a few.

When we entered the town green, it was populated with a sea of white tents. This is the Colonial Militia’s camp.

An industrious colonial woman embroidering. There were over a dozen groups from states all over New England. Each was assigned a location throughout the village. All were friendly, passionate about history, and super informative.

French artillery company. Their standard is an owl.Obviously, I am their biggest fan.

Next stop, over on the Redcoat side, formal inspection before the first battle. The royal encampment was filled with fancy military officer’s tents. Younger son couldn’t believe they had persian rugs on the floor. Indeed they did. They carted around all the finery they could. We all know how well that turned out for them.

Over on the rebel site, the Colonial Militia goes through a similar exercise.

The battle on the hill. We were in the middle of this melee (yes, we were very close). It was exciting and loud.

A skirmish in the woods. The Redcoats were ambushed by the Colonials, who liked to take sniper shots from the trees.

The final battle of the day took place at Freeman Farm in their vast fields. This time they included cannon fire as well.

In addition to the battles, throughout the day there was music (fife and drum, natch!), cannon demonstrations (super loud), and hands on activities. If you are in the area and love history, consider attending. It’s a two-day event, first weekend of August. I can’t wait until 2013 so we can attend again.

And, no, I didn’t think about writing the whole day. Okay, maybe a little. Speaking of writing, over at my blog, I’ve been awarded The Sisterhood of World Blogger’s Award. There are two scribes listed and I expect you ladies to play along! And I’m also blogging at the Soul Mate author’s blog – Step Back in Time.

What fun things have you all done lately? Anyone attended a cool event or fun vacation?

24 thoughts on “With a Rebel Yell!”

  1. I love OSV! Reenactments are so fascinating. We used to go to the big one down in Groton every year when my sister lived down there. Fort Griswold has hills and bunkers and cool little stone tunnels. At least it all seemed cool when I was younger. New London had the best fireworks display over the Thames. Glad you guys had fun!

    1. You’re welcome Darlene! At one point, we really were right there. They did warn everyone ahead of time, and had area’s roped off, but you couldn’t escape the noise. It was loud!

  2. Casey, what a time in history, imagine being in the thicket of it then?Of course, New England didn’t have the thicket that Atlanta and the rest of the south did. We passed through West Virginia on our way to Atlanta in May. Talk about memories, they are all over the place. Very disheartening to think about what the north had to do to change the southern philosophy. I am not sure that all of the south has conceded. Just talk with a southerner. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was fun. The reenactors were all very well versed in colonial history. Since this was the American Revolution and not the Civil War, it was us Americans versus the British. At one point during the day, we heard a British officer (Redcoat) reminding the crowd that we lived in NEW England, therefore we were subjects of the King!

  3. That is SO awesome. If, one day, I’m back East, I’m definitely going. And if you’re ever out this way, I’ll take you to Virginia City (where I’ve set two of my stories) and Coloma. We’ll go panning for gold!

    1. If you ever come here to go, let me know. We’d love to meet up with you there. And you know, if we ever come out your way, younger son and I will take you up on the offer. I’m sure he’ll want to see your Hubby’s gun collection.

    1. If you live in the area, Karen, it is well worth the trip. If my younger son didn’t have to be at Boy Scout camp the next day, I know we would have stayed until dark too. Maybe next time!

  4. Loved the pictures. Hubby and I did Stirbridge on vacation. We loved it so much I took my Girl Scout troop. Sure wish I could phycially handle it now because I’d love to see the reenactment. I’ve been to the Civil War ones at Fort Delaware.

    Thanks for the pictures and bringing back fond memories.

    1. I bet the one in Delaware is fun. I’ve never seen a Civil War reeanactment. I will have to add that to my list. As to Sturbridge, I first went there on a class trip in 5th grade and I’ve loved it since. I wax poetic about the place over at the Soul Mate blog today – http://wp.me/p1P3Cy-Rj

      So you never know, one of those girl scouts may have a similar reaction like I did!

    1. It is great Tim. I’m only sorry I missed the 5 others before it. Same offer to you as to Meggan, if you do come up, let me know. I’d love to meet “Maine’s Other Author”!

  5. Now that looks totally fun. I’ve never attended any reenactments. I think it would be very entertaining.

  6. I am still astounded that we didn’t run into each other!

    Last year at this event, everyone had lots of extra artillery, so the battle went on and on, so they could just use it all up. And you could see some fallen soldiers miraculously rise again to join the battle ;). Colonial zombies 🙂 So much fun!!

    1. I know Melanie, I can’t believe it either. The place is big that we could have always been moving in opposite directions. Now Colonial Zombies – that would be fun! We did notice that the militia seemed to take casualties while the Redcoats all never seemed to die. In the big battle, I think they had one guy who stayed down and that was it!

  7. What a terrific post. The reenactment looks fascinating. I can imagine how thrilling it was to be so close to the action. If I’m ever out that way I ‘ll have to make it a point to attend.
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures and for sharing.

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