Less … is MORE! Guest post by Marianne Evans

Hello! Katy Lee here with Marianne Evans! Perhaps some of you remember Marianne from her last visit. (Click here to view) Today Marianne is back to share a little writing tidbit — Less is MORE! She’s also giving away an ecopy of Devotion to one lucky commentor, so be sure to comment a question or word of encouragement before you leave!

Now let’s hear it, Marianne!

Thank you, Katy and Scribes!  I hope you all don’t mind, but there’s a topic I’d like to talk about that may start out seeming quite risqué, but that’s not my intent—at all. It’s simply a subject worth looking at…no matter what you read, no matter what you write.

Here we go.

There are only so many ways to describe the act of making love. After a while, really, doesn’t the idea of reading about sex—for the sake of sex—become a bit boring? I think that’s part of why certain genres of writing are pushing the envelope into darker and darker territory. The titillation factor diminishes after a while, so new avenues are explored.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the issue. Consider the idea of engaging yourself in a love story. A plot rich with romance, strife, hope, battles, tears, fears and triumph. Storytelling. How could that ever become stale, or boring? The canvas for that kind of entertainment is endless. Writing about sex isn’t storytelling. Writing about the characters, their motivational core, their risks, beliefs, fears…that’s storytelling.

Faith affirming fiction, as some of you may know, is my mantra. I hope and pray it expresses everything you need to know about me as a writer, and what you can expect from the stories I write. As an author of Christian romance and fiction, as well as someone who used to write secular romance, I’d love to share some insights I’ve gained during my journey as an author.

First of all, less is more. Yep. Anticipate. Build. Let a verbal exchange, a touch, a gesture of love, speak as eloquently as any scene that plays out in a bedroom. Whatever happened to imagination? Whatever happened to the slow but sure closing of a door as the senses unfold to the promise of that which isn’t just experienced physically, but as a flow of the spirit, and the heart?

Just a little something to think about as you claim the next installment from your TBR pile! After all, truly, what sounds better to you? Fifty shades of gray or the overriding arc of a dazzling, multi-colored rainbow?

Thank you, Marianne! Spoken so perfectly, and I’ll take that rainbow!

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6 thoughts on “Less … is MORE! Guest post by Marianne Evans”

  1. Thanks for returning to the Scribes, Marianne! I agree with you that it’s about the story, not the sex. And that’s true for romance novels of all heat levels. Your book sounds great– I can’t wait to read it!

    1. Hi, Susannah, and thanks for the comment!! My pleasure to join this awesome blog once again! The topic for my post came to life as I considered all the hoopla generated by FSoG. Great stories run so much deeper than just the physical! Blessings, and hope you enjoy Devotion! Can’t wait for it’s October 5th release! 🙂

  2. Excellent advice, Marianne. I sooo prefer the slow building anticipation of a romance. One of the reasons I write YA is because there is a natural progression of exploration and emotional connection between teen characters. You get to experience so many firsts with them that it takes you right back to those precious and awkward early romances that are fraught with drama and tension. Keep writing to inspire! Kudos!

    1. Good morning, PJ – and thanks for stopping by!! It’s funny you mention YA books — because I’ll be perfectly honest with you — after starting my career in secular romance with open-door love scenes (though NOT erotic…) I took a leave from my writing for a few years to A) raise my family and B) figure out how best to make use of my writing. Along came the Twilight Series. We can debate “the series” until forever, but my point here is this: Stephenie Meyer is an expert at what I’ve described, and she motivated me to look at my writing from a whole new perspective. 🙂 Blessings and so glad you visited!!

  3. Katy, you and the Scribes are simply fantastic. Thanks for letting me visit!! I can’t wait to spotlight you at my blog tomorrow!!! Blessings, and much appreciation for your support and encouragement! God bless and hugs!

  4. Hi Marianne, I am pleased to see you visit our Katy again. Thank you. And thanks for your wonderful post. I heartily agree. It is about the characters motivational core, their risks, beliefs, fears throughout the story. The inner journey, the essence of character. It is the depths of the truth that touches the heart of our reader. And “less is more” is a philosophy followed by all who create.

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