J’s Distracting Dozen

Hidey-Ho!  J Monkeys here.  Happy Saturday.  I continue to have a problem with writing procrastination and today I want to talk about the Distracting Dozen.  TV channels, that is.  Yes, in the advanced age of digital TV and 1000’s of channels, I have a whomping 12 channels.  Yes, it’s cable and it costs me $25 a month.  Yup – $2 per channel.

I get CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, ABC, CW, ION, something on channel 11 that I never watch, TBS (it’s very funny!), FX, TVLand and TruTV

Somehow, even with those limited choices, I still find hours of thing to waste time.  You may remember from blogs past that I LOVE Once Upon A Time and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s return in the fall.  I even went out to buy the 1st season on DVD this week, but it doesn’t come out until the 28th.  I also regularly watch or DVR The Biggest Loser, Fringe, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.  When they are available, I often watch Who Do You Think You Are, Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef and Lie to Me.

This summer, I’ve discovered a previously untapped addiction to Storage Hunters and Lizard Lick Towing, both on TruTV.  What’s better than a coupla good-ole-boys (as they call themselves from time to time) repossessing folk’s cars?  If you haven’t see it, you’ve got to check it out.  Lizard Lick Towing is a real-life style show (who’s to say what’s actually real and what’s fiction these days on TV?) about a guy (Ronnie) and his wife (Amy) and his buddy (Bobby) who repo cars from an incredible group of characters.  When I found out that Ronnie is not just a repo-man but also the mayor of Lizard Lick NC (I swear to God that’s the name of the town!) and an evangelical minister while  his wife is the office manager of the company, a wrestler (or some kind of fighter) and a mortician, it really only made me like them more!

I’ve checked with the cable company, and sadly there is no package that offers fewer channels than my Distracting Dozen.  I’ve tried losing the remote – the dang thing keeps reappearing on my sofa.  I suppose I could unplug the TV, but then the children would just plug it back in and I’m always telling them not to put things in the outlets.  What kind of Mommy would I be if I set them up to fail that way?  

Today’s secret: No matter how few TV channels I have, there is always something on.  Or I might watch a DVD – I have LOTS of them.  Or read a book – I have WAY more books than DVDs…

Today’s Question: How do you maintain writerly focus?


12 thoughts on “J’s Distracting Dozen”

  1. I have expanded cable, J. Way too many channels! Unbelievably, there is often “nothing” on. But never fear because I have DVR’d all the shows on TNT and USA that are on at the same time as something else I had to watch on network TV. And if I run out of those, I have Net Flix and have just discovered the new PBS version of Sherlock which I adore. Those brilliant Brits! Long and short of it is that i am an entertainment junkie.

    My only saving grace is that I am a gifted multi-tasker and I don’t have all those pesky children vying for my time, bless their hearts. I watch my DVR’d shows while I work out, catch up on my daily dose of Days of Our Lives while having dinner with hubby (he’s hooked and can’t wait to see what those crazy bitches in Salem are up to next), and I can actually write and watch television simultaneously. Needless to say, though, my most productive writing time is during the day when I’m home alone, the TV is off, and I’m away from the wifi sitting out on the porch with a glass of iced tea. Heaven. If you need to escape, you know where I am.

  2. I have to say TV is something that doesn’t plague me. I never was a TV watcher. I do have a few shows that are a must, but with summer, none of them are on. Once they start, I will make room for them again.

    The thing that distracts me are books. I want to read! I miss reading like I used to.

    1. I hear you sister – time was I read 7 books a week, 50ish weeks a year! I’m lucky if I get 3 in a week now…another procrastination…

  3. I pretty much have every channel known to man. I watch very few of them, but I loved CHOPPED on the Food Network. I love all things Gordan Ramsey to I watch Hell’s Kitchen, Kicthen disasters, that home chef show that comes on and his new Hotel show. But my new fav which is kind of gross id EMBARASSING BODIES on discovery fit health. It shows the grossest body issues but it makes me feel down right normal.

    1. Yeah – it’s a good thing I don’t get more channels or I’d never leave the couch…And what’s up with Ramsey and the hotel thing? What makes him a hotel expert?

      1. And the bald guy on Masterchef is just down right mean! I don’t like how he humiliates the contestants…he could be stern but a bit nicer…

  4. I’m distracted by other writers, such as yourself! I still find time to write though. I’ve always found time to write, writing is what makes me want to live, keeps me happy, gets me out of bed.

  5. p.s. I mean that you distract me in the best possible way, J Monkey! I read other writers because I want to know what you’re saying, how you’re feeling, what’s new with you all today.

  6. I have my tv show addictions too — I can never pass up an episode of Psych (so freaking funny), and Sunday afternoons I find myself watching Hoarders: Buried Alive as I fold laundry and do other housework. I just can’t quit that show. And the other day I caught an episode of Here Comes Honey-Boo-Boo on TLC — weirdly fascinating, and with a very, very bizarre charm.

  7. Hi J,
    Addictions are funny things, aren’t you glad you don’t suck your thumb, or smoke cigars (I hope you don’t, they’re smelly) or sleep the day away? I love my TV shows too. But now with the assignments that I get with the college writing course I’m taking, I can’t wait to get to the computer to listen to Michael Hauge and get caught up in my hero’s essence. What about writing gets you to jump up and down?

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