Interview – Debut Author – Gerri Brousseau!

Happy Friday everyone! Casey here with a special guest –  debut author Gerri Brousseau! Stay tuned until the end to find out how to for a chance to win a Gerri’s contest!

Tell us about your debut novel – A Pirate’s Ransom?

Despair filled Lady Catherine as she boarded the ship for England, and toward marriage to man she’s never met—the Duke of Devonshire.  But the sea is no place for a lady.  She’s captured by the Pirate Captain, Edmund Drake and held for ransom; a ransom that has nothing to do with coin.  But when she’s stolen from him, he realizes she has captured his heart. She becomes the pawn in a dangerous rivalry between two pirates—the handsome pirate Captain Edmund Drake and his notorious and fearsome opponent, Blackbeard.  How far will Captain Drake go to reclaim his prize?  Which pirate will decide her fate?  And who will pay … A Pirate’s Ransom?

And if you think this story ends with the clash between Captain Drake and Blackbeard, let me tell you a little secret … there is so much more. The Duke has a large part in this tale and who the heck is the Contessa Theodora de Lorenzo?  Guess you’ll just have to read it to find out.

Favorite pastime when not writing?

When I’m not writing, I like to read and watch movies. I enjoy reading books written by my friends and fellow authors. I enjoy watching movies that inspire me and stretch my imagination.

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, Vampire Diaries (especially Ian Somerhalder) and Project Runway.

 Sexiest man on earth? Sexiest woman?

That would depend on the age group. Isn’t it so unfair that when men age they become distinguished and when women age they become hags. Let’s see … sexy men, so many men, so little time.  I do not believe anyone would be surprised to find that I love Johnny Depp, but I also love Antonio Banderas, Gerard Butler, Robert Downey, Jr., Oh there are too many to mention. Why only one?

Women: Hmm, I don’t generally find women sexy, but I’ll give it a shot here. Sofia Vergara (who reminds me a lot of another sexy woman, Sophia Loren).

Who would you cast to be in a movie version of A Pirate’s Ransom?

I have never given that much thought since if Hollywood sought to make a movie, I would probably not be consulted. There are many handsome guys out there in Hollywood. I would like to be present when they do auditions though!  Does anyone have Gerard Butler’s phone number? Oh, did I say that out loud?

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?

Oh, that would be the Ceeeee.

And now for an excerpt!

Scene set up: Lady Catherine speaking to the Quartermaster, Tobias Smith:

“To devil with the Captain and his orders.”

“Me Lady, I must insist,” the Quartermaster replied.

I realized too late that his sideways glance served a warning.

“Is there a problem here, Mister Smith?” Captain Drake asked.

“Nay, Captain.”

“Yes, Captain, there most certainly is a problem,” I contradicted.

“Countess?” He raised an eyebrow.

I longed to slap that smirk from his face.

Mustering what I considered to be my most authoritative and condescending tone, I replied, “I wish to go ashore.”

“Unfortunately, that is not possible.”

“Why not?”

“It is far too dangerous. You and your maid shall remain here aboard The Lady Victoria together with a few of the crew, who have ever so graciously volunteered to remain aboard as your guards.”

“Guards? Surely you cannot believe I have any intension of trying to escape.”

“It is not an escape that worries me, but rather an abduction.” He started to walk away.

“Captain,” I called after him.

“Countess?” he said, facing me.

“Are you telling me that you fear someone will abscond with your kidnapped prisoners?”


“And of course your men will be far too engaged in drinking and whoring to guard me so that I might be afforded the joy of a day ashore.”


“Captain, I demand to be allowed to go ashore.”

“Countess, why must I continually remind you that you are, in fact, my prisoner, and as such, you are in no possession to be making demands? Now, if you would kindly excuse me, my crew awaits.”

He left without another word or even a backward glance and climbed into the launch, which was lowered down to the water. I watched the men rowed away from the ship and toward the island, and anger burned deep in my gut.

“You shall be sorry, Captain. I know not how, but I swear it … you will regret the day you denied me and left me behind,” I said aloud, slamming my fist on the rail.


Something I would like to share with your readers:

I’m having a contest! Make sure to visit my website and click on “Claim the Ransom” to enter for your chance to sail away with all the booty.

About Gerri:

Gerri was born and raised in Connecticut. She attended Central Connecticut State University, majoring in English Literature.  Although she lived on the west coast for several years, she relocated back to her roots and birth place of Connecticut, where she presently resides with her two pugs, Mimi and Milo and her cats, Louise and Harry.

As a young girl growing up in Waterbury, Gerri spent her summers writing stories and often times, together with neighboring girls her age, would present original plays for an audience of their parents.  When she moved back to Connecticut, Gerri took a job that required her to commute 4 hours a day by train to and from work.  After a year of reading a book a week, she decided to make the time work for her, when one night after a strange dream about a dream catcher, she was inspired to write her first book.

Lest you think all of her time is spent in contemplative pursuits, freefalling out of airplanes gave a whole new meaning to the word “adventure”.  Yes, a former skydiver who chose to retire from the sport, Gerri assures us that freefall is totally exhilarating and one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences anyone can have.  Her energy and zest for life is found in the imaginative and page turning adventures she writes.

A Pirate’s Ransom is available now from Soul Mate Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble

According to Legend will be released in November, 2012.

Thanks for being our guest today! Have a question for Gerri? Don’t be shy!

18 thoughts on “Interview – Debut Author – Gerri Brousseau!”

  1. Thank you so much, Casey, for inviting me to share a little bit about me and about my little pirate story. I am looking forward to the comments from your fans. I will be checking in throughout the day to respond, so if anyone has a question I would be happy to answer it. I’m looking forward to having a fun day today.

  2. Good Day my friends, great interview Casey, Gerri. Now is there more about that Ceeeee, Captain Drake’s favorite letter? Gerri, wishing you the best with your beautiful book, the Captain and his prisoner.

    1. Thanks Gail. Yes … that is Captain Drake’s favorite letter. He is quite the scoundrel. The book has quite a few quirky characters ranging from the rogue of a captain to the flamboyant Conessa Theodora de Lorenzo … it was a fun journey to write. I hope the readers love it as much as I do.

    1. Hey PJ – You know, that was one of the typos I kept finding. I highlighted sale and put a side note to my editor saying “They’re having a blue light special is aisle 3” and corrected the error. After reading the entire book six times in a span of three days, I can’t promise there are no other typos. Got crosseyed after a while! thanks for the kudos on the contest idea. Hope you will enter.

  3. Gerri I have your book loaded on my Kindle! I can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much for being our guest today! Everyone, the dreamy Captain Drake willl be my guest on Tuesday 8/28. Don’t miss it!!

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