Some Stuff You Never Knew

Casey Wyatt awarded me with the Sisterhood of World Blogger Award. So here’s 7 things you probably don’t know about me.

1. My oldest brother is Autistic and probably one of the sweetest people on the planet. He’s the only person in the world I would get into a fight for. I almost knocked a girl’s teeth out when I was sixteen for pointing and laughing at him. As for my other brothers feel free to pick on them all you want.

2. I don’t like eggs. I find them gross. It’s the texture. On occasion I’ll eat egg salad or maybe a deviled egg. Heck, I might even eat a one egg omelette if there is enough cheese and meat and veggies to overpower the egg taste but as a rule I dislike them greatly. Oh and flan makes me want to yak as well.

3. I’m extremely claustrophobic. Long plane rides freak me out for this reason. All those people trapped in an aluminum can with NO WAY OUT. Last year my friend offered to drug me on our flight home from Florida. I was in the middle seat. THE MIDDLE SEAT and we were stuck on the runway for an hour.

4. I car dance. My mother hates it when I do because it usually involves me taking my hands off the wheel and fist pumping like I’m a cast member of the Jersey Shore.

5.I like sushi. I’m not really into the raw stuff. But I love eel. My friends, however, do not. In fact they won’t even come with me to eat sushi.(BAD FRIENDS) Not even california rolls which is sushi -lite. I also am dying to try Indian food too but again my friends don’t want to. If you haven’t figured it out, I’ll pretty much try anything once. Except bugs. I won’t eat a bug. EVER. I once almost drank a bee that landed in my soda can. Shudder. I don’t want to think about it.

6. I’m dying to go to the Sound of Music sing-along. I know all the words and come on who doesn’t sing along when they see that movie. It takes place every year in NYC. I missed this year’s. Anybody want to join me next year?

7.  I sleep with TV on which is odd because I’m a light sleeper. But I need the noise to lull me to sleep.

I’m supposed to pass this on to 7 other bloggers but I don’t know that many other bloggers so I’m going to pass it on to 7 people I want to learn more about.

1. The Rock AKA Dwayne Johnson. I would like to get to know this man a whole lot better. If you see him please tell him I love him.

2. Adele. She and I are best friends in my head. I would love to go shopping with her and then bitch about men over drinks. After that we could finish the night with some karaoke.

3. Paula Deen. I love her. I wish she was my grandma.

4. Angelina Jolie. Just because I want to know if she really takes herself as seriously as seems to.

5.Graham Norton. He’s a British talk show host. You can find his show on BBC America. I think he is one of the funniest people on the planet.

6. Oprah. I want to know if she misses her daily talk show. I do. I’m not digging her network that much.

7. Madonna. Doesn’t she know that she looks a little crazy now? Keep your clothes on, honey. If my mom can’t strip on stage neither can you.

Your turn! Who are some of the people you would like to know more about?


11 thoughts on “Some Stuff You Never Knew”

  1. Jamie, I have never heard of the Sound of Music singalong in NYC, but I would love to go! I went on the Sound of Music tour when I visited Salzburg and it was awesome. I will also, like a naughty older sister, take you for your first Indian food. I loves me a (not too hot) curry. Let’s make a date. Heck, maybe The Rock could join us … yes, this plan is definitely coming together.

  2. I’m with you, Jamie. I have a mentally retarded brother (yes, this is a medical term) and not only me but my other 9 nine siblings always defended and protected him. I would love to meet and talk with Nora Roberts and pick her brain. How does she write so many stories in one year. PS, when I review this it put a slash before m in the I’m??

    1. We call it itellectually disabled in CT now. They even changed DMR (The Department of Mental Retardation to Department of Developmental Services). I want to be like Nora Roberts when I grow up.

  3. Oh, you have me rolling on the floor with your list of ‘bloggers’. I should post my list of celebrities that I want to be introduced to personally. Let me know if any of them stop by to say hi to you.

    On your list of things, wow. I have four autistic kids. They stay innocent so much longer than normal kids do. You have to protect them. I don’t like eggs, either, unless they are in cookies or cream puffs. I’ll take a pass on the sushi, only because I can’t stand nori. Indian food is delicious, be prepared for the heat, though. Mmm…. Now I’m craving na’an and samosas.

    I would definitely go the sing-along with you, but I’d probably embarrass you with my singing and dancing. If you’re going to go to something like that, you should go all out.

    And I hear you on the claustrophobia. Add in fear of heights and airplane rides become so much more entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow four kids on the spectrum. I take my hat off to you. I spend my days with autistic children and if I didn’t have four adults in my classroom I don’t know how I would survive. I take my hat off to you.

      1. Some days, I’d rather take the four of them than my youngest NT daughter. I know how to deal with the HFAutistic and Asperger kids. I have no idea what to do with a very social girly girl. And I admire you for working with autistic kids. They are wonderful people, but they need special handling.

  4. Hi Jamie, I don’t know where you live, but we have Sound of Music sing-a-long here in Portland, OR too, so maybe we’d be closer. Or maybe you could contact one of you indie film theaters and ask them to do it where you live. People love it! You’re right, who doesn’t know those songs? They should do a Wizard of Oz sing-a-long too, right?

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